Roger Stone Responds to Obama’s Lawsuit Against Him and President Trump

July 14, 2017 1:51 pm  

Unfounded attack against Stone and POTUS represents yet another desperate attempt to dismiss Trump’s election win

(Infowars) – Alex Jones discuss the Democrat establishment’s outrageous lawsuit aimed at Roger Stone as well as the Trump campaign.

Exclusive: Roger Stone Responds To Obama's Lawsuit Against Him And President Trump

Posted by Alex Jones on Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The lawsuit, introduced by “Protect Democracy,” a group run by former Obama administration lawyers, is absurdly alleging that Stone and the Trump campaign somehow conspired with Russia to have their personal information exposed in the trove of Democratic emails and files released by WikiLeaks last year.

The New York Times noted Wednesday that the 44-page complaint “does not contain any hard evidence” whatsoever of collusion, but instead seeks to “depose witnesses and obtain campaign emails and other documents…”

Stone has called the move “a publicity play” and has instructed his attorneys to “seek sanctions against the lawyers involved for the filing of a ridiculous frivolous lawsuit.”

The unfounded attack against Stone and the president represents yet another desperate attempt to dismiss Trump’s election win.

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