Rush Limbaugh Drops The Truth On Why Trump Backers Are Jumping Ship

( Exclusive) – The swamp creatures are emerging full force from the shadows in Washington DC in the wake of the Capitol building incident Wednesday.

Was the incident really Trump supporters? Was it Antifa? Was it all a staged event from the beginning? Whatever the case, it has done great damage to the MAGA movement and to President Trump and isn’t that just so convenient?

Now the RINOs and snakes are revealing their true colors using the incident as a cover to turn on President Trump. These people are sick and the only thing they care about is self-preservation.

They have no desire to go down with the ship they helped to sink.

Everyone from Betsy DeVos to Sen. Lindsey Graham to Bill Barr to Nikki Haley have spoken out and publicly turned their backs on the man they claimed to have supported for the last four years.

They are traitors and they’re worse than the Democrats. They’ve taken our trust and completely stabbed us all in the back right along with the President.

They went along with fighting against the establishment for as long as it suited them and now they’re jumping ship like the cowards that they have always been.

Rush Limbaugh, after a difficult two weeks off for treatment for terminal cancer, took to the microphone Thursday explaining that he knew this was going to happen since before President Trump was even elected in 2016.

He pointed out that immediately after the Capitol building riot, Sen. Graham said on the Senate floor that we can “Count him out,” and that he is, effectively, done with President Trump.

“If you want to live in the political, elected class in Washington,” Limbaugh said, “you have to say [Trump betrayed the presidency], you have to say it. There’s no alternative for you.”

He said that Trump administration officials and Congress members alike are going to be “backing down” with some exceptions like Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and likely a few others.

Limbaugh said that just weeks before the 2016 election he predicted that the establishment would remain in power for the duration of Trump’s term and that they would do “everything they can to destroy whoever it is that wants to take control from them.”

He was spot on.

The rabid left spent the last four years attacking President Trump, and his supporters, nonstop and they were never going to allow him another four years in the White House.

Now we see just how corrupt our government has become. Now we see just how evil and depraved the men and women who claim to represent us really are.

Make no mistake, they represent no one but themselves.

What’s even more frightening is the way the left is acting as if President Trump is a criminal.

Limbaugh pointed to an interview with Democratic Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson from Monday on Dean Obadal’s Sirius radio show in which Johnson said that “It would be so detrimental to our party if the Biden administration would say, well, Trump did some bad things, but let’s look forward.”

Limbaugh said, in other words “they want a political coffin.” They want President Trump to pay and they want to make an example out of him to anyone looking to step up to the plate and continue the movement he started.

Rep. Johnson himself said in the interview that Democrats have to “make sure that those who come after Donald Trump know that they will not be allowed to get away with what Donald Trump did, that they will be held accountable.”

He went on to say that those who supported President Trump must be treated like “Negroes” and “perp walked” right into jail.

Democrats are outraged by the violence that occurred at the Capitol and yet they are all for making lists of political enemies and punishing dissidents. This is what is truly the most terrifying about the predicament we now find America in.

The true violence comes from the left and always has. They are threatening to treat conservatives like actual criminals starting with President Trump, one of the most loved and accomplished presidents this country has ever seen.

Limbaugh warned that now the left is going to silence all voices of dissent on social media platforms and they’ve already started that with their ban on President Trump himself.

We can no longer simply speak out against the left. It truly is the swamp versus America now.

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Copyright 2020.

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  1. Chopper if it werent for the childish insults and homophobic slurs you use you would be another boring cultist who cant handle reality and facts and all you have to offer comes right out of cultist playbook 101 insult what you dont like or dont believe i feel sorry for you NO IQ CHOPPER

  2. Rush Limbaugh has been exposing the truth about progressive filth for decades and making millions while doing so .

    Apparently there’s money to be made exposing the filth in the democrat party .

    • You cannot deny he exposed your hero and idol the Brown Clown Hussein oBaMa now can ya little queer man ..?

    • Low iq doesn’t know what he’s talking about but he sure knows how to please another man like Pete Buttigieg though ..

    • The nation will find out soon enough what the people in South Bend(over) already know about Demented Joe’s Transportation Sec BootyCakes. He doesn’t know or care enough to fix and fill potholes….but BootyCakes does like filling his his “husband’s” buttthole and likes filling it every night. Just ask Low iq, he knows all about that stuff.

  3. Rush, you have always looked for the absolute truth and you have never beenafrsid to stand up and speak out. Thank you for being a REAL MAN!!! (Unlike these worms who will not stand up and be counted in difficult timed but bask in someone else’s glory while the glory is not destroyed by the left (and you know what I mean).

  4. I will never vote for another democrat , not even as dog warden in a local election. I also will not vote for any republican in name only. I will no longer donate to the party only to any individual campaign that continues to support keeping this country strong and free.

    • You won’t have to worry, because there will only be one party from now on. The Socialist party! They will never allow another rise of conservative people ever again! The only people campaigning will be of the ultra-liberal agenda. Our country has been had and it isn’t coming back till Jesus rules and reigns!

  5. Antifa and BLM pulled a Sol Alinsky at the capital on 1-6-2021.CNN was quick to blame Trump,the peaceful protestors and the Republican party.Many turncoat rinos did the same thing.But the worst offenders were the rinos that clothe themselves in the name of God.These hypocrites were quick to feed off the CNN poisonous lies and spin to turn on their own party and against Trump.CNN has egg all over its face now,as do the rinos.I wonder  in their delusional minds how the rinos are going to justify their betrayal.

    • Watch closely yo what GOD will do and for tou who want to jump ship please do and you will drown with the left, GOD will do mighty and great things for HIS true children!!!! And I pray for mercy for all these sold out to satan!!!! Father GOD bless them and help them to repent in JESUS name. AMEN which means it is so!

  6. I agree 100%, the vile palosie needs to be put out of her misery! KARMA has a funny way of taking care of people like her and the demon’s. We are still americans and live in the land of the free, this isn’t over by all means. What goes around comes around and the damage they ate doing has and will keep the country decided. We as americans need and should continue to stand up to this corrupt government about to take over our country. TRUMP was and is the best president we have ever had! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  7. Thank you Rush for cancelling your Twitter account in support of our President Trump. Twitter cancelled his along with other social media. The really true patriots are standing and supporting Trump. I hope like the phoenix he rises again and takes the reins of this country once again. On another note . I looked at the photo of the officer that shot the air force vet inside the capital building, He sure looked like Chuck Shumer. I believe it wasn’t a dc police officer but a democratic congressman that did the shooting.

    • I as well as others also canceled my Twitter account. TRUMP gets permanently banned yet celebrity Biden backers like Alec Baldwin tweets continual violent ranting tweets TO HIS cult FOLLOWERS with threatening explicit posts about deathlike examples on what should happen to TRUMP-almost looking for and clearly suggesting someone should attack TRUMP.. yet Baldwins still tweeting away

  8. It isn’t a “peaceful transition” when the position of president was taken by force and stolen on camera in front of masses of valid witnesses from the People of this country and the justice system has advocated its responsibility with excuses that have NO merit.

    President Trump has been a threat to the corruption in Washington that feeds on America and is bleeding us dry.

    • Thank you for the opportunity to voice opinions and heartfelt convictions. I believe President Trump and his American loyal followers have not dropped their support of him. He is not gutless when it comes to standing up to evil…and unfortunately Washington politicians that side with the “darkness” have sold their souls to the devil. We must stand on our convictions and not waiver. President Trump has been the best POTUS in my lifetime. And I believe he was divinely appointed to POTUS by God Almighty…and I thank the Lord for what he has accomplished for “we the people” through our President. God Bless and Keep you Mr. President and all your loyal people. Amen.

  9. This government is totally corrupt and it’s beyond redemption. We’ve tried everything within its system and they are proven useless.

    There are only two options left: we do something ,or we perish in the silence.

    One of the most important conditions for a peaceful or not so peaceful revolution is to have a base area,a foothold where we can make sure our words are spoken,our voices are heard,our ways of life are preserved,the ugly faces of what we oppose are fully revealed,and our enemies are not present and never will be present.

    Our founding fathers were some of the wisest people in the human history.This System they designed has many paths and backdoors to make sure liberty and democracy is preserved and despotism is prevented.

    However,after this corrupt,fraudulent election had happened,the individuals that We the People had entrusted to take charge of these paths and backdoors in this system,from SCOTUS to local officials, failed their duties.The establishment Republicans,even VP Mike Pence who had vowed to “fight until every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is not counted” betrayed We the People.Only 6 out of hundreds of Republican lawmakers dared to uphold to the truth.

    There are tons of evidences,tens of deponents,and there are even credible entities making forensic analysis of the widely used voting machines indicating 68% or so error rates.Even if these facts can’t overturn the election results,they are by any standards more than enough to raise the question about the integrity of the election process,to the extent that credible ballot verifications should be done to at least appease the people’s suspicions.But the allegedly “law abiding” party that asserts “there is nothing wrong with the election” refuses to do so to prove their “innocence”.Nobody gives a shit and no court or officials are willing to listen to and look at these facts.

    So there can only be one conclusion.This system is proven to be hackable,this system can’t prevent to be hacked and this system can’t do anything to correct things after it’s hacked.

    But our founding fathers did leave other backdoors in the system that they designed to fix things up even in such circumstances,namely the Second Amendment which gives arms bearing militias the rights to preserve liberty and the US Constitution.And the federated form of our nation that hints states’ rights to govern themselves by self determination,to seccede and to form another”more perfect union”.

    When we have such a stronghold as I mentioned above,the tiny spark will transform into a wild fire and our cause will triumph.

    I suggest we all move to a certain state and make sure that state is totally cleansed of corruption and will remain incorruptible,where the true essence of the US Constitution and the American Spirit is preserved and adequate adjustments and reforms are made to the existing US Constitution and our governing system to make sure no such thing can happen ever again.

    We will find out everything that has caused the corruption beyond redemption that we see today in our government and we will fix all the loopholes.

    There will be newly founded fair media with truthful journalism and remain that way,and there will be alternative social media that don’t and will never be able to censor free speech.

    We will ban lobbying and lobbyists,we will ban political contributions,we will put term limits to lawmakers and important offices,we will make sure frequent elections are held and no established bureaucrats can either form or possess power,we will make sure the elections are transparent and fair and rigging the elections becomes impossible,we will make sure collusion between politicians and interest groups and merchants shall never have opportunities to happen,we will learn from the lesson of the corruption in the current system and we shall do all the other things to make sure big government,special interest groups and the deep state can never form and possess the power to manipulate our liberty and God given rights again.

    Liberty,openness,fairness and justice are some of the things that made America the greatest country in the human history.Once we have a state and further a new union based on these principles where these principles are made sure never to be manipulated ,that union will have a better economy,better livelihood,strong power and it will be the union where the people’s will inclines.That Union shall reunify the 50 states and our country will emerge stronger than ever before.

    • …Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.–The Declaration of Independence

    • If secession was treason, surely the Constitution would say so. It does not. If secession was treason, surely the United States government would have been delegated the authority to prevent States from leaving. No such authority was or has been delegated. As James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 45: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.”[9] This is reflected by the Constitution itself – the powers of the federal government are positively delegated and specifically enumerated. It has no powers other than those granted by the Constitution. It is an agent of the States, an employee, and has been delegated specific powers in order to carry out specific functions; it has no pre-existing authority or powers; all of the authority it possesses, indeed, its very existence, comes from the Constitution, which was written on behalf of and ratified by the States. The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The Founding Fathers were unequivocally clear upon this point. If the Constitution does not delegate authority on a given subject, the Federal government has no authority on that subject.

      “The powers of the federal government are enumerated; it can only operate in certain cases; it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which it cannot extend its jurisdiction.” – James Madison

      “It [Federal authority] only extends to the general purposes of the Union. It does not intermeddle with the local, particular affairs of the states.” – Edmund Pendleton

      “Acts of congress to be binding, must be made pursuant to the constitution; otherwise they are not laws, but a mere nullity.” –St. George Tucker

      “If Congress should make a law beyond the powers and the spirit of the Constitution, should we not say to Congress, ‘You have no authority to make this law. There are limits beyond which you cannot go. You cannot exceed the power prescribed by the Constitution. You are amenable to us for your conduct. This act is unconstitutional. We will disregard it, and punish you for the attempt.” –George Nicholas

      “A parallel has been drawn between the British Parliament and Congress. The powers of Congress are all circumscribed, defined, and clearly laid down. So far they may go, but no farther. But, sir, what are the powers of the British Parliament? They have no written constitution in Britain…The power of Parliament is…unbounded.” – Samuel Johnston

      “When a question arises with respect to the legality of any power, exercised or assumed by Congress, it is plain on the side of the governed: Is it enumerated in the Constitution? If it be, it is legal and just. It is otherwise arbitrary and unconstitutional.” – Henry Lee

      “If [Congress] go beyond their powers, if they make a law which the Constitution does not authorize, it is void.” – Oliver Ellsworth

      “Should they attempt it without constitutional authority, the act would be a nullity.” –Theophilus Parsons

      “All delegated power is a trust, and all assumed power is usurpation.” –Thomas Paine

      “All powers which are not granted are retained by the States.” –George Mason

      “The laws of Congress are restricted to a certain sphere, and when they depart from this sphere, they are no longer supreme or binding.” – Alexander Hamilton

      “Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” – Thomas Jefferson

      I could include several more quotes, but I think the point sufficiently demonstrated. The Constitution nowhere grants the Federal government the power to prevent the States from seceding. Therefore, the Federal government possesses no such power, and any attempt to coerce the States to remain in the Union is a violation of the Constitution.Because the Founding Fathers knew one day the US government will be so corrupt and destructive,that the only way left for the people to preserve liberty is to seccede and form a new Union that is “more perfect”

    • I would love to see this happen along with 75 million other Americans who support our president . Hopefully there are people
      Who will be able to do this and have the courage and knowledge necessary

  10. So, first you protested the popular vote in favor of the electoral vote, then you protested the electoral vote in favor of the congressional vote; now, to top it off, you’re going to protest the congressional vote in favor of Trump EVEN THOUGH HE HAS ALREADY BEEN DEFEATED IN EVERY SINGLE VOTE? It doesn’t make sense.

    • There were already allegations of dead people voting in 2016.Hilary staged voter fraud in 2016 but she underestimated Trump and lost slightly.This time they gave Trump no chance.
      Whoever cannot oppose CREDIBLE BALLOT VERIFICATION unless they have a guilty conscience

    • To put it mildly – you are a lame brained idiot. And I might ad an Anti-American Communist. Go back to school and learn history if you can. I believe the education system has banned the true history in favor of the lies they tell

      Any person who backs this fraudulent election has to have the IQ of a mosquito. Or are just plain dishonest. Which are you? Maybe both

    • To MystikLady, I will have you know that I am in school. I am 13 years old. I’m in Gifted, so for you to make such a comment on my intelligence is like beating up a baby. Also, I am so anti-communist it would make Karl Marx cry; your party has been world-class at wanting to share things during COVID-19. As a Roman Catholic, and as a Center-Libertarian, I oppose communism with every fiber of my mind.

      To Chopperpilot the World-Class Racist, I mean votes, retard. Your president is desperate because he knows that he will almost certainly go to jail for his treason against the United States, which by law could cost him his life; he is a sore loser. Also, the fact that you would call a random 8th-grader “mr.Moron [sic]” is sick. May God have mercy on your soul.

      To Eric the Constitutionalist, you do know that the Dems haven’t been in power during Trump’s term, right? Meaning that there is no way that the Democrats could possibly be the ones rigging votes. You know what did happen, though? Third-party voters. Third-party voters who would have voted for an independent or third-party candidate decided to vote for Biden, which is their choice.

      To all of you,

      Trump has conceded. You have officially lost. I feel like Chopper and Mystik are trying to bully me because I use bigger words as a 13-year-old than a fully grown man and woman. I forgive you, however. I hope you will eventually see the light, and come to Christ’s ways, rather than Trump’s. Trump is human; God is God. Do not worship this false prophet.

    • You’re simply to young to be progressive liberal trash . Are your parents liberal trash too ?
      Do they worship Obama too ?
      May God set you straight in life , because today’s progressive liberal filth is NOT the path to success for a thirteen year old loser.

    • Chopper, I’m not a racist; you’re the one who calls Obama “the Brown Clown.” Also, I am not gender-confused; I was born and raised male. Just because you can’t come up with actual evidence in fight doesn’t mean you get to harass me. I don’t worship Obama; first of all, because I worship God; secondly, I don’t even think of Obama as a better-than-average president. What would “mommy” say about you trying to verbally bash a thirteen-year old for being more civil than you, little man? If I knew your real name, I’d have called 9-1-1 ten weeks ago, when I saw some of your terrible posts. Also, QAnon (whose name sounds like an Islamic terrorist group) literally worships Trump, so I don’t know what your problem is. I’m not queer or even “progressive,” I’m a moderate liberal who has better grammar than you. The fact that you’re trying to make up my sexuality makes you a pervert; you’re no better than a bully, ‘cause you don’t use proof; you just make personal attacks; you’ll never win an argument that. Just because you were spoiled as a child enough to think you can say these things doesn’t mean you can say them as an adult; you can’t say this stuff at work; you’re in the real world, little man; you can’t say this stuff here either. Just because you know someone’s smarter than you; like “IQ,” whoever they are, doesn’t mean you get to call them queer when they have no proof. I bet your account is a bot; I don’t know who else would defend a man who supports abortion (Trump supported abortion fully until 2015, whereas he still defends rape and incest situations—which I bet you know a lot about). I honestly just feel sorry for you; I know that you probably weren’t able to get more than a high school diploma and a blue-collar job; and you’re mad at the economy; that doesn’t mean you should support Trump; he won’t give you good welfare. And, before you argue that welfare is ugly and whatnot, realize that the Preamble to the Constitution says that the government needs to “provide for the general Welfare.” Additionally, welfare is actually a capitalist system (if you don’t believe me, check out this Wikipedia article: Also, to combat the MSM conspiracy theories, realize that the mainstream media could choose to report like the Tea Party or Fox News; it would probably make MORE money that way, but they choose to not because they want to remain factual. I hope Jesus opens your heart; God cares not about politics, but about how people live their lives; anyone who lives as a liberal or conservative and lives kindly and peacefully is good in God’s eyes, and whoever lives their political views in an angry and hateful manner shall be struck down to the hot place. I hope you choose the former option; God and the Catholic Church are all-forgiving.

    • Glibby, they can’t be facts if they’re false, which they’re not. Go search Wikipedia. You’ll find the same facts there.

    • You’re confused period . Most of today’s progressive liberal trash are ,don’t you agree ?
      No one needs to read multiple paragraphs filled with nonsense you know ? But ,you are just 13 years old and believe you’re superior to your elders . Good luck in life little smart one .. you’re gonna need it .

    • Hey Chopper, if you really must, just pretend that Joe Biden isn’t your president, and stop talking about it. That’s what I did with Trump in 2016.

    • Hey kid , you’re shouldn’t be voting at 13 years old pimple faced child you know ,It’s illegal. But you are just progressive liberal trash.

      Btw kid , are you related to Andrew Morgan Roberts by chance ?

    • Yep ,the illegal votes were certainly counted ,probably twice in most instances of fraud .
      That’s today’s progressive liberal trash for ya !

    • But there is such a thing as a brown clown named Hussein Obama though . One communist community organizer turned traitor fomenting violence throughout America .

  11. Ya Rush you are “right on” these ” turn coat” republicans are far worse then the Dems; by the way you cowards don’t HAVE A SET–shame on you–you all are blood y gutless wonders–come on guys have a set–you are not men–you guys make me sick;;; to betray the finest President ever–God have mercy on you–just how in hell are you going to answer St Peter at the pearly gates,,,he is going to say –depart from me “get out of my sight–may the God of Israel have mercy on you –you spineless perverts. You know it’s like a football game-you are down 6 points, you have carried the ball 22 times your mouth is bloody and your legs feel like rubber, your FB out in front of you has a bad ankle and has just about given his all–NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP–God just give Pres Trump and us the steadfastness to prevail and win this thing for the sake of not just us and Pres Trump but for the sake of FREEDOM Loving Americans in the United States of America–IT’S WHAT GOD WANTS–let’s not be the ones that let Him down.

  12. It is indeed a sad day for America when they take your right to a free and fare election away. and so blatantly. Your vote no longer matters. They stole the election, they know it, and it is IDC I don’t care. It certainly was a well manifested coup. The deep state, or dark side has taken control May God have mercy on us.

  13. almost all politicians will do and say anything to stay in a job that they get paid no matter what happens for sitting on there butts, if they had to get a real job they would be begging for help from the other scum politicians who have already turned theirs backs on another so called buddy


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