Shameless Propaganda: Former Presidents Push Experimental COVID Vaccines On American Public

( Exclusive) – The COVID vaccine is being forced on Americans for political reasons, not because it’s a safe and effective means to eradicate the “deadly” and “dangerous” virus.

Even Dr. Fauci himself had admitted that the vaccine is experimental and does not actually stop the spread of the virus. Not to mention the myriad of potentially dangerous and permanent side effects like infertility.

Yet, Americans are being told to line up and get the shots regardless in order to go back to “normal” life.

Joe Biden said Thursday night that if we all just do our part and comply like good little citizens, he just might benevolently allow us to gather together with family and friends to celebrate the 4th of July.

Apparently the irony was lost on Biden, though that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering Joe Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time.

In a truly cringe-inducing public service announcement, former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter teamed up to shamelessly push the COVID vaccines on Americans.

The vaccine promo was produced by the Ad Council and the Carter Center and the former presidents told Americans that the vaccine is perfectly safe and will save them from imminent death should they not get it and contract the virus.

Don’t worry about the numerous reports of adverse side effects or even the multiple deaths that have been reported.

“This vaccine means hope, it will protect you and those you love from this dangerous and deadly disease,” Obama says.

The group conveys the message that if Americans want to get back to doing the things “we love and miss” they’d better get vaccinated.

Infowars points out that “Connecticut native George W. Bush puts on his best Texas accent and says he looks forward to going to opening day at Texas Rangers stadium.”

The video concludes with a series of photos and videos showing the former presidents and their wives being vaccinated while dutifully wearing their masks. Even the wildly unpopular, two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton graced America with a cameo.

Of course, President Trump wasn’t invited to partake in the ad promoting the vaccines that he fast-tracked to the American people. As a matter of fact, Trump has done more to get the vaccines developed, produced and distributed than the entire lot of former presidents featured in the video.

It’d be in everyone’s best interest to ignore this video and the urging of establishment globalists to get injected by a potentially toxic concoction manufactured by Big Pharma, who just so happens to be exempt from vaccine injury accountability.

This is just another shameless attempt to guilt Americans into complying with their agenda to inject Americans with DNA-altering drugs.

It’ll only be a matter of time before we’re required to show proof of vaccination in order to go into public places, fly on planes and attend public events.

It’s completely and totally un-American to demand US citizens comply with government orders in order to enjoy our God-given and constitutionally-granted freedoms and rights.

Mass resistance is needed now more than ever.

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  1. Y’all don’t seem to get it. IF the corrupt witch of chappequa had been annointed, this “pandemic” would never have happened. She would, however, have given up our sovereignty over to the UN and sold out the country in a heartbeat as now Bidung is attempting to do. I couldn’t care less what these morons do, take it, don’t take it. I’m NOT taking it, deal with it.

  2. I’m sick and tired of the on again, off again routine with the COVID vaccines. People, just use your brains !! No vaccine is PERFECTLY safe. Frankly, I’m amazed that there have been so few problems with THIS vaccine – millions have received it and only a few problems. NO vaccine is without RISK — you have to determine if the risk is worth the benefit. COVID complications increase as age increases; therefore, elderly have the MOST to gain and “should” get the vaccine. Children are virtually immune to COVID complications and should NOT receive the vaccine. If you want to access your position on the “death line”, I would suggest a logarithmic curve starting at zero for zero age and increasing to a max slope at 100 years. As with ‘most’ gambles, you make your bet and take your chances!!

  3. So I’m confused. Is Trump a good guy because he fast tracked the vaccines or a bad guy because the vaccines are un-American. Please help.

  4. Prove that they got anything other than a saline solution. When anyone thinks about lining up for a government mandate, think of the Jews.

  5. So I’m confused. Is Trump a good guy because he fast tracked the vaccines or a bad guy because the vaccines are un-American. Please help.

    • MAGA24, IN MY OPINION PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE GOOD GUY, Can you imagine had he not been in office and BIDEN or HILLARY were there we would be in real trouble, THERE would not have been any vaccine available because either one of these two would never had any idea about fast tracking a vaccine, NOW as to whether the VACCINE IS SAFE OR ACTUALLY WORKS MAY BE IN QUESTION, BUT PRESIDENT TRUMP GOT IT DONE, NOW WE HAVE BIDEN TRYING TO CLAIM CREDIT FOR IT HOW PATHETIC. HAD IT NOT BEEN FAST TRACKED IT WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLY YEARS BEING DEVELOPED
      Ihave many in my family and friends that have taken it thus far there have been NO ADVERSE EFFECTS FROM IT.

  6. Classic photos of the most recent idiots displaying what lies, cheating, thieving, stealing, will get you, and most of all …. what being a con and puppet look like. These are/were not leaders nor statesmen, and they never will ever be able to achieve that level of class. Morons much like the current dirt bag.


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