Sarah Sanders Is Asked How Christians Can Support Trump. Her Answer Is Perfect.

November 7, 2018 6:25 pm  

( – Those on the left often can’t seem to decide if they loath Christianity or if they want to rely on Christianity to call Republicans “hypocrites.”

Either way, they’re critical of the faith of those on the right, and stand in staunch opposition to much of what the Gospel represents.

As one of the most prominent Christian members of the Trump administration, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the perfect person to ask on the highly controversial issue as to whether or not Christians can support Trump–a debate many on the right and the left have been having since before Trump even received the GOP nomination.

It’s a fair discussion, as well, considering Trump has clearly lived a less-than-saintly lifestyle and often appears to be remorseless about his various indiscretions and far-from-humble behavior.

Sanders, who expertly deflects the loaded questions of an angrily biased media pool at the White House week after week, also handled this question perfectly without missing a beat–and gave a fantastic answer.

In an interview with the New Yorker, the press secretary explained that the moral inconsistencies in the Trump administration are precisely why she feels so useful there.

“Frankly, if people of faith don’t get involved in the dirty process, then you’re missing the entire point of what we’re called to do,” Sanders said.

As a stand-alone statement, this is a perfect summation of the Christian life, and of the way Jesus Himself chose to spend His time on earth. With people who needed Him.

When the interviewer pressed further on Trump’s alleged encounter with a porn star, however, Sanders continued her excellent defense of her employer and position.

“I’m not going to my office expecting it to be my church,” she said. Amen to that–we don’t hold the world to the same standards that we hold our places of worship. This is a presidential administration, not a Christian ministry.

And out in the world is precisely where Christians ought to be.

“You’re not called to go into the places where everyone already thinks like you and is a believer — you have to go onto a stage where they’re not,” Sanders explained.

Sanders was clear that this message applies to the Christian walk in general, not just her job.

“You have to take that message into the darkest places, and the dirtiest places, and the most tainted and dysfunctional places. If you can influence even one person, that’s what you’re supposed to do,” she said.

Preach it, sister.

When the interviewer then mused that Trump himself clearly needed plenty of help, Sanders hit back with the core of the Gospel message:

“We all need help,” she replied. “That’s the whole basis of Christianity. No one is perfect. We are all sinners.”

Nailed it.

Besides, who is the mainstream media to judge Trump’s walk with Jesus? They’ve made it clear they’re not very big fans of them, anyway.

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