School District In North Carolina Starts Campaign To ‘Disrupt White Culture,’ Urges Teachers To ‘Subvert’ White Families

( Exclusive) – If you happen to be a person of color in the 21st century, and you just so happen to call the United States your home, you should count yourself highly favored and blessed because you are now a protected class who has far more rights than the average white person.

And that’s not to be inflammatory at all. That’s just the way it is in a culture that has become heavily influenced by Marxism and critical race theory. Everyone deserves to be treated with the utmost respect, regardless of what pigmentation their skin happens to be. We are all image bearers of God. That’s the bottom line. All lives matter.

However, the radical left is determined to try and prevent the U.S. from ever being united again, which is why they keep trying to hate on white people, which is racism, in order to lift up other minorities into protected classes.

Take what’s happening in North Carolina for example.

According to Gateway Pundit, the largest school district in the state has now launched a campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces” and is working to encourage teachers to push “antiracism” onto students with the hope of subverting parents.

The school district in question is the Wake County Public School System which serves the greater Raleigh area.

In a rather shocking Twitter thread that was started by journalist Christopher Rufo, he goes on to explain that last year the school district held a teachers’ conference that featured lessons on “whiteness,” “toxic masculinity,” “microaggressions,” “trauma-informed yoga,” and “applied critical race theory.”

“Rufo explained that school administrators claimed that ‘(white) cultural values’ include ‘denial,’ ‘fear,’ ‘blame,’ ‘control,’ ‘punishment,’ ‘scarcity,’ and ‘one-dimensional thinking.’ They told white teachers they must ‘challenge the dominant ideology’ of ‘whiteness’ and ‘disrupt’ white culture,” the GP report says.

The conference then talked about parents being a serious hiccup in the plan to brainwash kids with this junk.

“The district claims that parents are an impediment to social justice. They said that ‘white parents’ children are benefiting from the system’ and are ‘not learning at home about diversity (LGBTQ, race, etc.).’ White parents find it ‘hard to let go of power [and] privilege,’” he stated.

Now think about this for just a minute. North Carolina is not a “liberal” state. It’s a red one. And yet, for some odd reason, this nonsense is still allowed to be pushed on students who live there, despite how they or their parents might feel about it. That’s wrong on every level.

It’s time to overhaul the education system in America.

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  1. The author may be right about the state being pro Republican but forgets that the Education System is RUINED by LIBERAL IGNORANCE. Sadly that is the world we are in thanks to the IGNORANCE of LIBERALISM. WILLFUL IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY have taken over and RUINED the Quality of Education in America at all levels. To see the proof of what I say just look at any school or College. Free speech is now only granted to those who speak the IGNORANCE of LIBERALISM. Anyone who speaks TRUTH is ran off or shouted down and attacked in every way. There are RIOTS whenever a Conservative person is slated to give a speech. Instead of the parents being the one who decide what was taught in school but not any more it is the Teachers and the Union that dictate what is taught TRUTH and the CONSTITUTION are tossed into the GARBAGE. In their place is this IGNORANCE being shoved down children’s throats by the WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS RUINING America with those Joe GARBAGE.

  2. Look Roman Catholic cracker is a racist term used by blacks to put down whites. If you liberals would stop trying to erase history you would know this.

    • Chopper, you call African Americans “Negro,” so don’t you dare call me a racist, since I am a white! Johnk, I apologize for the use of the word “Cracker,” but it was invented by white people, not black people. How about you stop trying to erase history, hmm?

    • That literally makes you a racist! “Negro” is a racist term denoting an African-American’s skin color! You’re a cross-burning, white-robe-clad KKK-member!

    • Chopper, does that mean someone can call white people “Blancos” (the Spanish word for white, as “Negro” is the Spanish word for dark) or “Albino?” Wouldn’t that be racist? Hmm?

  3. The record speaks for itself. Shortly after the days of MLK most major American cities have been run by blacks or white dems predominantly supported by the blacks. These so-called “leaders” had all the power and resources to make life better for the black communities, this was their job. Most failed miserably. Just look at any black community or inner city across the nation and you will see most are worse off today then 10 and 20 years ago. How is this possible when blacks and white dems are in charge? White males graduate HS at 1.8 times the rate of black males. How is this possible when blacks and white dems are in charge of the school system? How is this possible when whites go the the same schools? The welfare population is about 35% black and 35% white but blacks only make up about 13% of the population and whites about 64%. How is this possible when blacks and white dems are in charge of most major cities? How are these “black leaders and white dems” making life better for the black communities, “THEY HOLD THE STRINGS”!! Whites also live in inner cities.
    Now NC among others are looking for another excuse for the failures, shortcomings, and regression of the black communities. Failures will be compensated with another handout. How about trade school for able bodies/age and reduced/stop welfare after graduation (a few states already have similar programs). Handouts DO NOT make the black communities better. An excuse is failure. Preaching white supremacy is an excuse. Preaching equality (if you can define that) is an excuse. How about a hand up…

  4. The democrats with thier mole fauci have put our country through hell needlessly.

    “Florida Schools Leading the Way

    Governor Ron DeSantis has been the nation’s best governor in responding to COVID-19 bar none. That’s why he’s the media’s top enemy.

    The Left wants to use the pandemic as a cover for their radical policies. And they are more than happy to bend the knee to their constituents in the teachers’ unions along the way.

    But the results of Florida’s school reopenings speak for themselves, and destroy the leftist narrative of why schools should remain shut.”

  5. Look at this: “Roman Catholic Who Happens to be Liberal (Age 13)” BS below … If this person is legit, than one can say this brainwashing operation is being managed by psychopaths and sociopaths of the evilest kind who could care less for the suffering and death their actions are provoking. A dangerous mindset has been implanted in the underdeveloped mind of this child as opposed to allowing critical and rational thought to blossom. God help us if this is the target of liberal garbage teaching.

    • I instruct myself, John. Catholicism trumps all other Christian denominations and other religions, and liberalism trumps progressivism and conservatism.

    • Liberalism means free markets and free people. Who can argue with that?

    • That makes you a communist, if you oppose free markets and free people. Communists all hate liberalism.

    • Bingo ! Judge them by their credit score . Then you’ll see who is today’s progressive liberal deadbeats in our society. The “something for nothing “ crowd treat lenders just like other folks … not to good !

    • I am white, Johnk. “Cracker” means “poor/boastful Caucasian,” it is more of a reference to social class than race. It’s usually a term to describe Southerners. I was calling out ignorant whites, not people with white skin. Again, I have Irish, German, British, and French ancestry; I am a Caucasian—I have the right to say “Cracker”.

    • I’m a white liberal, but I’m not a progressive. There’s a big difference. Most modern-day Democrats are progressives, where as liberalism is closer to the modern-day Libertarians. Get your facts straight.

    • Sure. Just get your facts straight on liberalism vs. progressivism.

  6. Seems to me what you’re asking me to do is turn my back on Jesus Christ. The Bible clearly states that same-sex marriage, changing a person’s sexual identity what’s wrong God made us perfectly the way he wanted us. When the income and the Saints are raptured up to heaven whatever you were born with that’s the way you’re going to be on your way to heaven if you work building cage to boy you going back to a girl if you were born change to a girl you’re going back to being a boy. Also don’t like making children of any race f i l l like they are b e l o w other children. God only made one race and that’s the human race

  7. “Kamala Harris, First African American and Asian American Woman elected to VP, Slams USA As Racist”

    Harris is twisted! How ignorant to say let alone have people accept as true. Obama also worked and attempted to twist reality and destroyed the lives of many.

  8. Interesting the democrats are the most hypocritical creatures on this earth. They “crucify” people for being white, which is a biological aspect of birth that people have no control over. Yet they are hated and that hate is an irrational created hate based on false premisses just as hate for black or dark color that is spewed out over this dysfunctional concept.

    “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that who so ever believes in him should not perish but hath ever lasting Life.” John 3:16 No prerequisite of color, creed or political position, just “who so ever”.

  9. This is more correctly put as “POLITICAL RACE THEORY”. Who cooked this garbage up? Where are all the investigative journalists? All bought off as well?

  10. I’ve watched and supervised children during play for over 40 years. Children call others names when they don’t get their way, blame others for their discontent and come to me to demand that I make the “others” to do what the child deems they should be doing.

    These willful, spoiled domineering children are not any different than the democrats. To bad the democrats have never matured into an adults and never out grew behaving like a child.

    • Again I have to remind people that God is not a respecter of people. He in his wisdom evaluates all by the same standard. “If you Love Me, you would do the things that I say.” I do not see the actions Christ has spoken in the lives of the democrats in Washington and across this country.

      They kill babies for profit, take from those that earn and give to those who have not earned. They twist the facts into misinformation to lead people into making stupid decisions and accepting detrimental values. They change laws or ignore them all together in order to serve their whims. Then the democrats take pleasure in the harm they have inflicted.

      Only the devil takes pleasure in such behavior.

    • Unfortunately, James Bakonyl, Morals come from our relationship with
      God and the the majority of parents do not know that God loves them and had come to give us His WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE thus the parents do not have the morals themselves to instill. We thus have the lords of the flies.

  11. This is the PRIME EXAMPLE of parents not taking a stand, If you live in this state and your kids are in this school district, ITS PAST TIME that you stepped in and took control of what your kids are being taught or indoctrinated with if you allow this to continue ITS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT, ENOUGH OF THIS BS IS ENOUGH. Conservatives and Christians
    can not stand on the sidelines anymore and allow this BS to continue
    THIS IS OUR COUNTRY ALSO. Folks dont you ever get sick and tired of having this LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVE AGENDA SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS, Our tax dollars pay the salaries of these LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVES MORONS and we can stop this type of nonsense but NOT BY REMAINING SILENT.

  12. brainwashing the kids again, just like that drag queen story hour crap. sad thing is, a lot of the parents go along with it

  13. Isn’t amazing that people who most likely cannot make a cake with a recipe have set themselves above the god who spoke the universe into formation.
    These inept minded people perceive themselves wiser and smarter than the
    God that formed them in their mother’s womb have “. . . become heavily influenced by Marxism and critical race theory.. . ‘ that has destroyed societies and lives where ever it was FORCED on a population as they are forcing their will on everyone around them. God said” He is not a respecter of persons” God says as this article has rightly stated “Everyone deserves to be treated with the utmost respect, regardless of what pigmentation their skin happens to be.”

    The sadness is that the willful disrespect of others and requiring all to think as the empty headed rebellious who “Urges Teachers To ‘Subvert’ White Families Sad they think they are better and more equipped to orient our lives than God is.

    I remember when teacher told the truth , taught math , reading and common sense. These North Carolina people are not teachers but pied pipers leading our children and communities into disaster.


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