Second Explosive Video Emerges From Georgia, And What Election Workers Were Doing Will Make Your Jaw Drop

( Exclusive) – Georgia has been the site of some jaw-dropping incidents of apparent fraud and irregularity as it is… but wait until you see this latest video out of the Peach State affirming yet again that the election declaring Joe Biden the winner was anything but legitimately conducted.

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump retweeted an explosive video from The Gateway Pundit in which the top pro-Trump outlet had identified ballot workers seemingly inserting ballots into vote tabulators multiple times on election night.

The video originally aired on OANN.

The video was first shared by TGP on December 4th which involved participants in the now-notorious video showing ballot workers pulling cases of ballots out from underneath facility tables after shooing away poll watchers and the media.

The outlet had noted that one of the poll workers in this case grabbed ballots and began jamming them into Dominion tabulators three times.

How can we honestly trust the results of the Georgia election?!

Yet another video has emerged now of election officials doing the same!

The same batch of ballots was scanned five different times in a row in Fulton County, Georgia at the State Farm Arena on November 3, 2020.

Watch—you can see the individual look around to see if anyone is watching them!

Here’s a slower version of the same video:

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Trumps Fight For Justice


  1. We are controlled by the press! They have done that for my 73 years. Donald Trump was a breath of fresh air working for the people. He has been squashed by D.C., not just a few but by everyone that have been sent there. He made his claims expecting leaders to investigate but he has found in the end he was alone fighting for our country. Everyone saw Biden announce the Democrats plan creating the election fraud, so what other evidence was needed to investigate the election? They knew there was an element that came to D.C. to create the attack yesterday! The news yesterday, Congress and security was embarrassing. The rush to judgment blaming our President was accepted by so many in Congress fitting there plan to destroy him and his work. This man came there to make a better country not realizing the leaders hated him. He was not in their little fraternity that feeds their pockets and was certainly in the way of swamp dwellers like Soros. Good luck to all who fight for this Republic like our President!

    • The media is controlled by today’s progressive liberal filth in our society. They’ll do drool over Obama’s presence and smear good folks .

  2. STOP the STEAL from these Extreme Left-Wing Liberal States from DemoncRATS!! They are All Anti-USA Capitalism and our Beloved Constitution!!

    I am a Devout Conservative Christian Republican in our Judeo-Christian Nation USA!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  3. STOP the SEAL from Left-Wing Liberal DemoncRATS NOW!!

    I am a Conservative Christian Republican Patriot in our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and I STAND with the Holy Land of Israel-Yisrael!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  4. The cheating continued last night in Georgia. This time it was captured in real time.

    Rudy & Professor Eastman just explained how it worked.

    A folder of votes was already on the computer. When the legal votes were finished being counted, the fake votes in that folder were matched with registered voters’ names who had NOT voted so that those fake votes were attributed to those voters.

    I must say … the criminals sure did put a lot of thought into this, didn’t they?

    Will we see those criminals arrested? Ever???

  5. As I posted above, there’s no sense discussing new parties if Biden and his treasonous traitor cabal is permitted to steal this one. There will be no future elections … at least not REAL ones. Sorry, but true.

  6. Again We praise God for raising up a state legislature member in PA. who refuses to seat a newly supposedly elected member whose win is clouded with fraud and violation of state and federal law, thus the LT governor was escorted out of the chambers.

    We would be thrilled and Praise God if the members of the House grew a back bone and reclaimed their integrity that they sold so very cheap, to have the Speaker of the House, Pelosi, escorted out of the chambers as she attempted to block the People’s voice again and refuse to acknowledge the reality of the theft of our votes, and her support for a criminally run election.

  7. We praise God for raising up a state legislature member who refuses to seat a newly supposedly elected member whose win is clouded with fraud and violation of state and federal law.

  8. This business of “certification of votes” is a big topic of conversation and there appears to be two versions of the Constitutional meaning.

    The dictionary defines it as such, leaving out the certification of insanity which is not the function being discussed, but only a description of the democratic party. It is a verb so it is an action required to certify.


    attest or confirm in a formal statement.

    vouch for
    testify to
    provide evidence of
    bear witness to
    bear out
    give proof of
    back up
    officially recognize (someone or something) as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.

    NOW: the PEOPLE IN left of sanity want to say it is just a formality with no other meaning how convenient since they treat their oath of office as a formality without any meaning or influence on how they conduct themselves or their function in office. BUT there is no meaning listed that match the idea of “formality”.

    Now, If I possess stolen items, is it JUST a formality to have an authority to CERTIFY whether the stolen item ARE MINE,. . . . or does the authority say the items are not mine and the ownership has to be returned to the rightful owner?

    God help us if it is only a formality. We would become a raiding tribe population to raid other tribes or states to obtain what we want.

    There is no difference . There is no synonym for certify inferring it is only a formality! ! ! !

    The state legislatures, congress and the Vice President have to verify or certify that the votes are legally obtained, legal votes. Unfortunately we have many officials that have sold their integrity to this responsibility which has not been rightly handled by the secretary of state, the state legislatures or many of the members of congress, thus we require the VP to fulfill the job, certify abandoned by the integrity bankrupt officials.

    The Vice President’s responsibility when the constitution has him certify the electoral votes is to validate that he verify
    vouch for
    testify to
    provide evidence of
    bear witness to
    bear out
    give proof of
    back up
    officially recognize (someone or something) as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards in the law that the votes are legal . It is clear to us that in many states, especially in Michigan that counties have over 780 an d 450 percent of the voters participated, or over 50 thousand under age young people in Georgia whose only crime was to go to the DMV to apply for a driver’s license leaving another party to use their info to vote.

    This is not a formality,. . . . . it is an act of validation by the Vice President that the election process was according to law of the state legislature and the federal Constitution AND WE CANNOT VALIDATE OR CERTIFY THE LEGITIMACY OF SEVERAL STATES ELECTION NUMBERS OR THEIR ELECTORAL VOTES.

  9. Listen, I’m not happy about Trump losing but if this claim were true then you would have more votes than ballots. The number of ballots have to match the number of votes tallied. I know we all want to believe Trump won, but sometimes the truth is difficult to accept. I have past experience in a large Texas County voting system as a vendor. Denying the integrity of our voting system is not helpful to democracy.

    • Who in the hell thinks today’s democrats have any integrity ? Stay stupid , they need you more today than yesterday ..signed “real” truth !

    • Truth Teller, you’re not paying attention, are you?

      Several incidents of shredding of ballots have already been reported. So, just to help you out, here’s how it works:

      1) You shred the Trump ballots.
      2) You have new ballots created to replace those ballots.
      3) You select Biden on those new ballots.
      4) You enter those newly created Biden ballots into the record.
      5) When there is a recount, you say, “look, the paper ballots match the computer count.”

      It’s like magic! It works every time. Got it now??

  10. @Miller – I believe the State and FBI have investigated these claims and found them be false. But let’s just say they are true, Georgia’s 16 electoral votes are not going to change the outcome of the election, so we are we all expending so much mental energy on this?

    • You left out Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan Arizona and Nevada frauds .

      Just telling the truth ….

    • If someone is attacked and stabbed, but they didn’t die , should that assault not be investigated. This is the tip of the iceberg, an indication of deeper unseen attacks on our system. When you have a video recording, blatantly showing the accusation as it occurred, how can you, on Gods Green Earth, actually say this didn’t happen with a straight face.

    • Hey “Truth Teller”

      I notice you wrote “I believe the State and FBI have investigated these claims and found them false.” Key word is “BELIEVE.”

      I’m here to tell you that what you BELIEVE is not fact. The FBI is corrupt. The FBI has no interest whatsoever in looking at the evidence. Wake up.

  11. After watching that I’m not sure I see the lady scanning ballots 3 times but I don’t see how that would make a difference as the ballots are not anonymous and the voting machines also have an electronic record of the tabulation. The electronic record is matched to the ballot scanning record to verify the count. There were also 2 recounts that produced the same numbers so it seems unlikely the numbers would match up on 3 separate counts if there were some shenanigans going on. I’m just trying to be objective here.

    • Truth Teller, to count the same illegal ballots twice will give the same number. To follow the same illegal procedure will also give the same number. The tabulation went to the secretary of state not to the auditors. No telling what the recount number was. The state laws were not followed in the recount as well.

    • You’re “not sure that makes a difference” Truth Teller? Seriously??

      It “makes a difference” because it’s a crime. I realize crimes are no longer prosecuted in this country … but, nonetheless, IT IS A CRIME!

      As for the computer matching the paper ballots, read my other post. THEY CREATE NEW ONES TO MATCH THE COMPUTER COUNT!

  12. Voter ID would have stopped all this corruption. Should have been done the beginning of Trumps’ presidency. I remember the past year our President saying…”the deep state goes further than I thought” ( not verbatim)

    • Who has opposed voter ID for decades ?

      Who supports giving a box of chicken and a bus ride to the polls ?

      Who supports eliminating the Electoral College ?

      Who shoved obamacare down Americans throats ?

      Community agitators and communists is my opinion.

    • Actually, Lee, voter ID would not have been enough to stop the corruption in this election.

      The Democrats used the COVID virus as an excuse to allow voting by mail, and it was the voting by mail, together with the Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software, that was used to steal this election.

      Voting by mail did not require an ID, only a signature, and many of the states did not even verify signatures. Reports of people showing up to vote on election day and finding that someone had already voted in their name demonstrates just how easy it was for the Dems to cheat using the mail-in ballots.

      As Rahm Emmanual infamously once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Well, Dems sure weren’t about to let the COVID crisis go to waste, especially not in an election year!

  13. Mercy! Is there NO COMMON SENSE left in this country!
    Throw out this damn election and START OVER! NO ABSENTEE BALLOTS unless they are requested by REGISTERED VOTERS!

    • Fed up the staggering confirmed and verified data along with statistics is astronomical in preportion which only equals the depth of abandoned integrity of members of Congress and State legislatures .

      Arizona (My home state): and this is only the tip of the corruption.
      -over 56,000 underage voters ( the names of young people was obtained from DMV and requests for ballots was submitted using the stolen identities)
      – over 6,000 multiple voting
      Wisconsin :
      -over 36 thousand illegal NON-CITIZENS voted.
      -over 2,000 votes from people who gave a vacant lot as their home address
      -They had state wide over 90% participation of registered voters which is statistically not likely

      Michigan :
      -in Muskogee County they had 782% of voter participation
      -In Leland country 461% participation
      -In Detroit 141% participation
      – the remainder of the counties had between 90 and 100 percent participation which is not statistically viable



  14. KEVIN and DOC HUSSER, I agree with you its time for another political party, The DEMS are insane and the Republicans have no spine or backbone. I recently received a request from the RNC asking for a donation my reply to them was IM DONE with you I have supported them for years both financially and by voting for Republicans But im done its time for another political party that supports the Constitution and stands up for the will of the American people.There were 74 million voters i this country that voted for President Trump maybe that will be enough to start another party that can change the direction of our country and return to common sense and end the lies,deceit, and corruption and lack of backbone of our elected learders, I thought the TEA PARTY was the answer a few years ago but it has not changed anything, And change is what must happen if we are to survive as a nation.

    • YES, BJ, WHY NO ARESTS Poll workers have to give an oath to comply to the laws, yet they do not ave any accountability just as members of the government have not had to be accountable for their criminal actions? Why have laws if they are intended to be ignored.

  15. We have called ourselves a country of laws while the republicans tout and attempt to follow laws and appropriate procedures. BUT the democrats openly defy and violate every law that gets in their way. AND WE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT RULES AS THEY STEAL OUR COUNTRY. My God the republicans and the PEOPLE with the full knowledge of the crimes hand the country over to the criminals.

  16. There is NO DISPUTE ABOUT THE CLEAR ELECTION FRAUD. Host of witnesses makes the claim of dispute a joke presented by a corrupt mind. I thin Joe
    Biden’s brother called this strategy , “This claim about election fraud is disputed”

    A PLAUSIBLE LIE! Are we going to swallow their “plausible lies” and hand over the country to criminals to steal from us what freedoms we have left?

  17. We owe NO allegiance to the thieves of the Biden’s fraudulent administration or the meaningless congressional members who enabled them in their life of crime.They have stolen out in the open and attempted to give their crime the air of acceptability, but they are verified, certified thieves. Their words and actions have been false and they will not change the path they have set their face to follow. Criminals belong in jail not in the WH.

  18. Evidently it is accepted in the moral character of congress and our country that theft of what is not yours. to steal is acceptable and allowed. Our former country is dead when people without embarrassment or shame can the Constitution and the American people with their stolen election. We want our money back for which we paid these ass holes who have cast aside and trampled our Constitution leaving it only as a decoration without any merit. Thieves is who are in charge. They have openly stolen our vote and now they will steal everything else. Biden has the new name for corruption along with Obama who never validated his citizenship.

    • Unfortunately, Paul, if we don’t get THIS election right, there are no more free elections. So it doesn’t matter what new parties are created.

      With the press of a few buttons votes are changed and … WA LA! … the Deep State’s candidate wins once again!

      No sense discussing new parties or future elections if the cabal are permitted to steal this one. It’ll all be over.

  19. time for war against all demoncraps from the house wife to judges to top politicians and arrest them all now then worry about who lied, cheated or stole the election

    • I concur. I’ve had enough of this shit. I don’t give a rats ass who anymore either. This corruption and lawlessness has to end now. NOT TOMORROW. PLUS!!!! The next amendment should mandate that all voters MUST pass a test and that term limits be enacted…. WE ARE THE DAMN GUBMINT,,,, politicians work for US,,,, WE THE PEOPLE…. If they fail to adhere to their oaths throw their asses out. NO PAY, NO RETIREMENT, NO NOTHING. Just throw their asses out into the damn gutters where they belong….

  20. Time to start a new party for the people that care about the constitution Republican Party has f trump over. They don’t care. Been a republican since I could vote Reagan was my first vote. Now have gone independent. F the Republican Party for not lifting a finger to help trump. From Florida are jackass governor did nothing and sen r Scott only worried about him self. Wake up and ditch that Republican card. Send them a message!!

    • I concur with you also Kevin. These pansy ass RINOS are useless idiots. Maybe if we, meaning Constitutionalists, get serious enough, just posting here and other sites we just might start something we’d be glad we couldn’t stop. Something like the “Constitution Party” or something to that nature. I’ve had enough of this bullshit and corruption. Read my post above….


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