RINO Turncoat Liz Cheney Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine From GOP Colleagues After Backing Impeachment Push

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – House Republican Chair and apparently every bit her GOP establishment father’s daughter Liz Cheney has attracted the ire of her GOP colleagues who voted her into this position.

Rep. Cheney (WY) has now backed the absurd push by House Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump who, pending little less than a miracle, will be leaving office in less than a week.

And no, you can’t actually impeach a president after they’ve left office, so yes, the Democrats are completely wasting their time anyway.

You hear that? It’s the sound of The Swamp being filled right back up with muck now that many of Trump’s “supporters” in the federal government are turning their backs on him on his way out.


Now, The Gateway Pundit reports, Reps. Matt Rosendale and Andy Biggs have called for her to step down as the GOP conference chair.

“When Representative Cheney came out for impeachment today, she failed to consult with the Conference, failed to abide by the spirit of the rules of the Republican Conference, and ignored the preferences of Republican voters,” the congressmen declared in a scathing statement.

“She is weakening our conference at a key moment for personal political gain and is unfit to lead. She must step down as Conference Chair,” they said.

Biggs told the Washington Examiner bluntly that she’s got to go.

“She should resign her position as a conference chair and should not be serving this conference. That’s it,” he said.

As the House Republican Chair, by the way, Cheney is the third-highest Republican in the US House. This makes her the fourth-highest ranking member of the party in Washington, D.C. now.

The party has absolutely lost its leader. Now we’ve got Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the helm—Lord help us.

The Republican voters, the majority of whom believe the election was fraudulent, won’t forget who turned against the President and the American public when the full weight of the Swamp’s corruption revealed itself.

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    • The McCain stain versus the Obama stain . We knew Obama was untrustworthy, but McCain .. Trump was right about this traitor…

  1. The above article stated that, “The Republican voters, the majority of whom believe the election was fraudulent, won’t forget who turned against the President and the American public when the full weight of the Swamp’s corruption revealed itself.”

    This waiting for some outside party or authority to ‘validate’ them, their opinions, their tastes, their values; etc; that right there, as revealed in this one sentence, is the mental problem that plagues Republicans/Conservatives.

    What is worse is that many conservatives are waiting for ‘validation’ from the very leftist/communist=globalist media mafia that hates them. So guess when this ‘validation’ is going to come? NEVER!!

    Validate yourself!! Your mind begins the process off healing itself, and it takes the first step on the journey to self validation, the very minute that you turn off and/or stop reading mind-destroying garbage like CNN, MS13NBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The Global Times (The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece), The Washington (Com)Post (JEFF the Bozo’s mouthpiece), The New York Slimes, Time Magazine(Sold for $1 a few years back – the buyer got ripped off HARD!!), The New Republic, The Nation, etc; Ad Nauseum.

    Speed up the healing process by replacing the previous junk food for the mind with a new mental food diet that is mentally nutritious, truthful, information-dense, spiritually strengthening, conservative unifying, and that validates you and the American values you embody

    That would include conservative media and personalities like Glenn Beck, Dr. Steve Turley, OAN News, Newsmax, Blaze TV, Salty Cracker, The liberal hivemind, Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Levin, etc.

    Why do you want to wait for the “full weight” of the swamp’s corruption to “reveal itself”? WHY would it “reveal itself?” There is no advantage to itself in doing so. So waiting for the swamp to ‘self incriminate’ is a FOOL’S ERRAND.

    Watch the conservative media outlets and personalities that reveal the swamp daily. By getting the truth in your head before you are exposed to lies by the swamp, you save yourself the time, energy, trouble, inconvenience, and pain that their lies cause you.

  2. Once these people take over our government on January 20th we will never get it back. They succeeded in taking over and will do the same thing every election from now on.

  3. Those Republicans turning their backs on Trump were never Trump supporters… they are establishment cronies whose only loyalty is to power and retaining it. These miscreants of betrayal can not be trusted and should never be permitted to hold high office… dog catcher maybe.

  4. FOLKS, All of last summer and into the fall we saw riots and demonstrations by Mobs, Not one word from the Democrats restoring peace and calm across the country in fact some were foolishly claiming these were peaceful demonstrations while some ( HARRIS AND HER CAMPAIGN) WERE BAILING those arrested out of jail, It was NOT UNTIL THEY PERSONALLY FELT THREATENED, that they decided these were not peaceful demonstrations but it was ok with them while business owners were having their businesses destroyed and their lives placed in danger, THE DOUBLE STANDARD is disgusting these people have to be voted out of office NEVER TO RETURN TO PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN. VOTE THEM OUT IN 2022.

  5. The Republicans who didn’t support our President and his supporters when it was needed most will be remembered. You turned your backs on the election fraud in the last two elections and in turn lost the Senate. Look what you have brought down on us from the Democrats. Our votes were stolen, now our voices are being stolen. We are loosing our jobs for supporting our President. You let this happen to us. We are 75 + million strong. You will never win another election without us. You have destroyed your party. You have let down everyone who trusted you to protect us. Our President did not incite the Capital violence. The evidence shows Antifa got in position early that am and incited it. Unfortunately some Trump supporters got caught up in it and will pay the price. You were warned ahead of time they would be there and refused to get more security for the event. This was a set up by the Democrats and Rhinos to make Trump and his supporters look bad. We will start a new party and you will not be welcomed to join it!

  6. After the way the Democrats treated her father back in the Bush years, Liz is siding with them?? She needs to be replaced. Another dingbat.

  7. The President MUST declare the creation of a New Party…
    Invite present members of congress and senate to join and at the mean time coccus with the Useless republicans …
    Then field candidates FOR EVERY SEAT in congress and senate For the 2022 primary elections .. those representatives that will join will be support , ALL OTHERS WILL BE OPOSED..
    This is the only way to start with a clean sheet of paper .
    You can not reform the establishment, you have to CHANGE IT.

  8. Impeach Cheney for her support of the illegal fraudulent election of a demented lying crooked old man. She does not deserve to represent the good patriotic people of Wyoming – they will not forget what she did next time around.

  9. I hope the next time these RHINOS run for office, there’s a better Republican waiting in the wings to beat the pants off all of them!!! They DO NOT deserve their posts!!! Not one of them!! Oust each one of the traitors to the Republican party. Hopefully another TRUE Republican who can stand for their constituents values and do the will of their constituents will win over them in their next election!!


  11. There is a parable in the Bible of a man that had a few demons that tormented him. The demons were cast out, but later returned with a legion of demons. That is what appears to be taking place. The country got rid of one stink, Obama, and Biden is not only bringing back the same demonstrated to be corrupt players but now a legion of the stinky corruption is being given authority and power to torment.

    • AMEN! lizzy tish lives in the WRONG state. My brother lives near her and he told me NO ONE likes her. Everybody is a Republican too.

  12. Cheney is just a cheep drama
    slut just as 98 per cent of the
    House and Senate members
    are. They all are scared shitless
    of Trump and what he can expose
    about these worthless parasites.
    All this impeachment garbage is
    just a smoke screen to divert
    attention from the real problem,
    the stolen election and the crimes
    committed by the traitors, Bill and
    Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer,
    and just about every politician in
    The Swamp. They think they can
    get away with anything, however what goes around comes around.
    President Trump will and is growing stronger as well as the
    support from his loyal followers.
    Keep the faith !

    • I’m not so sure, MCL, that President Trump is the center of this storm. The epitome of our campaign to restore the country to be one OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People. It is the revival of the founding principles of freedom as specified in the Bill of Rights which has been shredded, silenced and “given” by governments whim under specified and narrowed conditioned for years. The People of America have not been silent but the government has been deaf and indifferent to the People. President Trump has brought back the truth that the government is to be responsive to the people. What corrupt ideas that have settled into the halls of congress is that they run things and we are to be sheep herded around.Pelosi has a mental illness that she is the drier of the country and to hell with the constitution or the people. She is ill.

  13. THE problem here is that the American voters have short memories and since she is part of the Washington swamp chances are she will be around a long time. What we must do is start cleaning house both in the Senate and the House, We have to get our country out of the hands of these insane people including Republicans.

    • Don’t bet on her being around for long. The good patriots of the state of Wyoming will never forget what she did. She just cut short her presence in our Senate until they remove her.

  14. Cheney is an unprincipled fair weather conservative. President Trump was and is the best President who listened to the American People and did not give lip service, but he listened than accomplished the job that needed to be done with great resistance from those who would not listen and did not do the job that has been needed. We are grateful for him and the rest of these scum bags are disgusting.The fair weather conservatives and the rest of the swamp slime just sold us out over and over again leaving us to pay the bills. They sold out to who ever would pay the most. There is NOT a covid-19 pandemic in Washington DC but lack of integrity, honor and truthfulness pandemic in the halls of congress and deep systemic corruption in the bureaucracies.


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