Schumer Demands Investigation Into President Trump For ‘Instances Of Retaliation’ Against Alleged ‘Whistleblowers’

(Gateway Pundit) – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sent a letter to 74 inspectors general demanding “immediate action to investigate” Trump for ‘instances of retaliation’ against so-called whistleblowers.

Schumer cited Trump’s decision to fire Vindman after he testified in the House impeachment hearing in his letter to the inspectors general.

Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman and his twin were escorted off the White House grounds and dismissed from the National Security Council Friday afternoon.

“These attacks are part of a dangerous, growing pattern of retaliation against those who report wrongdoing only to find themselves targeted by the President and subject to his wrath and vindictiveness,” Schumer wrote.

“Because your work and the work of Congress depends on the willingness of insiders to report wrongdoing, you have a critical role in ensuring that any whistleblowers within your agency do not suffer adverse consequences for coming forward and telling the truth.”

Schumer also blasted Trump’s “attempts to publicly identify the anonymous whistleblower who used the proper legal channels to initially report the President’s attempts to compromise our national security for his personal benefit.”

Eric Ciaramella, the CIA official who filled out a whistleblower complaint against Trump for his July 25 call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky isn’t even a whistleblower.

Ciaramella is a leaker who plotted with fellow NSC-official-turned-Schiff-aide Sean Misko to “take out” President Trump going back to early 2017.

Lt. Col. Alex Vindman was an insubordinate leaker who passed the content of Trump’s call with Zelensky to Ciaramella, who then ran to Schiff’s staffer Sean Misko to launch an impeachment coup against Trump.

Ciaramella should also be fired and brought in to testify under oath about his plot to remove Trump from office.


  1. I saw Schumer today……

    It was right after I stood up……

    And right before I flushed.

    Man, he’s a nasty stinking vile thing.

  2. Shumer , needs to be investigated for coming up with these ridiculous things to pin on PRESIDENT TRUMP, and he is using our money , LET HIM USE HIS OWN MONEY and he will quit trying , and maybe get to his real job.


  3. crying chuck’s only contribution is to call
    for more investigations of his growing
    list of enemies. just do something helpful
    besides wasting our time and $$.

  4. Did the Democrats ever think of out performing the Republicans? Maybe – just maybe – if the Democrats had a descent candidate they may have a chance but socialism and gun control – that’s all I hear. Socialism will NEVER EVER work. Maybe if the Democrats started the American Workers Party. You don’t even have to make up anything – just follow what Dietrich Eckart wrote. The Democrats REALLY need to clean up their own party. There is SO much corruption and anti-American that it makes me sick. BTW – guns can’t break the law – it’s the people who use them so gun control is really people control by another name. I don’t know why lower government try (and do) pass laws that are granted under the Constitution. Maybe if the Democrats were to do something that was noteworthy and beneficial to the American people you have something to debate instead of running on a platform that has proven over and over again in history that Socialism does not and will not work. You say redistribute the wealth – just another way to say Socialism. Sanctuary cities – look where that got Los Angeles. Laws should be administered equally and compliance should be done by ALL law enforcement. If there is no consequences for breaking the law, then you have lawlessness. I don’t see any benefit for those who obey the law. When the law breaks the law then there isn’t any law – Billy Jack.


  6. Shimmering schumer can rub shifty shiff and maybe he can have a pelosi I dream of genie babe pop out on the house floor.
    Glad Mexico is helping with the illegals, still think we should air drop them to pelosi

  7. There is no winning against these dumbocrats. They are already plotting their next coup attempt. Voting them out, they will just holler louder and claim a rigged election. Standing up to them and showing that you have the, they claim that you are a bully racist fascist, these people are seriously deranged and will turn everything you say do to them against you. TheMSM will back them up. This is a fight of good versus evil. The really evil part are the mindless minions who support them. It will be a long bumpy road to November, but this fight we will have to stand strong to win

  8. Chuck Schumer is in no position to demand investigations (or anything else, for that matter) of POTUS for anything or for any reason! The swamp is being drained slowly but surely, and the days of the Deep State are numbered! The Democrats have much for which to atone, perhaps too much to be forgiven! If nothing else, they should have learned a valuable lesson in humility by now! However, with Democrats being Democrats, they probably have learned nothing!

    • I think there is no whistleblower and they just made them up to buy time to try to get something on our President.

  9. Chuckle-Poo, you are a total waste of air. Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the POTUS and can be removed for something as simple as failing to brush his/her teeth. Nuisance lawsuits get tossed out of court – seems that now we have nuisance congressmen. They are called the Democrat Party. You’ve lost now, what is it about seven times – time to stop with the obstruction and do some real work for the country.

  10. Schumer would never appoint a Catholic as Judge in New York, makes me wonder how many non Catholic judges were appointed??? If one of us never appointed a Jewish person as a judge we’d be called racist anti Semites!!!
    Double Standards for Democrats!!!

  11. Upchuck! . . . Put down the BONG and start thinking , but NOT with your WAZOO. It ain’t HAPPENING! (Get it? AIN’T?!?). Hopefully CRYBABIES like you and SENILE NANCY will become “final termers” (if not OUTRIGHT thrown in PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON) when you LOSE the 2020 ELECTIONS. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Hello Chuck! Trump, not you or Adam, Jerry, nor Nancy is boss of the exec. branch. He SHOULD fire anyone involved in this coup and cancel their govt. clearance.

  13. My suggestion has always been, let them investigate all they want. However, there doesn’t seem to be any type of consequence when they are wrong. In cases like this, if the accused is found not guilty, then the accusers are held for treason. That would at least make them think about the possible consequences.
    If not then just get rid of Crying Chuck.

  14. Chuckie…. yes I agree we should do a complete investigation and when they come to the conclusion You, Schifty, Piglosi, Nadar (sawed-off shotgun) and other leftovers in the DNC are trying to throw the government and our communists they can send you to Guantanamo …… BANG!

  15. Republicans need to get balls and stand up to the likes of Scumberbag. They need to start calling in all those involved and responsible for this most disgraceful witch hunt actually it was and is TREASON trying to over through a setting President who did nothing wrong.
    Treason should be the charge and nothing less, depending on where you are in the stream of this treasonous act would determine your fate from the Gallows/firing squad to life in prison with no chance of parole. Plus their citizenship would be stripped from them for ever. It is pathetic these people are still walking the streets and I am sick of it. The Senate Lindsey Graham should be going after these people like fly’s on fly paper. DOJ well they working on it but seem to be slow in action Barr is the AG and no one should deny him access to any government data he is the boss, FBI should have to turn over what ever he says give me with out any hesitation same goes with any other justice department. I guess I am getting very impatient with people. Democrats should be declared a terrorist organization they are corrupt an dishonest and evil lying scum.

  16. And We the People demand that Chuck Schumer be personally held accountable for directly obstructing our Federal Immigration laws and illegally providing sanctuary protections from criminal prosecution of our laws to criminal illegal MS 13 gang members in the State of New York. So come on Chucky, please do tell the legal American taxpaying citizens paying your salary.Exactly how many of our children have you already directly murdered as a byproduct of your treasonous sanctuary for illegal votes in return agenda’s in Long Island, NY. The real reason our disgraceful democratic party is so desperate to remove President Trump from office is .To do so Before he has them held accountable for murdering Americans with there treasonous sanctuary agenda’s. Just for illegal votes in return to stay in power. Sanctuary for only criminal illegals, make every politicians supporting, financing and providing to criminal illegals. Conspirators to every murder and rape committed by criminal illegals, illegally in our country receiving free sanctuary protection from criminal prosecution of our laws. And We the People demand justice NOW. Impeach, Arrest and Convict!!!!!!!

  17. Never heard chuck say a word when Bill Clinton and Obama fired everyone what a hypocrite they don’t get it they are like the boy that cried wolf eventually nobody pays attention

  18. This is the only job you have ever had since you got out of college. Why don’t you get a real job where you have to work for a change. Give someone else a chance, someone with new ideas.

  19. When did we start calling seditious quisling Trump haters whistle blowers? When a pathetic derelict is instructed, in a closed door meeting, by a prejudice liberal leftist congressional member to lie about someone, they are not to be protected by our whistle blower protocol. Did Schumer actually say he “used the proper legal channels to initially report”? Really, I mean REALLY!!!

  20. Dr. Bill you’re a blind fool to believe the whistle blower did this for the good of the country. This whole process was planned before President Trump even took office. The democrats have only person to blame for President Trumps election

  21. mr. Schlummer is just pissed now that he lost 2 of his best SPYs and known Liars. Lets start an investigation into why mr. Schlummer and adams ant mr. SHITfz about why the Vindman twins were working with the SPY and coaching the SPY Charamella with the two House Traitors in full knowledge of it going on. The scum sucking Schlummer and SHITfz would both be implicated and hung for Treason along with Charamella and Pisslousy. President Trump doesn’t have to keep Traitors on the pay and in their jobs where they were SPYing, he has no obligation to let them continue their old ways.

  22. Schumer, submit to investigate yourself for corruption and don’t forget to mention how stupid and brain damaged you are for this suggestion.

    • Don’t worry there will be plenty more comments coming from we the people want Schiff, Schumer,Pelosi,Waters,Hirono,Booker,Harris,AOC,Jackson,Talib, Illhan,& many more to submit their official Resignation now!!!

  23. The only way Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, et al, will ever be replaced is if they die or (unlikely) retire. The people on both coasts are the problem. They’ll vote democomm forever. The NE US and the west coast need to be removed from the Union. Only then will sanity prevail.

    Oh…and they can take Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan with them.

  24. Crying Shumer: Let’s start by investigating the Bidens family first. They need to be looked into their corrupt dealings in Ukraine. POTUS has the right to hire and fire anyone he wants in his administration. Keeping those Obama appointees was a big mistake, which has now been corrected. If Trump could, he would fire you and Nancy as well, but “We the People” will take care of that in early November 2020. Just watch and see when the people speak!

  25. Cry Schumer Cry. It is the President’s right to pick the people he wants to serve under him in The White House and various other positions. Remember President Obama fired all the foreign diplomats and replaced them when he went into office, this president has the same rights, FOOL.

  26. The only person actually fired was Sondland, a civilian appointed as ambassador at the President’s pleasure and whose service proved to be mostly useless or even detrimental..
    Any others who were “fired” are Government employees who have been re-assigned to duties out of the White House. The only thing they lost was imaginary prestige among their peers.

    • Yep complete hypocrisy, the president has the right to have whoever he wants in his surroundings at the White House. They should try Vindman for treason for leaking info all over the world and then courtmarshall him for going above and beyond his pay grade by advising another nation to ignore the president. That right there is enough to get his ass fired

  27. Hey, Upchuck, there was only ONE possibly two whistleblowers. Vindeman and Sonderland weren’t whistleblowers. On top of that, Trump is within his constitutional right to fire whomever he wants as long as they are administration appointees. In 1991 there were 40 on the NSC staff, by 2016 it ballooned to 400 and had taken over operational roles instead of their original strategic planning and interagency coordination roles.

  28. Now Trump has the right to hire and fire anyone that is in his authority chain, but I do think the law is against revenge for following the law of this USA, to comply with a legal subpoena and answer the questions truthfully. Now ,maybe Trump thinks this will stop anyone else from reporting wrong doing but it will not stop anyone except Trump supporters from following the law which says they are obligated because of the oath they took to report suspected wrong doings, so if Trump scares whistle blowers they will just turn to leaking in a way no one knows who leaked it, and no paper trail to follow. Most do not like law breakers in any way, so they will find a way to report things they think are violations of the law.

  29. Somebody please tell Schumer to go F— himself! This SOB has been running this country far too long. He’s a corrupt SOB and should be tried for Treason. Just think how long he’s been in office and obstructing our growth in this country. Schumer Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and the rest of that Democratic party should be eradicated. DNC paid for a false dossier, and why are they not be prosecuted. Where’s equal justice! They are above the law! Sick of these parasite carpetbaggers.

  30. Democrats never give up when they lose. They pound and hammer away until they’ve literally exhausted their opponent. No case is ever closed with these people until the disposition ends in their favor. I’ve never been a person of hate, but these people are starting to give me no choice.

  31. The whistleblower law is designed to conceal the identities of government employees who report illegal activities in their arenas. No one should attempt to publicize or even find out the names of such people who keep the government honest for ordinary Americans outside government but relying on its truth and justice for their well being. Trump is arbitrarily and illegally hunting down those who rat against his unlawful, illegal and immoral acts as president. Like the impeachment articles, he continues to evade justice while purging his staff of such patriotic Americans who want effective, efficient and honest government. Trump should have been and eventually will be removed from the position of trust he betrays every day in every way.

    • DrBillLemoine, Our President has been harrassed and attacked from day 1. If the dems would work with him we could get much more done. The Dems are obstructionists! Trump 2020!

    • Now, we really don’t know who the whistleblower is, do we? Pure speculation. By law, the accusations made against the president are incorrect. He has not been impeached and he has every right to adjust his positions as he sees fit. Are these patriotic American who want effective, efficient and honest government or are they part of a political coup, as the whisleblowers attorney made reference to- “The coup has started” That is not made up!

      Anyone with any knowledge of the court system knows that the prosecutors have to bring hard, first hand evidence to prove guilt. It is not up to a higher court to bring evidence that the lower court failed to produce. It is not up to the defendant to prove innocents. We don’t hold kangaroo courts in this country. Innocent until proven guilty unless one is being tried by Democrats? No, it doesn’t work that way.

    • Not going to happen. Trump was in his legal right. Coups are treasonous. Schiff and Pelosi should be thrown in jail. The senate as well as the American saw it for what is was. Total BS and a waste of taxpayer money. Besides Biden’s day of reckoning is around the corner. You can blame Pelosi, Schiff , Nadler and the rest of the coup actors for that.

    • Bill, not sure which mail order college you received your doctorate from, but you may be shocked to learn the truth. Try reading the transcript of the call that the “whistleblower” lied about and was not even present to hear the call. If the phone call was as you think, then Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman should have become a whistleblower himself instead of plotting to overthrow the election of 2016. The democratic party started planning this overthrow the day after the election. You and the rest of your party will be put in your place of shame and obscurity on 11/3/20!

    • BS. Every President has the ability to fire people that work for him. President Clinton fired all Attorney Generals when he became President.

      “Americans who want effective, efficient and honest government” for President Trump. We needed to get rid of the corruptocrats that President Obama left in the White House.


  33. It’s to get off your high horse Chuckles and get out of town. You are pitiful and a disgrace to the donkey party. You and Pelosi need to go into hiding.

  34. People who are public witnesses are not in fact”whistleblowers”. Trump is entitled to the staff he wants and can fire at will just like every president before him. This DEM nervous breakdown will continue to hamper the working of government until they are voted OUT. Spineless independent voters please take note.

  35. Schumer, Pelosi, etc, etc, etc & all the House Dems – You are all ignorant losers, who just can’t accept the fact YOU LOST fair & square. We had to put up with 8 years of Obama and didn’t pull this kind of childish crap! Grow up and get some REAL work done!!! You’re being paid way more than what you are worth!

  36. My, God! Will somebody get Schumer out of our government!!!! He is a traitor to the United States of America and to the American people! And to think! We actually PAY for this moron! America, red down the line in November so we can save America and get rid of this rotten fool!

  37. Here is one of the problems with Schumer’s complaint : “Because your work and the work of Congress depends on the willingness of insiders to report wrongdoing, you have a critical role in ensuring that any whistleblowers within your agency do not suffer adverse consequences for coming forward and telling the truth.”
    His so called whistleblower victims of Trumps revenge were first of all not telling the truth. The second problem he has is that like in the case of Vindman, they were not doing their jobs to a satisfactory level, just like the democrats in Washington are not doing their jobs, and need to be removed from office.

  38. The more the Democrats scramble to find ways to impeach the President, the more fed up the voting public gets, but the left is too blind (and stupid) to realize it. Keep it coming, Dems, and prepare for mass losses come November.

  39. Stop wasting the taxpayers money go do your job Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and you socialistic Democrats this is crazy every president has picked or chose to get rid of people that they felt comfortable with and felt they would be on their side you Democrats just don’t stop your socialistic dingdong‘s sit down and do Government of the people by the people and for the people not just your genders you horrible Democrats socialistic leftists Just do government leave the stuff alone the people voted this man in your struck out twice stop you’re an idiot And by the way I’m not a Republican or a socialistic Democrat I’m an independent voter voting for who I think is best but I couldn’t vote for you socialistic Democrats at all I rather see a Republican or an independent or a green party person rather than use you are an embarrassment

  40. Schumer, is a lazy Monday morning quarter back. You never have anything new to say? Always repeating what others say.. pull your glasses up on your nose, roll up your sleeves an get some work done? Every time your seen your just hanging out, not looking very smart… I’m sick an tired having to pay you an your cronies, for never doing anything, but run around with your nose up Our President’s Butt, an has found nothing, except for a dung on your face for finding nothing??

  41. Schumer,
    You ignorant slut, President Trump has the authority to hire and fire who he wants in his administration. You moronic Democrats are so predictable it’s pathetic. You and Nancy the ripper need
    to be put out of your misery. Your an embarrassment to yourself and to the good people of the United States.


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