Save Sean Hannity

According to the Angry Patriot, the radical Left and the mainstream media are working overtime to silence conservative voices, like Sean Hannity. We need to support Hannity against these vicious attacks.

George Soros and his buddies at Media Matters are trying to get Hannity fired. We cannot let what happened to Bill O’Reilly happen to Sean Hannity, too. These liberals won’t stop until they have silenced every conservative voice.

Where has our country gone? What happened to free speech and freedom of the press? Organizations like Media Matters are committed to silencing conservative voices. Why? Clearly, because they are scared of conservatism.


The Left doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Its policies are harmful. Its rhetoric is hateful, and its strategies are immoral. Why is the Left still functioning? It should be gone at this point.

Unfortunately, the Left is controlling the mainstream media, and Sean Hannity is not part of the mainstream media. We need to stand by Hannity. He is one of the last few true conservative speakers.

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Save Sean Hannity!

The radical Left and George Soros are skilled at dismantling conservative media outlets. It is almost a hobby for them. They don’t like to deal with opposing views. At least we entertain them, when they are reliable, at least.

The more the Left attacks the Right, the stronger the Right becomes. It is almost like they want more conservatives in our government. We are being victimized every day by these leftist thugs. Thank goodness America is starting to see the truth.

Because of the Left’s corrupt tactics, the silent majority is starting to rise!

We will not be ignored anymore!

Hardworking Americans deserve the truth, and we deserve representation in our government. The Left just doesn’t understand this.


How has the Left survived this long?

Now, will you stand behind Sean Hannity and help us get thousands of more supporters to join in the movement to save his show?

We need to collect 100,000signatures within the next 48 hours in order to show advertisers that the American People support Sean Hannity, and put and END to the left’s all-out-assault on conservative voices.

It’s time to FIGHT BACK!

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Save Sean Hannity!