Shameful: Mitch McConnell Votes To Acquit… But Suggests Charges Instead?

( Exclusive) – While Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voted to acquit President Donald Trump in the second impeachment trial that blew up in the Democrat’s faces, he did suggest that the former POTUS could be subject to charges.

McConnell is every bit the swamp creature who worked for years to undermine the Trump agenda and he’s really showing his real colors now that he and his Deep State cohorts are back in power.

In his comments on the Senate floor, McConnell slammed Trump for a “disgraceful dereliction of duty” and for his attempt to “overturn the election.”

This is all completely fabricated, of course, and if he voted to acquit you’d think he would have understood that Trump in now way incited violence and that he had every constitutional right to seek to overturn an election millions believed to be fraudulent and unconstitutional.

McConnell instead declared that the January 6th rioters had been “fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on earth,” making Trump “practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.”

What a disgrace!

He wasn’t finished.

He went on to suggest that Trump could still be charged in the criminal justice system even if the impeachment failed.


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  1. JAMES MAXWELL, I agree in theory with the voters having the ability to limit terms in congress, But the problem with that is that all these lifetime politicians have dug in and its almost impossible to get them out of office, their corrupt supporters keep getting them reelected the only true way to remove them is through the legislative process and they will never vote for that unless we the people demand it. The only mistake our forefathers made was not lmiting their terms in the beggining, I dont believe they ever intended for us to be represented by lifetime politicians. The longer these people stay in power the more corrupt and the more powerful they become and the more incompetent they become. and its almost impossible to get them out of office.

  2. America was given illegally to a criminal enterprise via voter fraud thus we will be declining into a nation without laws, without justice, without rights. Biden and his handlers are violating the laws let alone the will of the People and opening the country up for the parasites of the world to come uninhibited to prey on the people of America, absorb our resources with the misguided redistribution of the benefits of OUR labor. Our country under the lawless and Godless Biden mafia will be a haven for criminals and corruption. Laws are only as good as the people who uphold them and Biden’s life of encouraging and orchestrating corruption is now a full open for all so see pit of evil. Biden and his delusional and corrupt administration is sinking this country. To ignore the knowledge of God and substitute mans own creation or concept of their god is self destruction.

  3. I suspect OLE MITCH HAS JUST ENDED HIS TIME IN CONGRESS, He may be thinking of retiring at the end of his present term if not KENTUCKY VOTERS you need to make sure he does retire, The Republicans in Congress at present you need to remove hiM as MINORITY LEADER, He does not belong in a leadership role any longer

    • Think he just won his last term of 6 years and will retire if he is allowed to
      finish it out. But based upon his RINO actions they may start a recall
      petition in his home state since he is not representing the as he swore
      an oath to do. As for term limits we the voters have that right come
      election day, we just have to get off our dead asses and exercise that

  4. There is systemic corruption in our govt and they are working to totally subjugate the people. This will end badly. President Trump did nothing wrong, he offered help the day before and was refused. the fbi warned about what was going to happen and the capital police did nothing. the perpetrators who caused the violence were plants and not Trump supporters. its pretty disgusting what the elitists/globalists are doing.

  5. Trump is still our president! The inauguration was the worst, most corrupt and dangerous threat that has ever happened to America! McConnell is in with them all making money off of China, Ukraine and who knows where else. Someone said his wife is from China!

  6. McConnell needs to retire!!!!! He is toooo old to serve our country. He is a shameful creature! Along with his wife…he should also retire! Then they are free to move to China.

  7. “In his comments on the Senate floor, McConnell slammed Trump for a “disgraceful dereliction of duty” and for his attempt to “overturn the election.”

    How hard they attempt to disregard the American People’s votes. The money they sacrificed to keep a man who truly understood and attempted to enforce the principles of our Constitution. McConnell is willing to have the People of America robbed. To identify him as a swamp rat is mild as to what we think of him.

    The people who have attempted a coup and overturn the votes of the People is the scum in congress.

    EXCLUSIVE: 300,000 Biden Votes Cannot Be Explained or Tied to Final Results
    February 14, 2021 Ryan Green Latest News, Politics 97 Comments

    We reported previously on the 2020 election results for President in Virginia. Hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe Biden were reported in massive vote dumps in the middle of the night and yesterday we discovered this all took place in Fairfax County. A response from Delegate Chris Head to a constituent attempted to answer questions related to these ballot dumps but failed miserably:

    “WEB REPORTS… COULD NOT BE CONFIRMED” – Virginia Delegate Chris Head Responds to Ballot Dumps of 300,000 Biden Votes and He Doesn’t Seem to Care

    The delegate’s response brushed by the fact that massive dumps of Biden votes at 90/10 and 80/20 Biden to Trump were dropped in the middle of the night.

    After rambling on about the vote drop the delegate then noted that the Edison data doesn’t matter anyway it’s the official state results that matter that can be found here.

    We looked at this site and we found that the results on the site don’t agree with the results on the Edison feed. The Edison feed is the official results from the election provided to the media on the night of the election. We reported in November on these results using the New York Times/Edison data feed from Election night.

    The Virginia delegate provided Edison data for Fairfax County only, which were the bulk of the entries posted late on Election Night. Next, we looked at the ‘official results’ at the link provided by the representative. Unfortunately, we were unable to tie these results to the Edison data provided by the representative for Fairfax County. Why are the data and results not transparent?

    The following results are divided by US Congressional District:

    Congressional District 11 includes Fairfax City and Fairfax County and Prince William County. The total number of votes for Biden is 281,000 votes with 61,000 from Prince William County:

    Another entry for Fairfax County was located in Congressional District 10, where Fairfax County shows with 77,000 votes for Biden.

    The problem here is that the total votes for Fairfax County per the official state results don’t tie with the Edison data provided to the public on Election Night after the big data dumps of 300,000 ballots for Biden. If you take away the Prince William County votes for Biden in District 11 and add in the Fairfax County votes for Biden found in District 10, you only come up with 295,000 votes for Biden.

    But the Edison data provided yesterday from the Virginia State delegate shows 405,000 votes for Biden from Fairfax County. This is a 110,000 ballot difference. What is going on?

    • too much evidence in to many places. The election was stolen from the people and that is alright with McConnell the sewer rat who receives his pay check from the people he robbed.

    • McConnell is not worthy to clean President Trumps shoes because Mc Connell does not value the American People or our Constitution. McConnell values himself.


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