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Tea Party is a donation funded grassroots effort, and without your help we will fade. Our mission is as strong as those who stand with us, this means we can only accomplish the task of Restoring America with your help.



 For donations greater than $ 5,000.00 or property donations, please call  us at 714.796.1776 and one of our counselors will contact you.


Tens of millions of Citizens identify with the premises set forth by the Tea Party Movement, which is striking a chord and ringing true with the American Spirit.

We stand by the Constitution as inherently conservative. We serve as a beacon to the masses that have lost their way, a light illuminating the path to the original intentions of our Founding Fathers. We must raise a choir of voices declaring America must stand on the values which made us great. Only then will the politically blind see and deaf hear!

By joining the Tea Party, you are taking a stand for our nation. You will be upholding the grand principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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