‘Hellboy’ Star Ron Perlman Expresses Sympathy For The Devil Because Rush Limbaugh Will ‘Spend The Rest Of Eternity’ In Hell

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – “Tolerant,” “loving,” “inclusive” liberals have been gleefully celebrating the death of radio legend Rush Limbaugh, many cheering his supposed descent into hell.

It’s truly disgusting.

Hollywood actor Ron Perlman got on the dogpile with a very lowdown and dirty joke, as his widow and family are not doubt suffering and he has yet to even be buried.

These are the people we’re supposed to listen to about what’s “civil”?

The “Hellboy” star issued his “deepest sympathies” not to Limbaugh’s grieving wife, but to the devil for having to spend eternity with Limbaugh, supposedly.

“Me being Hellboy n sh*t, and having spent so much time in hades, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the poor devil who will no doubt have to spend the rest of eternity with Rush Limbaugh,” the actor wrote, as reported by Breitbart.

He was not alone in Hollywood, as people who have used their talent to amass millions and live in luxury slammed a man who single-handedly pioneered conservative media and dedicated his talent to fighting for universal American values.

Breitbart notes that John Cusack, Rosanna Arquette, George Takei, and Marc Maron also issued disgusting responses to his death.

Of course, it was all entirely acceptable to trash Limbaugh because he’s a “bigot” and issued “hateful commentary.”

Nothing they’re doing is bigoted and hateful, no, not at all.

Breitbart describes Perlman as being “among Hollywood’s most vitriolic left-wing social media activists, regularly posting profane attacks on Donald Trump, his allies, and Republican lawmakers.”

He recently referred to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as “one of the biggest c*nts in history” and described Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) as “ripe for an a** f***ing.”

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  1. Perlman is a p-bag always has been…like Robert Deniro…he thinks he’s as tough as his characters…. he’s a puppet actor says what’s on the script no imagination no loyalty to his wife and family ….I’m actually always amazed this losers name comes up Ever…. it’s not like he’s smart or actually has anything intellectually important to say….my daughters debate skills would smack him into to the ground and she’s 14….he’s a typical Hollywood moron…..got a gig because the way he looks…not his acting talent

  2. “. . . “Tolerant,” “loving,” “inclusive” liberals have been gleefully celebrating the death . . .” of good people ever since they crucified the Son on God.

  3. A putrid bas tard to look at , brain compromised Perman is the one who will rot in hell … a good bet he is part of the pedophiles infesting LA. Never was a “star” … just another hollywood rodent.

  4. Be careful what your hateful evil heart wish for others, karma will one day show up at your door and it’s not going to be pretty. Progressive are the most evil and soul less non human to walk on this earth and hell will be too good for these poor excuse of a human beings.

  5. These comments are the PERFECT EXAMPLE of the group think mentality of the progressive left, It truly must be a living HELL for these people being filled with so much hate not only for our country but for anyone that does not share their point of view, They may have money and fame but they are truly very sad and profane people. Are they so filled with self gratification to think that anyone would actually listen to them? A very large part of our society are not into GROUP THINK they are completely capable of thinking for themselves and i see the American people starting to wake up, We dont want what they are selling.

  6. Rush professed his faith, pretty sure this idiot hasn’t. As a Christian, is does sadden me though, that these people may not find out the truth until it’s everlasting too late.

  7. These stupid bastards have
    forgotten how they get paid.
    Won’t be long before they
    will be eating their own due
    to lack of support from the
    deplorable. Maybe they should try eating their own
    excrement considering they
    are full of it.
    You just can’t fix stupid!
    Trump 4 Ever

    • You can fix stupid by wiping out today’s progressive liberal trash in our society Stain oakman .
      Is that a fair statement?

  8. I cannot say that I am shocked. Maybe they know something we don’t I mean hey, these people made a career out of pretending to be something they are not. They lie for a living which makes me think ” it takes one to know one.” BTW, Hellboy was a joke of a movie. Maybe he is still pissed off for starring in it?


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