Report: FBI Agent Commits ‘Suicide’ After Allegedly Discovering Clinton Foundation Looted Billions From Treasury

(BLP) – A blockbuster report from True Pundit indicates that an FBI agent who committed “suicide” was involved in uncovering a massive Clinton foundation money-laundering conspiracy that allegedly plundered the U.S. Treasury out of billions.

FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli allegedly committed suicide last year in stunning news that shocked his family. Cincinelli was found dead at the Container Bar in Austin, Texas “with at least one gunshot wound” in July 2019. He had quit a life as a high-powered Wall Street trader to join the FBI and help clean up the corrupt financial industry.

Mike Moore, who writes at True Pundit under the alias Thomas Paine, broke the news on his podcast that Cincinelli may have lost his life due to his work investigating the Clintons.

“So we’re finding that deceased top FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli was a member of a team that was investigating the Clinton Foundation and had witnessed and investigated the fact that large amounts of money were being moved by Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation, coming in coming out, that trace back to the State Dept. during the time that she was Secretary of State,” Moore said on his podcast.

“This is the first time or the first proof that anybody has that she was actually taking money from public money from the State Dept. while she was Secretary of State and moving it around to her cronies linked to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton cartel and Cincinelli was part of the FBI who was looking into this,” he added. “And incredibly, this has been on the desk of Attorney General William Barr who hasn’t done anything with it.”

The allegations, which have been substantiated by sources that have spoken to True Pundit, are that billions in taxpayer dollars were taken from the U.S. Treasury and placed into the coffers of the Clinton Administration.

“We are talking about billions of dollars that were stolen, siphoned, funneled,” a top-level federal source said. “Not millions. Billions. It’s absolutely massive and other members of the Obama administration are involved.”

Federal agents are reportedly very frustrated that the Department of Justice is overlooking the scandal, with AG Barr – who had previously worked under globalist President George H.W. Bush – apparently maintaining the status quo within the deep state.

“You look at the size of this corruption and realize why Hillary warehoused all her State Dept. emails on a private server and destroyed thousands upon thousands of emails so that no one could get a look at the side deals,” Moore said.

Cincinelli may be the latest man whose name could be added to the Clinton kill count, as people who investigate the Clintons or get in the way of their pursuit of power tend to turn up dead in mysterious fashion.


  1. Maybe we won’t have to find a way to remove scum like Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, etc and on down the list. Soros may just give them all a dirt blanket for how foolishly they rushed this whole process. They had no possible chance to win with the case they presented. Regardless of how it happens, none of them will be missed.

  2. The day that Bill and Hillary go to jail will be the same day that white collar crime in the U.S. drops by at least one half.

    • You got that right …. Anxiously waiting but not holding my breath ;(( How many healthy intelligent people have to commit “Suicide”
      before this vile evil family is exposed & held accountable for all these Murders???

  3. I has everything a great idea. Fire Gray and hire Trey Gowdy as the new FBI Director.As a graduation of the FBI National Academy, I would once again be very proud of that organization. When was the last time an FBI Agent committed suicide ? I. have never heard of one investigating corruption, even the “Mafia” having committed suicide. May be , but I have never heard of it.

  4. Why is it that all this is found out documented and proven! And all the suspicion with the deaths connected in fairly plain fact to the clintons! And yet nothing-NOTHING comes from any of it? And the Clintons are free to pursue any and all of any underhanded lolita express and strange sudden death of Epsteine that they desire! This seems to stink with the same smell of the locking up of Martha stewart for inside training because only the “upper class better than you politicians” were the only privileged party allowed to do this? And “commoners” were to be severally punished for trespassing on their private enterprise! And just why did the politicians pass laws that protect them from anything and everything? And why were they allowed to get away with thisSLAP in americans face? Why do they have the power to set themselves above the law?

  5. Is FBI, WRAY, ever going to be fired for ignoring the Clinton criminal actions.

    How many more back stabbing suicides need to occur ?

    President Trump has the guts to fight for law in order, terrific man very much needed to keep America safe and prosperous.

  6. Leland, you are right. The Clinton’s are notorious for having people ‘commit suicide’ after dealing with them. Declare WAR on this treacherous and treasonous piece of crap crime ‘family’. I believe they should be eliminated from this life, let them commit suicide with help!
    MAGA & KAG!
    TRUMP 2020!

  7. When are these criminals going to be prosecuted and put in jail. There is so much corruption going on and shady deals. I think we have a large criminal enterprise.

  8. When is the Clinton cartel going to prison for all there crimes against the people. And this man had more than one shot to the head to commit suicide How does that work.

    • Another innocent person into the Hitlery body bags! Good Lord. Prosecute these criminals.!!!! Is anybody looking into this?

  9. Doesn’t matter. If Clinton wants her out of the picture she’ll wind up dead just like everyone else has. It’s just that Clinton will wind up making her entire family vengeful and her voter base will definitely be irate. That’s a huge amount of people to eliminate. But many Americans forget one important thing. Obama hid a lot of shit from the people that could’ve sent the Clintons to prison for life. Trouble is- the many mysterious deaths linked to the Clintons may be very well by the hands of Obama himself. He still wields a huge amount of power and money behind the scenes. That’s evident with the multi billion dollar estate that he has. And for all anyone knows, Obama could easily be using various federal agents or secretive Muslim operatives to eliminate any possible threat against the Clintons power and social influence. Don’t just look at Hillary or Bill Clinton being the suspected leaders of all of their acquaintances becoming mysteriously dead. Remember that the Obama administration and the Clintons were using Russian officials in their attempts to destroy Trump. And we also have to look at all of the Muslim operatives that were also involved in the Benghazi incident. The plot thickens as we see. Also remember that Soros is involved in a lot of these anti Trump and anti Clinton or Obama matters. His Antifa and MS 13 subversive groups are highly questionable and he has also funneled several billions of dollars to empower the Democrats, specially the Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler. Schumer also fits into the fray and we can’t rule out Bloomberg. Why is he suddenly funneling several billions of dollars to the Democrats to defeat all Republicans? Does he intend to buy every single election with his money? Wait and see.

    • Im afraid you are very right!!!
      Curious hes practically giving away BILLIONS to “defeat” President Trump. Anyway possible.

  10. “Deep State”- another Red Herring invented by the “Alternative Facts” creating team at Trump Misinformation (Lie) Creation Group!

  11. I think Al Capone could have taken lessons from Hillary . Not so much Bill who I don’t think is bright enough or devious enough . She doesn’t off him as he is more or less her shield And cover . Obama got rich off of her too . You do not afford $15,000,000 homes on Cape Cod just on a Presidents salary .And another in DC .There is Definately some shady dealings going on in DC And the Democrats Party . Look at all those who got rich after getting into politics .

  12. When it comes to Hillary Clinton nothing surprises me . There have been to many deaths surrounding her , to many shady deals regarding finances . And let’s not forget her deleted emails . There is an old saying , “Where there is smoke , there is fire” ! The threat of ‘Arkanaside’ looms over anyone daring to dig to deep . No wonder there is never any charges or investigations let alone prosecution , everyone fears for their life !

  13. The Clintons are just puppets, like every name mentioned involved in our corrupt government. Not a single site that I can find has posted anything concerning this secret entity that has been involved in controlling a country’s government going back to at least the time of England’s Disraeli who called it “The Hidden Hand” from George Washington all the way to president John F Kennedy six presidents warned about this secret entity, here is just one president’s warning; “There is a conspiracy to enslave every man woman and child in this country, before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this conspiracy” John F Kennedy the real reason he was assassinated, that and his E.O 11110

    • I’m old enough to remember JFK, don’t believe the lying disinformation specialists such as Snopes who are paid to distort and lie about anything and everything to cover for this secret entity.

  14. Remember the $6 Billion she couldn’t find. Well there it is….Who is Barr going to deal with the FBI? Yeah right, not after OShit and Hillary got done with that group….FBI may be the ones who did it….

    • Just like the FBI swarmed onto Epstein’s Pedophile Island to find evidence of any “wrong doing” yeah right, it was to destroy any evidence of certain high profile people who visited there, one Bill Clinton. The FBI is nothing but one of the corrupt alphabet government agencies that protects these high profile criminals. Lets face we’ve lost this country, too many dumbed down “Useful Idiots” that believe the controlled MSM whores, who are like pit bulls ready to attack anyone and everyone that tries to expose these criminals as “Right Wing Conspiracy Nuts”

  15. I am and have been extremely concerned about Attorney General Barr’s lack of pursuit in Prosecuting and Bringing to Justice not only the Clinton Klan, but Obama, George Soros and sadly many others involve in Treasonous activities against “We The People”, Our Constitution, Our President and Our America !!! He might be either involved within the “Dark State” and/or being Threatened with bodily harm if he does his job ??? In either case “We The People” and Our President Trump Must Find the Required Person Qualified and with the Determination To Effectively Perform The Job and Tasks Required of an Attorney General !!!!

  16. THANK GOD, TRUMP WON and will WIN THE ELECTION !!! If this cunt-bastard had become president, it would have been the END of America as we know it!!

  17. Deep state dems get away with murder — that’s why they are trying to get Trump , he is going to expose the — he needs another 4 yrs — really 8 more yrs !!

  18. Sounds like another Clinton murder to me. Hillary’s father was head of the Detroit mob after Al Capone. Can this be her connection . . . ???

  19. Well, now we know where the six billion dollars went that was missing from the State Department under Hildabeast.
    I’m beginning to believe that we have the most corrupt government on Earth!
    It’s time we take it back and straighten it out!!

  20. Nobody commits suicide especially an FBI agent for uncovering the very crimes that you were investigating in the first place…as always the common denominator are the Clinton’s….oh well another notch in the ole pistalero for the corrupt Clinton’s….

  21. Why do they believe nothing is being investigated? Because there are no leaks? I believe it IS being investigated but why would Barr advertise it?! You do not let the enemy know you are watching!

    • Mr. Barr I’m sure he knows how dangerous it is to investigate the Clintons, with all the deaths of people associated with the Clintons already he would have to be a fool to let them know, it will be hard enough with all the puppets answering to the so-called deep state puppets that do the bidding of the real “Deep State” “The Hidden Hand” these are the people with an ideology for “World Conquest” these people wouldn’t allow Hillary into their inner circle, how can it not be an ideology when this secret entity has been around, at least since the time of England’s Disraeli who called this secret entity “The Hidden Hand”

  22. I suppose that one could assume that all these Clinton “assisted suicides” are in fact being investigated. If so, progress in the investigations is NOT being reported, by the MSM or anyone else for that matter. No surprise there! Is it possible that even the investigators (if such in fact exist) are on the Clinton payroll alongside the MSM?

    • Michael I don’t think your right about this.Donnas reply makes more sense and if that’s the case I agree with how the AG is going about this.

    • I’m sure Mr. Barr is smart enough not to tell the world he’s investigating the Clintons, he has enough problems guarding his life and his family already.

  23. My, my my what a shock, I had to read this story three times, just to be sure it involved the Clintons, I’m sure there is some mistake, probably that mean ole Trump and his deplorables trying to tarnish Hillary’s outstanding record of fighting for “We The People”

    • Trump does not NEED to do anything to tarnish Clinton. She herself does a good job of it! May be the ONLY thing she is good at in fact!

    • Major-Iam not surprised that someone like you with your reply got into this conversation.After all WE THE PEOPLE expect and understand you and your hate for everything good that our and not your president is doing for WE THE PEOPLE and stop using WE THE PEOPLE because your not part of us and you don’t represent us WE THE PEOPLE!

    • I would comment on the connection between the Clinton’s and mysterious suicides, but I’m afraid I might kill myself, even though I don’t own a gun.

  24. The Clintons never kill someone who criticizes them or sues them. They kill people who are about to expose their crimes. The FBI already has enough evidence to put both of them in jail but they are opposed through threats from the State Department and ESPECIALLY the NSA. Fools created the NSA thinking people would never be evil enough to use that secret information for blackmail. They never met a Democrat I guess. The Democrats blackmailing is the same as Democrats breathing.

  25. Add another body to the Clinton body count. Amazing how many have “committed suicide” when involved in investigating the Clinton’s.

  26. Add ANOTHER VERY suspicious death, to the LONG list of suspicious deaths involving the Clintons ! When will this end !

  27. Gabbard will be ‘consulted’ with the words, “You have a nice family. It would be a shame if anything happened to them or you.”

    End of lawsuit.

  28. Keep an eye on Tulsi Gabbard. I’m worried about her with the 50 million dollar law suit against Hillary. The death list just gets longer and longer.


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