‘Republicans Cannot Be This Dumb’: Scathing Backlash Pours In As Dems Tag Liz Cheney 2024 Frontrunner

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Some Republicans in Congress are so completely and wildly out of touch with the new Republican base that they actually thought that supporting the President’s second impeachment was going to work out well for them.

Certain Republicans care more about kowtowing to and appeasing the rabid Democrats than they do about the very people that voted for them.

House Rep. Liz Cheney is about to find out just how badly she has ruined her future with her support of impeaching President Trump.

There is no way her voters in Wyoming were applauding her announcement to support the impeachment efforts. Yet, she, like so many others in Washington, seems to have forgotten that she is supposed to represent the will of the people who voted for her.

Cheney, the daughter of warmongering neocon, former Vice President Dick Cheney, used the storming of the Capitol last week as her justification for supporting the impeachment.

In a statement she blamed the entire ordeal on the President and said that “None of this would have happened without the President.” She also claimed that “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

She declared in her statement “I will vote to impeach.” And vote to impeach she did.

It’s hard to believe any Republican could say these things with a straight face. No doubt her inbox was full of messages from constituents back home who were less than enthusiastic about her stance.

She might as well have vowed to destroy her own career as well. The backlash on social media to her actions have been intense. We can only imagine how voters she is supposed to represent in Wyoming feel.

Conservatives need to mobilize now and get serious candidates in place for the 2022 primaries. It’s time to make a serious effort to rid the party of these RINOs. Cheney needs to be ousted along with the other 9 House members who also voted in favor of impeachment.

The best part is that Democrats are so completely and utterly clueless about what conservatives believe in and stand for that they actually think Cheney has catapulted herself to the top of the list of possible Republican presidential candidates in 2024.

Cheney has a better chance of her political career surviving by changing the R after her name to a D but Wyoming is not a blue state by any stretch of the imagination. She might want to consider moving somewhere like New York, Virginia, or California if she hopes to stay in politics.

Fellow House Republicans are already calling for her resignation as a leader within the party.

Liz Cheney’s career is over. She is toast. She might as well go all-in with the Democrats because after voting to impeach President Trump with 8 days left in his term, there’s no going back now.

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  1. I knew on election night at around 12:30 a.m. when Trump won Ohio and Florida, etc. and the viscious lying media wouldn’t announce it, I knew something was going on, my heart told me right away, when everything stopped all of a sudden at that time on election night, I knew then at 12:30 a.m. election night. I fell asleep and in the morning, they flipped the votes to Biden. I will never ever believe Biden won “more votes than any other President” what did they say that morning? The liars and deceivers communists that are taking over now. I knew it, I knew it and I know it. Biden won? Biden, who ran for Pres about 4 -5 times, nobody ever wanted him, he lost every time. But what really gets me, Biden is the biggest crook of them all, along with his whole family, brother, son, etc. Biden had nothing, did nothing for 47 years, I am old enough to remember Biden took the train to work and home every day, And now millions, many houses, big plane gas guzzler, not a small plane, where’d he get all that money? People are crooks in our government, taking money from soros, china, other countries, all of them, McConnell, all of them. But Biden is a really big crooked family.
    Anyhow, like I said, I knew it that night, election night, I felt it, they got all the other crooks to count the votes and switch them to Biden. Biden could never beat Trump the regular way, never! He’s is just a figurehead who likes money, thats all he is, they will write everything for him, he won’t have to do a thing. But the nerve of him and them to change only Trump’s policies, the good policies for the people, right away like everyday they put the stuff in front of him, doesn’t read it, just signs it and everything is communist country now, with his pen, signing. They had to change all trump right away, so dumb, not even a discussion, really mentally disturbed low i.,q. people in the communist/socialist party, all revenge, revenge for what? But Biden is so disgusting, he always has been,he won? He could never win, no charisma, no nothing, just a nasty mouth that snaps at people. To do what he is doing, shows what kind of man he is. Just wipe it all out, all Trump’s hard work.

    The speaker Pelosi, Schumer, Bug Eyes, you know who that is all of them are so happy, but not happy enough, How stupid Pelosi and Schumer and McConnell, etc. ;look now, delivering the impeachment today. Dumb as dirt they are, not even a smidgeon of class in any of them to do that. They are so jealous of Trump, they can’t stand it, but they will never destroy Trump, they are just animals, low class animals out for the kill.

    Their motto is: Kill, Steal, Destroy, thats what they do and the stupid Republicans are just so stupid, to PARTICIPATE IN THE CIRCUS IMPEACHMENT. HOW COULD THEY? Trump did nothing, people are juist laughing at the stupidity of impeachment? ?
    They think that they are so important that they and the techies can BE THE ONES WHO WILL DECIDE WHO WILL RUN FOR OFFICE AND WHO WILL NOT? WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? They are so disgusting, they think they will get rid of Trump from running again? Since when do the democrat commies are the ones who decides who runs and who does not.

    Free Speech folks. when antifa is out burning down police departments and capitol buildings, thats okay with them, they incite these filthy murdering groups, but Trump, who did nothing, said nothing wrong, oh for the last 5 years, through cnn, msnbc, 7, 2, 4,, they have been feeding us propaganda 24 7, Trump did this, Trump said that, Trump, Trump, you know why? because they are so jealous of him they can;t see straight, still! THEY KNOW THEY COULD NEVER DO WHAT TRUMP CAN DO, SO THEY HAVE TO DESTROY HIM THE MOTTO IS, KILL, STEAL, DESTROY. THEY WILL NEVER DESTROY TRUMP. THEY COULDNT’; SHINE HIS SHOES FOR BRAINS.

  2. I used to kind of like Liz, she’d appear on decent shows & say do-right, Conservative stuff. I agree with those here, she screwed herself big time. Impeach for something we knew what it was in real time? Talk of antifa & our people recognizing them on camera that day. No investigation & nothing Trump said incited anything. That is unlike the many Demcoms that supported BLM riots, heck, they bailed some of them out of jail. Twisted power went to her head I guess & settled to her ass. Her Father wouldn’t be this dumb. We can straighten out the Party folks. We just got the most votes ever for the greatest Pres. ever & won many seats, won the election really, stealing ain’t winning. Close to a majority, let’s get it done in 2022 & move the few like Cheney on out. If she were smart, she’d come out & be a hero, apologize for that move & say she’d been given wrong info. & get back on the team……well, get on the team, she’s been off it for awhile. Another party now, with us close to a majority with some better people too this time, would just do the Ross Perot thing for us.

  3. The recent elections were bought by the promise of $2000 instead of just $600 offered by the GOP. A real bonehead move on their part. Never met a demonrat yet that wouldn’t pimp their own mother for a few hundred extra bucks.

    • Ain’t that the truth Greg, today’s progressive liberal trash can go real low nowadays , that’s how we got an obama and filth like Loq iq in our society.

  4. All of the Republicans are spineless complicit cowards. We need a completely different party. I will never support an incumbent Republican ever. I will not vote if I only have an incumbent Republican to vote for. Hell I would rather vote for the criminals in the Democratic Party at least they are consistent with their crimes, lies, and fraud, and do it right in the face of the Republicans and they do nothing but hide and shiver afraid of their own shadow. Republicans need to either retire or get others in place to primary them

  5. Yes, Republicans ARE that dumb. They need to wake up and face reality that they have fight back as maliciously, ruthlessly and unscrupulously as these Marxist Democrats do. If the Republicans had cheated and stolen this election with such massive voter fraud as the Democrats did, does anyone really think these Democrats would have just allowed it the way the Republicans did? The Democrats and their Antifa and BLM cohorts would have burned the ENTIRE country to the ground and they would have justified it to their last breaths.The Republicans have to stop believing that they should be civil; you can’t be civil with people who are trying to destroy them, the average American and our country. They can’t take the “high road” anymore. They need to learn to be as vicious as these leftist Marxists are or they will be replaced by a patriotic party that knows how to fight as savagely as these psychotic Democrats do. The Republicans have to learn how to cheat in elections as successfully as these Marxist do or they WILL disappear. Political parties HAVE disappeared before and it CAN happen again. The Republicans replaced the Whigs. If they want to become viable again, they need to stop being such cowards or they WILL become an extinct political party. Americans who are sick of these accommodating Republicans who just roll over and allow the Democrats to do whatever they want, no matter how unconstitutional or horrendous for this country, WILL start another party without them before it’s too late.

  6. Apparently Mz. Cheney intended to run in 2024, and by voting to impeach Donald Trump, she thought she was eliminating the competition. Hate to break this to her, but she has been used. She won’t stand a chance in hell.

  7. It saddens me to witness the plain stupidity of some Americans. This is the best Country in the world, and they don’t see it. My family and I came here from Cuba in 1968, leaving everything behind in search of freedom. It hurts so bad to see people here wanting what we left behind. God help us.

    • Remember the lefts hero the brown clown Hussein Obama normalized relationships with the Castro regime ?
      Why …?

  8. Biden is a temporary until our Democrats and media put him out to pasture. Then we get Harris. The complete takeover of our way of life in now in effect. If a few Republicans do stupid stuff it won’t really matter. Even the Democrats will not be able to lose control, now They CHEATED, as any fool can see and they won, and that is all that’s important, to quote Harry Reid. How you do it isn’t important. Winning is everything. Now comes P>R> and Wash DC as states and packing the Supreme Court, and there will be nothing we can do to stop them. Protest as republicans; get prosecuteed. Protest as Dems; you’re a hero. Cheating pays

    • The dems will remove him just like they did JFK without firing a shot this time . Then we’ll have what’s her name Harris…

    • You are right on that, Gilbert. Secession is the only way that we will ever get out of this nightmare.
      We need to take the red from the blue. They don’t want us anyway since we are so deplorable. Let my people go

  9. Ok, I have a ?,How can I see my vote in Washington DC, I voted for trump.i don’t believe my vote was counted?, how do I see my vote?,I am from az, and I don’t believe my vote was counted,I want proof, I’m intitled.

  10. I officially endorse Liz Cheney for the position of dog poop picker upper. She is obviously qualified having proved that she knows how to bend over for liberal democrats like Pelosi and Schumer.

  11. There are 10+- RINO’s that will need to be retired and disgraced as they leave office. To impeach a respected president, by roughly half the population on questionable allegations is nothing short of a partisan act for Dimwit power consolidation. They know before and each day proves there was no evidence Trump had anything to do with what went on. The door is now open for the right to turn the tables on Biden and all Dimwits. Do the republicans have the backbone?

  12. As on the black MIA flag…..” not forgotten”, we will not forget! And Newsmax, Hannity, Mark Levine, Dan Bongino, Judge Pirro and ex democrat Leo Terrell will remind us. May God have mercy on the USA.

  13. Liz who? Oh, now I remember. That stupid woman who used to be a Republican congress person who jumped off the cliff and destroyed her career in one fell swoop.

  14. Hey low iq, your lame and worn out liberal talking points fall on deaf ears. Throwing out the racism and fascism card no longer means anything. It’s overuse and more specifically, it’s outright lack of truth makes you sound like a blathering idiot. Either get some new material or find a site that suits your iq.

    • triggered much cultist i guess the truth hurts when the “new” Republican base is exposed for what it is a bunch of fascist wannabes with a healthy dose of racism and hate and ignorance

    • The truth is Low iq misses his hero the Brown Clown Hussein obama .
      That’s the truth no one can deny !

  15. The Founders did not intend anyone to have a “political career”. They believed in “citizen legislators”. Politics was supposed to be a part-time thing and, after doing your stint in office, for only a portion of the year, you were expected to go back your real job. After this massive voter fraud and stolen election, Cheney, and no other candidate who is not a leftist will ever win another election anyway. There is no push to remove Dominion or Smartmatic from any polling place. The Marxists got away with it; they are not going to stop now. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

    • After Dominion elected Biden; did you notice the ease of the Democratic placement in Georgia. Not even the smallest degree of dissent. The Democrat Dominion even cheated in Illinois, where no Democrat or Rino ever looses,

  16. FOLKS, Its one thing to post comments NOW but we must remember their actions on election day 2022, And past history shows us that the American voters seem to have VERY SHORT MEMORIES, Its not only LIZ CHENEY there are several RINO REPUBLICANS that need to go.

  17. It is of no matter who there is on the ticket for the republican party, UNLESS THERE IS VALIDITY IN THE ELECTION PROCESS. The fools continued the illegal process for the Georgia run off and we saw the results of machines that have a track record of corrupting the results with 68% accuracy, and breaking down in Republican areas. President Trump’s winning of the election is clear before the back filling and the documented switching of votes which gave Biden the illegal lead even in spite of the overt violation of the laws of the states and the constitutional specifications violated. The massive amount of witnesses, data, evidence of false voters etc. is over whelming BUT THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT EVIDENTLY RUN BY THE LIKES OF OBAMA( as Biden declared himself) ,who did not have a smidgen of scandal during his time in office ( sarcasm for those whose brain has been fried) , could not tolerate his willingness to listen to the people and do what our constitution intended, versus the lefts bleeding of America for their own interests.

    • Definite sarcasm there, Miller. Obama was terrible, but I fear Biden is going to be worse. He really has no brain left so he is nothing but a puppet for the radical left. And please let’s not call them Progressive – there is nothing progressive about the often tried system of government they condone. It has failed every time, but once in place it is almost impossible to get out of – just look at China, Russia, Cuba and so many more. Can anyone tell me why some idiots keep falling for the nonsense the Democrats preach?

    • Mystiklady,
      The American mind has been shrinking as a result of years and years of listening to thus feeding our mental cells on the media commentary that directs and molds out opinions. No thought or analysis required. No mental cognitive exercise required for the masses. The repetitious talking points put out by ‘Media Matters’ with all the media parrots follow the same words, but no one questions the “wisdom of the dribble. We have reduced our mental capacities to the point that the democrats have been able to sell us pigs in a poke for president multiple times and openly steal an election than turns our attention to the antifa portraying themselves as Trump supporters. Obama was elected and acclaimed as a “messiah” as he sold us out at every turn, never being required to validate his citizenship just as the Kenyan parliament on “Thursday, March 25 in 2010 congratulates us on electing a president born in Kenya. That is not a popular bit of information so it is buried by multituede of executive orders sealing records of his history and Congress ignores the possibilities. Now the Media has again buried the information about the corrupt Biden family even after Joe Biden’s several confessions of violations of our election laws by Obama and extortion of foreign governments. The democrats campaign to excoriated a president that did more for America than the majority of presidents altogether is just another side show to distract us from the real issue of a stolen election. The dems encourage the burning of our cities, looting of businesses and this is all just political expression and “mostly peaceful” BUT when the election is clearly a situation of robbery or antifa hides in the crowd and violates congresses work space it is a national disgrace and all things Trump should be erased from the earth.
      Now I hear that AOC is going to be the arbitrator for truth, a judge as to what is truth and what is not. It is a low level example of cognitive function for this bag of hot air’s mental trash producer to be appointed as the deciding factor for truthful information.
      Yes we have been dumbified and I wonder it there will be any cognitive improvement for future people in America or will we continue to be living at the idiots level.

    • Sorry Linda, some Republicans are stupid – remember Liz Cheney is a Republican (so are people like Kinzinger, Mike DeWine, Susan Collins and many many more.


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