She Can’t Stop Lying: Liz Warren Claims She’s The Daughter Of A Janitor — But Her Dad’s Death Certificate Lists Him As Flight Instructor For US Army

(Gateway Pundit) – For decades Elizabeth Warren lied about her “Cherokee ancestry” to leapfrog in front of qualified minority candidates in her career as a Harvard staffer.

In reality Warren has less native American blood, 1/1024th, than the average American.

But that wasn’t her only lie…

Elizabeth Warren suggested this week that a school principal effectively fired her from a teaching job after she became “visibly pregnant.”

But in a 2008 clip Warren tells a different story saying it was her decision to go back to graduate school and stay at home for a couple years.

And now this…

Elizabeth Warren likes to claim on the stump that she is the daughter of a janitor.

It makes for a more compelling life story. Although it does conflict with all her BS that the system is rigged!

Barack Obama even cut an ad for Elizabeth Warren when she was in a tight Senate race in 2012 in Massachusetts.

Obama called her a janitor’s daughter.

But her father’s death certificate – with info supplied by Warren herself – says her dad was a flight instructor for the US Army. His obituary says he was a “self-employed businessman.”

Via Polly’s Granddaughter:

It appears this is another incidence of Warren stretching the truth to make herself look like some triumphant victim.

Pocahontas can’t stop lying.

Hat Tip Victoria


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