Rudy Giuliani Has Damning Memo On Shady January 2016 White House Meeting With Ukrainian Officials (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Jesse Watters on Saturday night to discuss President Trump’s acquittal.

Rudy also revealed information on the January 2016 meeting in the Obama White House organized by the anti-Trump CIA whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.

As was previously reported in November 2019…

Records show Obama and his Deep State actors in the White House pressured the Ukraine to provide dirt on candidate Trump and his team in early 2016.

Highly respected investigative reporter John Solomon called the 11 AM January 19, 2016 meeting in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building “one of the earliest documented efforts to build the now-debunked Trump-Russia collusion narrative and one of the first to involve the Obama administration’s intervention.”

Suspected Schiff whistleblower Eric Ciaramella chaired that meeting, which was also attended by his frequent collaborator Liz Zentos.

The meeting was ostensibly arranged by the Obama administration for anti-corruption training and coordination, but it didn’t take long for the Ukrainian participants, during the meetings and afterward, “to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one that touched Vice President Joe Biden’s family and one that involved a lobbying firm linked closely to then-candidate Trump.”

The Obama Department of Justice officials were interested in reopening a closed 2014 FBI investigation that “focused heavily on GOP lobbyist Paul Manafort, whose firm long had been tied to Trump through his partner and Trump pal, Roger Stone.”

Nazar Kholodnytskyy, then Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor and a meeting attendee, said he saw evidence in Ukraine of political meddling in the U.S. election, when the “black ledger,” key evidence against Manafort, who had joined Trump’s campaign on March 29, 2016 and then was promoted to campaign chairman on May 19, 2016, was suddenly released to the media in May 2016.

According to Andriy Telizhenko, then a political officer at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC and a meeting attendee, U.S. officials told the Ukrainians they would prefer that Kiev drop the Burisma probe and allow the FBI to take it over (it is believed that the FBI attended the January 19, 2016 meeting). Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, was under investigation in Ukraine for improper foreign transfers of money. At the time, Burisma allegedly was paying then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as both a board member and a consultant.

All of the above suggests that the Obama Administration used U.S. government personnel in an attempt to enlist a foreign nation to provide negative information about political opponents and to quash investigation of political allies.

And when the Ukrainians did not agree, it appears that the U.S. government pressured the Ukrainian government to replace obstinate Ukrainian officials with more compliant ones.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Saturday night Rudy Giuliani told Jesse Watters that he has three witnesses who claim in January 2016 members of Obama’s NSC violated the law Mueller was investigating Trump of violating.

The Obama officials asked foreigners for dirty information on an American citizen who was going to be involved in a political campaign.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the attendees at Ciaramella’s meeting.

Rudy says he has a memo and there is no doubt who was at the meeting.

Rudy also claims he has a money laundering evidence that involves Hunter Biden.


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  2. I’m getting pretty tired of Rudy popping up on TV shows, promising to have evidence that would mean jailtine, yet never turning it over to Barr or someone else to act on it. Rudy was a Federal prosecutor who convicted Mafia people; he knows HOW to do this. Just DO IT, Rudy!

    • We all know this stinks to high heaven. There must be plenty of illegal crap because so many are running cover. We all know no one ever will be prosecuted for any crimes. Sad state our country is in, or should I say their country?

  3. Send EVERYONE guilty to FEDERAL PRISON! . . . And DON’T take NO for an ANSWER. This Corruption has GOT to STOP and GET CLEANED up! and, watch out for the “flights risks” that they DON’T GET away. Enough is Enough. Team Trump and his allies.

  4. He needs to turn them over after making copies and have the investigations start, I would make several copies and send them to everyone so nobody could destroy theirs and claim they didn’t know or just deny it, because there would be an investigation going about it

  5. Are we yet suggesting that Manafort and Stone are not felons, even though they were prosecuted and convicted by a Trump Justice Department?

    • Who knows? We are told what they want us to know. Podesta group did the exact same things as Manafort, are they felons? Stone supposedly worked with wiki leaks, was denied access to exculpatory evidence and convicted for lieing. The entire Obama upper administration colluded with foriegn powers, are they felons? How about some real investigations?

  6. People need to be made aware so it doesn’t come down to total chaos. There is a time and a place. Just for those with info…stay safe.

  7. Crazy Old Joe and his family like to wallow around with the pigs in slop. They are all dirty with many others in the Obama regime. This is why the Democrats hate DJT, he is exposing their little cabal.

  8. If contents of Giuliani’s statement can unmistakably be confirmed the RATs should have spoken out before the costly process of Impeachment was initiated. They now should be investigated for obvious & deliberate treasonous activity of undermining Americans .

  9. Good Rudy, you have the documents What are you going to do with them? Keep talking about it or turn them over to someone for investigation or prosecution.


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