REPORT: Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Date LEAKED – Libs Are Losing Their Minds

July 8, 2017 12:45 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Supreme Court Justices have to hire clerks to help them keep on top of their many duties. To be fair to his clerks, Justice Kennedy has shared big news with them.

Justice Kennedy has yet to hire clerks for the next term, which begins October 2018. Instead, he’s told the applicant clerks that he is considering retirement. This means he may retire in the summer of 2018! (via Election Law Blog)

All of this is according to Nina Tottenburg, who wrote an NPR story on the Justices and mentioned Kennedy had informed his applicants he was considering retirement.

Unlike Justice Ginsberg, who seems determined to hold onto her seat despite her incredibly advanced age, Justice Kennedy appears to see no reason to push himself. We wish him only peace and joy in retirement.

If true, this is good news. President Trump’s last pick for the Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch, was an excellent pick. Not only because he was fit to fill the shoes of the late Justice Scalia, but because he is a wise and intelligent voice in his own right.

We would only benefit from getting as many Trump picks onto the court as possible. By adding another, we are guaranteeing a Supreme Court that values the Constitution and secures our guaranteed rights before the politics of the moment.

I shudder to think of what would have happened if Obama had the opportunity to make these picks. A partisan, even social justice warrior-appeasing, Court would have undoubtedly resulted– and stuck around for decades.

Honestly, it could have spelled the end of American freedom. And, in the future, after both of Trump’s terms are over, we will have to guard against these partisan picks.

There is also some politics to address here. Justice Kennedy’s potential retirement date is just before the 2018 midterm elections. If President Trump waits until after the mid-terms to appoint a Justice, the open spot could encourage a bigger Republican turnout for the midterm elections.

Personally, I would keep the spot open. It will serve as an important reminder to patriots everywhere precisely what is at stake moving forward. We have to keep Trump-loyal Republicans in office, so they can enact the policies we worked so hard to push for in 2016.

Supreme Court picks are an essential element to achieving those policies; there is still so much work we need to get done.

So, it’s a good thing that President Trump has appointed Gorsuch as among the youngest Justices ever. Hopefully, he will do the same if indeed Justice Kennedy retires.

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