Shady Schiff Declines To Say How He Obtained Rudy Giuliani’s Phone Records

(Gateway Pundit) – The House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday released the much-anticipated “Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report.”

The Democrats accused President Trump of abusing his power, obstruction and witness intimidation.

Schiff obtained his own committee’s ranking member GOP Rep. Devin Nunes and Nunes’s aide Derek Harvey’s phone records as part of the “impeachment inquiry.”

Schiff and House Democrats also obtained phone records for President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and investigative reporter John Solomon!

This violates President Trump’s constitutional rights!

And Schiff declined to say how he obtained the phone records — is this even legal?

Where is the GOP?? Where is Attorney General Bill Barr??

“It is deeply concerning that at a time when the president of the United States was using the power of his office to dig up dirt on a political rival, that there may be evidence that there were members of Congress complicit in that activity,” Schiff said in a presser on Tuesday of Nunes’ communications with Ukrainian-American Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called this an outrageous abuse of President Donald Trump’s Constitutional rights.

The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report:


  1. Retribution may be called for in 2020, and it may come long before Election Day! Democrats and all other subversives should never forget whose turf they’re on! The patience of otherwise God-fearing Americans is not now nor has ever been INFINITE!

  2. The day will come when they get their just due! Hopefully I am still around to enjoy the videos of Schiff and Nancy being escorted into a courtroom where they will be found guilty of treason and marched off to Guantanamo!!!!

  3. The most wicked and vial people in the country are not the cartel, but the democrats that encourage and protect the activities of the cartel to prey on their victims in America , as they tear down every established standard of decency. Adam Schiff is the poster person along with Obama for the corrupting of our country.


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