Rudy Fires Warning Shot – Going to Release Evidence on the Biden’s Millions in Corrupt Deeds!

(Gateway Pundit) – President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb this morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden Family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Rudy tweeted:

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

It’s time to take these criminals from the Obama Administration to task.  The Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons were criminal enterprises.


  1. BO’s administration installed so many obstructionists to the conservative government that it has become an everyday battle; with new bad actors popping out of the woodwork all the time. It’s like “pop the weasel” every time you turn around.

  2. Honestly, wouldn’t it be hilarious and soooo happy a moment in our country to see Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi and Biden and both Clintons……go to jail. The country would surely celebrate with a parade and Washington march. Even the Dems might bring on a smile from their happy hearts.

    • John, just think of those people who have important info that could be stated without fear of suicide with ALL those mentioned collared. lol

  3. YeeeHaaaaa…….Bring it on Rudi ! Amazing how so many democrats can be so gullible…and stupid just because they don’t like a guy. They just love their warm little swamp while they destroy the best things about America.
    Lies and B.S. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sooo sick of it.
    Let’s run all of them out of office soon. And, while we’re at it let’s pluck those eyeballs right out of Schifss head eh ? and put them in a jar at the Whitehouse on display. With a picture of Schumer and Pelosi smiling on each side.
    Sick people fo sur.

  4. If Jesus came down , in person, for real, and said, The dems are absorbing and believing humungus lies and don’t know it. They would not believe Jesus Christ himself. They are sooo blind to prejudice and propaganda and B.S. from the nasty left. They are holding this country back…from being our best. Trump deserves the reins of power…to empty the swamp and get us on top….as he is doing.

  5. It does become absolutly amazing how seemingly normal smart (?) people, who happen to call themselves Democrats, actually believe all the B.S. that they soak up lately like childrens brains or sponges from the media and the socialistic preachers. Geez, wake up folks, Let’s work for America. Trump was so right about needing to empty the swamp. Please, even if you hate the guy, let him do his job….for all our sakes. John Monte

  6. The goat man is Adam Schiff! He is Pelosi/Walkers partner
    In crimes cover-up jack ass! Fire All Of Them……NOW! This
    Impeachment is just a segment of The Russian Hoax. For
    3 Years impeachment is the only legible word that Ca congresswomen “uttered” over & over in her demonic voice!
    She needs an exorcism!

    • If he’s so scared why did he start investigation in first place . Unfortunately you will probably not have a response to this

  7. These criminals are getting desperate and they could lash out in very many ways. Our President is in constant danger of assassination and must be protected by every means necessary and the left must understand that if that happens “we the people” will extract a horrible revenge on them.

  8. He better watch out. He may be the next one that shows up dead. When the Clintons and Obamas are involved, people commit suicide. Not. I don’t think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

  9. I hope that the information Jiuliani releases will make headlines. BUT don’t count on the major FAKE news networks to cover much, if any, of it.

    Hillary needs to be tried and convicted of TREASON, and punished by execution. By the way, lets look into all of the treasonous things that Obama did and let he and Hillary be punished to the fullest extent….execution!

    The DeMoncrats are nothing but evil and their sole intent is to destroy America!

  10. Obama and his Cabal could be caught eating screaming babies and the media would praise cannibalism and give serving suggestions.
    Absolutely nothing will happen to any Obama Clinton Cabal member for any reason until Trump wins the election and appoints a new Attorney General who will have the courage to prosecute a former First Lady and two former presidents and half of Washington DC.

  11. Oh happy day when these corrupt elite politicians may face a trial. But, I have “grave doubts” about it ever happening. Example, what happened to Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel for instance in their massive problems when they were guilty as sin itself,,,,,,,Nada!

  12. I’m so sick of Democrat Socialists, they have shown what corrupt ugly disgusting liars and power hungry politicians that they are. All they do lie about “everything”. They’ve been trying even before since day one of Trump in the WH to impeach him! The House rushed the impeachment inquiry before any evidence was ever presented, which there still isn’t any evidence of wrongdoing! They broke all the rules and precedents of impeachments before, did not allow the Republicans or President Trump any kind of defense whatsoever. The rule of law didn’t apply in the House at all. No evidence was even presented, nothing but a bunch of hearsay from Trump haters! When asked, none of them… I repeat… none could say these were impeachable offenses that they laid out, simply opinions and hearsay! And the Democrat Socialist pukes actually went so far as to say that hearsay was admissible in a court of law, and that it had been used before, and was actually preferred in some cases to the actual truth! LOL I mean, it was circus hour supreme! Giuliani has actual evidence and sworn testimonies! But my thought process on this is that we all know that the liberal lame stream media puke hacks are all in bed with the Democrat Socialist puke politicians. They do nothing but parrot their agents of evil, and twist the truth or flat out lie about everything. And lately it hasn’t even been twisting the truth… it’s been flat out lying! The lame stream media puke hacks have not reported anything good about Trump since he started. It has been proven that they are slanted to the point I’m surprised they’re even able to see out of their eye puke holes, all of these guys are so crooked! Just one of their lies from the beginning, that Trump is racist. When asked to prove it, they can’t! When some people were asked if he were racist, the people said, oh yes he is. When asked how they came to that conclusion, they said, you can just tell he is. No proof whatsoever… and the lame stream media puke hacks spread these lies and their hatred every single minute of ever single day! These people aren’t human beings… they’re pathetic excuses spreading lies and hate, inciting hate in the American people that believe they’re telling the truth, because they don’t know any better, or they don’t care, and hate Trump. But then again, the nature of Democrat Socialists are social justice warriors, fighting for everyone BUT the legal American citizens and their rights. I hope Giuliani’s destroys. For too long we conservatives haven’t fought back as our rights continue to erode day after day. We’re coming ever closer to that line that finally gets crossed when we say, enough is enough, we’re taking back our country, because even at this point, it’s just getting absolutely ridiculous the double standard and two tier system of justice… none for the Democrat Socialist pukes while we get send to jail for “criticizing” one of them, or hurt their feelings.

    • Danger, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?I’m kidding of course because you say what multiple millions of your fellow citizens feel. I have zero Democrat friends anymore, you can’t reason with them what-so-ever, good riddance. Democrat family members, I don’t have any left because they finally have seen the true nature of the “new Dumbocrat socialist party of lies and 100% entitlements at the expense of the working class”. At 68yrs old, the changes I’ve witnessed since the 60’s in the Commiecrat Party is horrendous at best. Vote ’em all out forever.

  13. Reveal these people, then start PUTTING them in prison after CONVICTION. It’s time to put an end to ALL this corruption NOW! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Not going to happen…they will nail one person as a scapegoat and all others will disappear into retirement. They srecall part of the same game….the Elite own the Dems and Republicans …two faces of the same beast.

  14. Releasing evidence with documentation to back it up is one thing, Finding someone in the DOJ or Congress to investigate it and follow through with prosecutions if the evidence indicates guilt is another It is blatantly obvious that we have at present a two- tier justice system in this country one for the corrupt elites and one for the ordinary citizen.There are new revelations every day not just the Bidens but on many in Washington Yet NOTHING IS EVER DONE ABOUT ANY OF IT. We cant give up hope that eventually there will be someone that will go after the truth and prosecute those that need to be prosecuted Admittedly its getting harder to keep the faith that truth will eventually prevail.

  15. As usual nothing will happen, the swamp dwellers protect each other. Right now there are 45 republicants who will vote with OUR PRESIDENT. You know what weighs on their minds, or I mean those seedless pumpkins these use, will I be next if I don’t go with the swamp crowd!!!! Washington DC, the most corrupt city in the world, is a hopeless and uncleanable swamp. It’s we the people who still have a chance through the 2020 election to send a message that business as usual is not tolerable

  16. Be careful Rudy…you might get impeached! You know…there’s not a smidgeon of evidence of Dem corruption. How do I know? obama told me!

  17. Let’s not forget where all this shit started… in the corrupt Obama’s administration… and the jackass republicans aren’t doing anything about it… why?? This attorney g. And the moron from Utah. Have had more than enough evidence from years ago and they do nothing… I’m sickened by this crap . We the people want justice! Indictments should have been filed years ago…. what a load of crap from Congress and senate … do something already!!!

    • Now you know why the commie crats want Trump out!! Pelosi’s son, Bidens son, the O’Bomas and the Clintons are all on the take…and that is just a few

    • This is why Washington DC is not part of the United States. It us a separate state that belongs to the Queen and the world bankers.

  18. Be like Nike JUST DO IT let the American People be the judge. We all know they smell just like a dead fish. Hope he does it soon then maybe the real trails will start. Could go all the way to the top and that would be music to many ears.

  19. Yes Rudy, let the world know what kind of criminals they’re really are. Biden always being so smug and nasty against our President. Let the truth finally come out. Yes do it.

    • He WILL! Watch for a noon press conference today. Rudy just announced it on Fox and Friends.

      This will be an earthquake.


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