Report: ISIS Leaders Killed With Bomb 4x More Powerful Than MOAB [Video]

September 13, 2017 8:43 pm  

(Conservative Tribune) – In April, the Trump administration made headlines across the world when the “Mother of All Bombs” also known as MOAB was used to wipe out dozens of terrorists in Afghanistan.

The MOAB is one of the largest non-nuclear devices in the world, and it is possible that Russia may have gotten into the business of using these devices by dropping one in Syria, Tribunist reported.

Nothing has been confirmed at this point, but there are reports circulating that Russia used an “Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power,” commonly referred to as the “Father of All Bombs” to take out dozens of Islamic State group terrorists.

There have been reports on Twitter from activists in the region who claimed Russia dropped the bomb and wiped out 40 terrorists.

The U.K. Daily Mail noted that the around the time the FOAB would have been dropped, September 7, the Russian defense ministry stated that it had killed a number of terrorists in a “precision strike.”

“As a result of a precision air strike of the Russian air forces in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor city, a command post, communication centre and some 40 ISIS fighters have been killed,” a post by the Defense Ministry said.

Aside from a test video of the device from many years ago, which you can view below, the FOAB has rarely been seen.

Of course Russia did release this statement, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Russia has routinely slaughtered women and children with indiscriminate bombing, and then insisted that all those killed were terrorists.

The FOAB releases a cloud of flammable gas over the target before it denotes, creating a massive shockwave that can pulverize anything nearby. The blast from a MOAB is equivalent to 11 tons of TNT. The FOAB’s blast is claimed to be equivalent to 44 tons of TNT.

When the United States dropped the MOAB in April, some experts wondered if it was a message to North Korea, showing them what we are capable of doing.

If Russia did in fact use the FOAB, they could be sending a message to the United States, though we will never know for certain.

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