Seattle CHOP Leaders Tell Protesters To Go Home, Support “Revolutionary” Candidate Joe Biden

Organizers admit violence has ruined Communist utopia.

(Infowars) – Suggesting that violence has distracted from the movement’s message, Seattle CHOP leaders have told protesters to go home vote for “revolutionary change” by electing Joe Biden.

Far-left Black Lives Matter demonstrators have been occupying the 6 block area of downtown Seattle for weeks, but entirely as predicted it has descended into violent anarchy, with two people being shot in the space of 48 hours over the weekend.

Indications are that the police will return to take back the SPD East Precinct that was ransacked by rioters early next week, prompting CHOP leaders to urge the dispersal.

“The CHOP project is now concluded,” a message posted on the official CHOP Twitter account said. “While we expect a very small handful of holdouts may try to remain in the CHOP no further organizing will be occurring to support this presence and the number on-site will be too small to be more than an annoyance for pedestrians rather than a zonal blockade.”

Andre Taylor, whose brother was killed by Seattle police in 2016, suggested that violence in the area had diluted the message organizers were trying to get across.

“If there was no violence you should’ve stood there for as [long as] you wanted to stay there, but the violence creates a different narrative where the people in authority have to look at it differently,” Taylor told KING-TV.

The message concluded by urging protesters to vote for “revolutionary change” by electing Joe Biden, a strange directive given that Biden is a veteran of the political establishment.

Despite Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan declaring the occupation to be a “summer of love,” violent crime skyrocketed by 300% and residents reported hearing gunshots and the screams of women likely being raped on a regular basis.

After numerous complaints from locals who said they were living in fear of their safety, Durkan was forced to do a 180 and order cops back in to reclaim control.

CHOP, which always felt like some weird chimera of the Burning Man festival and Charlie Manson’s Spahn Ranch, is over.

In summary, the utopian experiment has once again proved that Communism, on whatever scale it is attempted, always descends into violent mob rule.


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  2. This just demonstrates the sheer stupidity of what BLM is and what they think they stand for. Joe Biden has been in politics for over 50 years; what has he done for you? nothing but helping keep you on the plantation. Every major inner-city in America is run by a black person or a white democrat voted for and supported by the black communities. Even with more money being dumped into inner cities they are progressively getting worse. You are being let down by your own people, the really sad thing is you will continue to vote for and re-elect these dumb s$%ts just because of their skin color or democrat. Why don’t you try making an informed vote over a black vote. Look at Chicago just last weekend over 100 black people shot by BLACK people and of the black people that were shot dead one being a 3-year old child–ran by blacks. Baltimore, Detroit, crime and murder steadily on the rise-ran by blacks. Denver, San Diego, etc etc. ran by blacks. HS graduation rate in NY among black males at 33% with whites at 78% attending the same schools!!! Politifact shows 73% of black babies born out of wedlock and 67% of black children grow up in single parent homes. Are you really that stupid that you can’t see the dems playing you. THE ONLY ONE LETTING DOWN THE BLACKS ARE THE BLACKS. 2019 stats show a white person 1.6 more times likely to be shot by a cop than a black person and an unarmed white person is 1.9 times more likely to be shot by a cop than a black person. Many crimes equally committed by black and white, difference is black population is around 15% and white at 62%. A black person is over 4 times more likely to commit a crime than a white person!! Next election, think about making an informed vote before making a black or dem vote. But most of you will continue to vote for the same dumbsh#$ts that haven’t done anything to make your life better and you will continue to exist on the democratic plantation and blame everyone else for your ineptitude and laziness and call it racism.

  3. This is a time when I would fully support President Trump sending in our military to wipe these animals out! I would also support any actions that he takes against Terrorist Organizations like the Democrats, Antifa and the BLM! I am totally fed up with the lawlessness and violence that’s taking place in my country. All the traitors in our government, Democrat or Republican, need to be arrested, charged with treason and sent to prison or worse! Violent Rioters destroying property, looting and harming innocent people need to be shot on sight! That’s exactly what will happen if they cross my path!

    • And to all when the police are de-funded it will be white armed militias and citizens walking the streets to protect our properties, our families, our way of life, our country and the red, white, and blue. The dems are allowing everything MLK marched for in the 60’s to be regressed in just a matter of weeks. The dems are allowing an US vs THEM to be created. The dems are creating racism on an exponential level, and we will be called racist, white supremists, damn republicans…”rotate your selector lever from safe to semi and watch your lane”.

  4. We know what this country will become if Biden gets elected- Socialist Communistic and we the white race will be vilified constantly by BLM, Antifa, and the Democrats.There will be a Civil War if this happens and God help us. We must stand strong now and force our Government to take back our country now before it is too late.

    • I agree with you! If it will take another Civil War to save our country and the futures of our children and grandchildren, I will shoot and shoot to kill!

  5. I wanted to join the KKK after seeing this crap in Seattle but the local klan people said I could not join because I was a Republican. I could still donate to the klan or ust change my affiliation to democrat. Then I would be welcome.


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