Romney Throws Down On Obama’s Current ISIS Strategy After The Beheading Of Veteran Peter Kassig

November 17, 2014 7:37 am  

(IJ Review) – In an interview with CBS’s Bob Schieffer, former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney shared his thoughts on Obama’s ISIS strategy. When Schieffer asked what should be done about ISIS, Romney said:

First of all what we should have done by now is have American troops staying by in Iraq. That was something that we argued for years ago. The president didn’t do it.

Likewise, we should have armed the moderates in Syria a long time go, so they would be able to keep something like ISIS from being formed. The right course for this nation is to do whatever it takes to defeat ISIS.

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Romney added that the President is wrong in saying that he has ruled out ground troops and that he shouldn’t reveal his hand to the enemy. Romney told Schieffer that the President’s words hold weight and they only mean something if he follows through with them.

Interestingly enough, in 2007 Romney predicted events unfolding in Iraq with surprising foresight. He told an audience at a campaign rally during his first presidential run:

“You could see in the Shia south, the Iranians reaching over and grabbing to take power. You could see in the Sunni northwest, the Al-Qaeda folks taking power and leadership in that area.”

“You could see the unrest among some of the Kurd populations and surrounding countries, perhaps destabilize the border of Turkey. And it’s even possible that you might think a regional conflict in the Middle East may occur.”

As everything Romney said in 2007 has become a disturbing reality, perhaps President Obama needs to ask the former Governor for some foreign policy advice. It couldn’t hurt, right?

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