Revealed: Ilhan Omar’s Second Highest Donor, Basim Omar Sabri, Is A Convicted Felon Who Regularly Raises Funds For Hamas

(Gateway Pundit) – Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s second largest donor, Basim Omar Sabri, is a convicted felon who owns millions in property that is dilapidated and unsafe, receiving over 180 regulatory violations.

Yaacov Apelbaum shared the following about Ilhan Omar’s donor Sabri:

One of Sabri’s properties was “the first Somali mall in the USA” and it collapsed.

Sabri and his friends also celebrate the martyrdom of Palestinian terrorists.

Sabri and his friends also are connected to major Democrat politicians:

(Below is the overall summary on Sabri)

Why do Democrats align themselves with terrorists and slum lords?


  1. For those that pray, please pray for Lacy Johnson, the conservative Republican running against her in 2020, so she will be removed. By law, any elected official who speaks against our country, conspires against our form of government , calls on other governments to overrule our law, and obtains funding by enemies as well as shows support (sympathetic to) our enemies is to be removed from office. However, the House and DOJ have done nothing, and we know that is because they have become “littered with corruption and treason”.

  2. 2 low life women took their oath on the Koran. That should be illegal… oath only on bible.
    They had to rush the impeachment vote thru before Christmas. Why not rush the investigations on AOC, Omar and Rashida. Cause the left knows they are all QUILTY! Vote R for house representatives!

  3. Islam is anti-AMERICAN and needs to be declared a terrorist cult! Islam promotes rape, incest, murder, and fear to control & force membership!

  4. This woman is NOT a true Muslim. She’s a adulterous, a liar, an immigration cheat, etc. If she actually followed her faith she would have been stoned to death!!!

    • The problem is that they are allowed to do ANYTHING as long as it misleads and misdirected us. She is probably being praised for how many Americans she is fooling.

  5. Look around you- THIS my friends is the result of Liberal Democrat EXTREMISTS- Everybody is good, there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG, if it FEELS GOOD DO IT. This philosophy is why We’re PAYING FOR IT NOW. THE SOLUTION ??? Elect CONSERVATIVE, COMMON SENSE REPUBLICANS ( haven’t seen NOT ONE Democrat worth considering to vote for – HONESTLY) for local, state and federal government offices – But FIRST do your HOMEWORK before picking the RIGHT candidate – KNOW what they BELIEVE in and STAND FOR !!!!

  6. We have elections coming up in November we can remove the TRASH. But we have to get behind candidates we support and get off the couch and get out and vote, Politicians will not clean up their behavior so we the voters must clean it up for them.

  7. America is getting in deep do-do with the election of these radical Muslims in office. They are being financed and bought by the real radical Muslim arm of the Islam. They oush their nasty laws on us.

  8. Can anyone explain to me why this terrorist supporter is allowed to live in the US? Are we just giving up and going to allow these animals to destroy our cities, states and country or are we going to fight?

  9. Oh well hell,you can can learn all this info on nbc or cnn ,oh wait ,no those are the trash that are hiding the trash .and you ask why so called American politicians align with them, because that’s who they are,and as for the donations they get, well they’ll get it back ten fold in American tax payer funds,ask obama/osama hussein ,the pallets of cash for iran was just a tip of the american funds iceberg, as I say ,YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE THIS UP!!!


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