Shakedown: BLM Demands Cut Of Louisville Business Profits For Protection

(Breitbart) – Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters issued “social justice” and “black liberation” demands regarding “diversity” to a restaurant owner in Louisville, KY, including a directive for “donations” to organizations run by non-whites.

Listed demands from a BLM affiliate in Louisville include racial quotas for staff and ownership of business suppliers, donations to organizations run by non-whites, and adjustment to dress codes. The posters used the acronym “BIPOC” (“black or indigenous persons of color”) as a euphemism for non-white persons:

23% of Staff is BIPOC in Front of House

23% of inventory is from BIPOC retailer(s)

Regular donations to BIPOC organization

Dress code policy does not discriminate against BIPOC patrons of employees.

Additional demands issued via the letter included the option to give 1.5 percent of revenues to a local “black nonprofit or organization” in lieu of purchasing a minimum of 23 percent of the business’s inventory from “black retailers,” mandated “diversity and inclusion training” for all employees, and displaying of left-wing messaging to support “reparations.”

The posters include a stated commitment to be publicly visible as a public service announcement pending future “inspections” of restaurants and other businesses.

Three varieties of posters with the message, “YOU CAN’T STOP THE REVOLUTION,” were directed at restaurants in Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood with the grades A, C, and F according to a “NuLu Social Justice Health and Wellness Code.”

Posters with the C-grade declare, “A facility that fails two (2) consecutive regular inspections will be under administrative review.” Those with an F-grade include the following message, “[This] facility has failed to meet minimum requirements of the Nulu Social Justice Health and Wellness Code inspection. This includes [a] failure to create a safe space for black inclusion.”

The letter includes neo-Marxist assertions, decrying “gentrification” as a “process [that] has been happening to black, indigenous, and persons of color at the hands of white, heterosexual patriarchy since the inception of this nation we call home. Black folx [sic] can’t ‘have their own space’ when wealthy white folks see an opportunity to make more money.”

“Repercussions of non-compliance” are listed in the letter:

  • Reduction in Racial Index Score/bias report to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Social Media Blast: Notification, via all social media platforms, of non-compliance.
  • Boycott: Public boycott, coordinated through social media and mail announcements, of your NuLu establishment AND any other business ventures owned by you.
  • Protest: Visible, media-covered demonstration/sit-in outside your establishment.
  • Invasive Reclamation: Placement of booths/tables outside your establishment where competing Black proprietors will offer items comparable to those offered by you.

Fernando Martinez, the owner of La Bodeguita de Mima, a restaurant serving Cuban cuisine, described Black Lives Matter’s demands as a Mafia-style shakedown. He characterized them as “Mafia tactics,” according to Courier-Journal, a Kentucky-based newspaper.

PJ Media reported on a public Facebook post from Martinez: “There comes a time in life that you have to make a stand and you have to really prove your convictions and what you believe in. … All good people need to denounce this. How can you [justify] injustice with more injustice?”

Local supporters and some from Louisville’s Cuban community held a rally to support Martinez’s restaurant on Sunday, which was vandalized in recent days. They said the restaurant “has been subject to vandalism and extortion in recent days.”

The Courier-Journal reported:

La Bodeguita de Mima was forced to close July 24 during a [Black Lives Matter] demonstration that shut down East Market Street, at which several protesters presented Martinez with the list of demands and said he “better put the letter on the door so your business is not f*cked with.”

The restaurant remained closed the next two days because “management and staff were concerned about safety,” according to the release. “30+ staff members (mostly immigrants) were unable to earn a paycheck.”

Chris Turner, a Louisville-based reporter, reported on a Black Lives Matter protest forcing the closing of businesses on July 24:

Black Lives Matter Louisville markets “anti-racism training” on its verified Facebook page produced in partnership with and other left-wing and partisan Democrat organizations.

Posted by Black Lives Matter Louisville on Thursday, July 23, 2020

An “activist” affiliated with Black Lives Matter denied that his organization’s demands amounted to a threat.

Featured image credit: Ivan Radic –[email protected]/50115383087/


  1. This is called “money speculation with minority identities of ideological invention.” Blackmail and speculation on all discriminations of ideological invention.
    Communism resurfaced in progressivism.

  2. Back in the day when criminals were held accountable for their crimes this was called extortion now its called fair. If Kentucky had an AG and if the city of LOUISVILLE had a city attorney these thugs would be charged and prosecuted.

  3. The Louisville DA won’t do anything about it cause he/she is a frickin Liberal and in cahoots with the BLM crowd. The State AG should go after the BLM Leadership. the NULU Leadership, and the Louisville DA…..

  4. The actions of #BLM are school book violations of the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.) Billy Barr ought to get his men on this. It looks like we are truly on our own. Lock and load. VOTE2020

  5. HA, If i saw the rating on the outside, because of the Extortion that was placed on that establishment, I would eat or shop there, This is stupidity at its finest.

  6. Been thru this before, nothing new under the sun. Graduated 76 & co.pany had to hire x number of black & hispanic before whites. Qualified or not.

  7. Wow! What we are beginning to experience is Germany 1930’s all over again. How soon we forget. So those that refuse to comply can expect the equivalent of the “Star of David” and the word “juden” painted on their windows? Way to go BLM! you have just taken us back 80 years. Perhaps, if you keep going backwards you just might make it all the way back to re-live the days when tribal wars in Africa sold captured warriors of their enemies into slavery.

  8. Smelled this coming as soon as I entered the Air Force in 1963. In the years that have followed, my wisdom has evolved into a philosophy: The negro is sub-human, the negro has no ability towards civil behavior, the negro has no morals-or moral compass; and the negro is more hateful and prejudiced than any White Man I have ever known.
    Be careful of the negro, my White brothers, for they are mobilizing, arming themselves, and are, in my opinion, a clear and present danger with the headliner; ‘Kill Whitey’.

  9. I am a dumb white guy but it sure sounds like What Elliot Ness and the FBI fought against in the fourties. Now we get to repeat history. With kid gloves because the left will have everyone believe that fighting against terroristic acts is racist only because the perpetrators are black or non white. These actions are terroristic no matter what color you are they were when the mafia was around and they still are today.

  10. Have you ever heard of the “Pitești Experiment”?
    It is the most sinister experiment, through torture, in the communist world. It happened in Romania at the beginning of the communist regime (1949-1951).

    It is about re-educating those considered potential enemies of the communist regime, holder of the Unique Truth. Especially the students were targeted in the infernal crucible of this experiment.

    Public opinion, the press, American and Western universities have remained indebted to the memory of the millions of innocent victims of communism. Including Hollywood, especially.
    Everything was said about Nazism, in fact national-Bolshevism, in the post-war period. About communism, that is, about international-Bolshevism, nothing. Or almost nothing ..

    It’s as if Nazism was used as a screen to hide the other side of totalitarian horror. Which is impiety even for the victims of Nazism in the first place.

    “Pitești Phenomenon” is a small book, well documented by the testimonies of those who survived the hell in the prison of political prisoners in Pitești – a city in Romania located about 100 km northwest of Bucharest.

    Dear Americans, I have no doubt that editing the book in English will be very uplifting for everyone. Even for you, Westerners who lived in freedom after World War II.

    It would show young people in your country what are the risks of the theory of Revealed Truth, the lie of Manifest Truth, which would be visible to all: the disappearance of politics, as a space of public openness, and its replacement by the One Party, the holder of the One Truth, the emergence of political police and consequently state terror, widespread fear, general ruin, and arbitrary crime.

    They would better understand why it is not good to play with fire!

    Come on, Hollywood, end the anti-Nazi hypocrisy !
    Do you have the courage to look communism in the eyes?
    Replace the Philistines of Beverly Hills with the talents to whom the roles that have not yet been played can be distributed !!!
    “A treasure” of horror almost infinite, and still not explored.
    The “Pitești Phenomenon” is still waiting to be screened.
    Just so we can all exorcise the Evil that is now knocking at the gates of America..

    (Pitești, read: Piteshti)

    • The author of the book is the acclaimed Romanian intellectual Virgil Ierunca from Radio-Free Europe, producer of the radio show “Theses and Antitheses in Paris” together with his wife literary critic Monica Lovinescu in the ’70s-’80s.

      Some brief references can also be found on Wikipedia:
      “Journalist and anti-communist activist Virgil Ierunca referred to the” reeducation experiment “as the largest and most intensive brainwashing torture program in the Eastern Bloc. [7] In even stronger terms, Nobel Laureate and Gulag survivor Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called it” the most terrible act of barbarism in the contemporary world. “[8]

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  12. just say no then shoot a few and 99.9 will vanish into the holes they came out of and the military will take care of the rest

  13. extortion is illegal. arrest these criminals NOW. if the da and police a dicaye their responsibilities then the owner has every right to stand his ground and eliminate the threat.

    • Unfortunately the laws that honest citizens follow no longer apply to these criminals. The scariest part is they no longer care who knows it and knowing they’re risk free, don’t even worry about hiding it anymore. If they get back in power our country is doomed. They’re already threatening that once in power again they’ll target every person that’s ever registered or voted republican and we will pay for it in a manner such as middle easterner’s have been historically treated. satan will reign in full force and our only escape will be to return home with Jesus and God. As I’m age 60 their threats don’t scare me one bit, but those that will remain concerns me a great deal. I don’t want my children, grands or loved one’s to deal with it either, and the same goes for all of the people that will leave their loved one’s here as well. May God bless and protect all of you, always. Amen.


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