Seriously? Are We Really Going To Fall For This Again?… Black Teen Says 4 White Boys Attacked Her In Her Car At Stoplight Screaming Racial Slurs – Then Burnt Her Neck With Lighter Fluid

(Gateway Pundit) – Another hoax. Say her name: Althea Bernstein.

18-year-old Althea Bernstein — who is black or mixed — says four white boys attacked her while she was in her car at an intersection in Madison, Wisconsin. The white boys screamed racist slurs at the light-skinned woman. Then they threw lighter fluid and a match at her face.

Madison is one of the most liberal areas in Wisconsin.

The Black Lives Matter-Antifa mob destroyed a statue of an abolitionist and threw it in the lake this week.

The liberal media is running with the story.

Video: Biracial woman claims attack by 4 white men


  1. If this incident is true, it is very sad. If this incident is not true, then the situation is more than sad. I only hope that the Madison police have a thorough investigation instead of a rush to judgement. Does the Madison police department have facial recognition software? Were there any witnesses to this incident? Was the girl alone in her car driving somewhere at 1:00 am listening to music? Would she recognize the voices of her assailants. It seems that her emotional responses were a little too pat – a little too rehearsed. Lastly, the timing of this “attack” is just a little too coincidental. Either way, I hope that she doesn’t have a bad scar and that her face heals.

  2. It’s impossible to know what is real and what is fake. It’s real if it aligns with your POV. It’s fake if it does not. You cannot depend on the News Media to broker the truth. You are on your own.

  3. Did she get burned on both sides of her face or just the left side of her face? One picture shows her with burns on the left then another picture shows burns on the right side of her face. Not sure if I saw wrong here. Hope she isn’t telling a fib here, this is some serious business. If these guys did do this hope they are caught and have to be held accountable for doing harm to her.

  4. I expect to see race baiter Al Sharpton talking about this shortly ! I SERIOUSLY DOUBT her story, but you will NEVER hear an apology from the left, if it is proven to be a HOAX !

  5. What has always been missing is that when the story is proven to be false the reason telling the false story is never prosecuted. If a year or two in prison vs. not fabricating the story are the choices the latter is more likely to be chosen.

  6. What kind of car was she driving???!!! Cars today, when they are in Drive, when stopped have automatic door locks!!! Did any of these STUPID press people find out what she was driving???!!!


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