Schiff, House Democrats Conceal Testimony Of 18th Witness From Trump Team

(Gateway Pundit) – Rep. Adam B. Schiff and his fellow colleagues on the House impeachment management team spent nearly 24 hours last week repeatedly hyping the testimony from 17 witnesses interviewed during the House’s impeachment inquiry.

But they seem to have forgotten all about the testimony from an 18th witness.

Michael Atkinson (pictured at top), the intelligence community’s inspector general, delivered 179-pages worth of testimony before House investigators. Atkinson, it turns out, has direct knowledge of the origins of a complaint from a whistleblower that kicked off the whole impeachment probe.

While Schiff and his colleagues talk openly about the testimony of the 17 witnesses, members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence who interviewed Atkinson are not permitted to talk about the IG’s testimony.

But Republicans on that committee say his testimony should see the light of day.

“The reason it hasn’t been released is it’s not helpful to Adam Schiff. It is not helpful to the whistleblower,” said Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX). And Ratcliffe knows: he is among the lawmakers who attended the October interview of Atkinson. “It raises credibility issues about both of them.”

Schiff, Ratcliffe said, “is trying to bury that transcript.”

Because Atkinson’s testimony has been deemed classified, only members of the House intelligence committee have seen it, and President Trump’s legal team has not been allowed to view the transcript.

It is denied a copy.

Atkinson’s interview before House lawmakers covered the origins of the whistleblower complaint that led to the two articles of impeachment, the Washington Times reported. “Mr. Trump’s supporters charge that the whistleblower was part of a scheme to take down the president and that the complaint was coordinated by Mr. Schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee and the lead House impeachment manager prosecuting the case.”

Mr. Schiff denies he had contact with the whistleblower, but it was later revealed that his staff met with the whistleblower before the complaint was filed with Mr. Atkinson. The whistleblower is said to be a CIA analyst assigned to the White House who has ties to the Democratic Party and Mr. Biden.

Mr. Atkinson met with Mr. Schiff and his committee in October to discuss the whistleblower complaint in detail. House and Senate members were first briefed about the complaint when news of the whistleblower became public in September.

But the closed-door committee session remains a focus of House Republicans with knowledge of the interview.

Ratcliffe said Republicans have demanded that the transcript of the interview be released, noting that Atkinson identifies other fact witnesses in his testimony.

“It addresses the issue about contacts between Schiff, his staff and the whistleblower, and what the inspector general knows about that. So those are material facts that should be talked about, but Adam Schiff has prevented that,” Ratcliffe told The Washington Times.

“His testimony was noticed three days after the impeachment inquiry was announced. There is a 179-page transcript of questions and the IG’s answers under oath … same as with the impeachment inquiry interviews and depositions,” Ratcliffe said.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) agrees with Ratcliffe. “We should be allowed to take a look at that, but again they have stated numerous times in their brief they had overwhelming evidence — it would be so clear to everyone — and I haven’t seen that yet,” she said.

On Sunday, Trump weighed in on the testimony via Twitter.

“Why didn’t Schiff release this?” Trump wrote.


  1. More lack of due process from the Dem cartel. These tactics are the methods of corrupt prosecutors. Why the Chief Justice hasn’t called out those who are responsible is a question for jurisprudence experts. I’d like to see someone publish accounts of all the strange antics of the Dems in the whole process of trying to remove POTUS.

  2. More lack of due process from the Dem cartel. These tactics are the methods of corrupt prosecutors. Why the Chief Justice hasn’t called out those who are responsible is a question for jurisprudence experts.

  3. V. I. Lenin would be proud of the current iteration of the Communist Democrap Party. Their behavior is atypical of the loathsome, low-life, scumbag Communists they are! Their secret agenda is to tear down the American Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State with them in perpetual charge. Communists to the core, they intend to enslave the entire population of the United States under their thumb!!!

  4. The Dems hate Trump, love power and love themselves – without any real regard for the country, the Constitution or the people. They call themselves “patriots,” but disregard our founding documents. They’ve been whining about the last election for three years – all as an orchestrated and systematic plan to affect the next election. They don’t care that their contrived efforts to damage this President also actually damages the Presidency going forward – and divides the nation along the way. This is pathetic!

  5. First of all, I agree with Gorilla concerning party affiliation. However, would take this one step farther, DO NOT DONATE TO ANY OF THESE FOLKS. Let them figure it out. Most of these people run knowing they will lose, hoping to have money left over in their funds to steal. I am not donating, will never donate, to anyone that I know is blatantly stealing American taxpayer dollars.
    As for the impeachment sham, the Democrats wanted one thing, to have something in the news continuously to destroy President Trump’s chances to get re-elected. They can’t beat him on policy, because the Democrats have none other to control the world, so they are trying to defame him in the hopes people buy their crap. In this they have succeeded and if the Republican wussies do not vote to end this charade, they are helping the Democrats become re-elected. Mitt Romney, the biggest rat in the cellar, needs to just go home and eat from his silver spoon. He makes me sick.
    As for so-called Americans, I think the Democratic folks in the House should all be impeached. Why can’t we push this through? The lies, made up stories, withholding evidence, Joe Biden and Obama corruption, Hilary corruption, the list goes on and on.
    People better wake up, we are under attack and the enemy is among us. Does anyone know where the so-called investigations are from AG and company? This seems to have fallen off the radar as I cannot find any report from any agency.

  6. I think it is shameful that this BS continues while working taxpayers foot the bill and nothing getting done! All along Democrats want to cancel our vote control how we vote to their liking! Now we get to tolerate Democrats witnesses that will perform well for the Democrats, the left,and the Rinos!

  7. If,I say if the dems prevail and get witnesses how will they handle it when the Republicans subpoena Atkinson, the whistleblower, Schiff’s staff that are tied to the whistleblower and LtCol Vindman, and of course the female boss of the NSC clowns who facilitated this stuff who is NOW a member of Schiff’s staff!!! You don’t need Schiff other then to watch him scworm and sweat as he lies to the Senate. This is a spectical that I would love to see…but all that will do is serve to further divide us. End this sharade now. Sorry but the dems in the house didn’t do their job at all.

  8. We need to start dropping party affiliation, that would get the Ds and Rs attention. Quit donating to the parties, donate directly to the candidate. I am a registered independent. I don’t donate to either party. The dumbocrats and republicants don’t care about what we think, they worry about their party and what the press will say about them if they don’t follow the status quo. I hope everybody wakes to this fact and start voting on the candidate and not the party

  9. hope the republicans give this guy the Vaseline PERISCOPE instead of what Schiff and Pelosi would offer with the same vaseline jar – The Obama pleasure stick for his friends and cohorts

  10. All senators need to unite against this impeachment farce. Is this the precedent you want to set on a go forward basis as to how easy policy will be able to dictate the impeachment of a President.

    • One problem with that is not all Senators are Republican. The Democrats will vote for witnesses and to continue wasting time and tax payer money. The Republicans will probably vote against it and the dems will scream “Cover UP!” and point fingers. I am sick of the rancid divisiveness of the dems screaming “Orange man bad!” like they have been doing all through the campaign and the entirety of his presidency. I am praying that they are either voted out or drop over dead.

    • Laura Wager, I am with you. I pray they would get voted out or drop dead. Especially Pelosi and Schiff! Actually most of the democrats!

  11. Schiff denied Republicans and Trump’s legal counsel the rights to read Atkinson’s testimony, claiming it to be classified, but was it or has Schiff been using this as an excuse to prevent the Republicans from reading the truth because it would destroy Schiff’s Impeachment?? Technically AG Barr should be able to access and review the materials or perhaps one of the Supreme Court Justices. And either could verify the relevance as to whether or not the report is classified. If not then Schiff can be charged with obstructing justice for political purposes and gain. It will now weigh upon the heads of the GOP Senators.

  12. Can you say “COVER UP”?

    I thought that the democRAT leaders wanted ALL the witnesses to testify in order to get to the TRUTH!!

    Well, I guess NOT, eh?!

  13. A clear violation of every court proceedings that require the prosecution to divulge any evidence that is exculpatory. who will prosecute the Democrats for this violation? time for the citizens to demand that this be determined by a grand jury and prosecuted.—-Grampa


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