Rogue New Jersey Gym Sabotaged! Sewer Backed Up With Paper Towels Even Though Facility Has No Paper Towels – State Shuts Down Business! (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – On Monday morning the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey reopened in defiance of Governor Phil Murphy’s Coronavirus lockdown order.

Supporters gathered in the parking lot in front of the gym to cheer the gym owner.

Later in the day an attorney for Atilis Gym told Fox 29 that the gym received a summons for ‘disorderly conduct’ from Camden County police.

But the gym remained open — until Thursday morning.

The New Jersey Department of Health shut down Atilis Gym on Thursday. This came after they gym’s sewer backed with paper towels.

The gym’s owner told reporters the gym has no paper towels.

Steve Keeley from FOX 29 reported on the latest developments from outside the gym.

The New Jersey Health Department shut down the gym on Thursday morning.

This was a sabotage by nefarious actors!

The state wanted to keep the business locked down.

So someone clogged up its sewer!

What awful people!

Via Varney and Co.:


  1. Whatever it takes to keep the citizens safe. This gym rat wants to endanger the health and lives of the people of NJ? Screw him! Lock him up now! Reckless endangerment is a good 20 years at least. STAY SAFE, STAY HOME!

    • People are not forced to go. It’s not hard to distance yourself in a gym. Some busybody didn’t agree with opening it and stuffed paper towels down the toilets. How sick can you get. If you read or heard the hundreds of doctors on u-tube and in interviews you would hear them and xpkaun the sicknesses you get from wearing masks long periods of time, breathing in your own CO2. It acidifies your blood. Look it up. Also the stress is leading to increase in strikes and heart disease. All for a sickness that has less than 1.4% chance of death. Those are lower numbers than most viruses. Stop being motivated by fear. Your body is as the meant to stay in this state of mind. Get our and breath in the warm sunny air; that’s how you get well.

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