Reminder: Bernie Sanders A Bum Who Didn’t Earn His First Steady Paycheck Until He Was 40 Then Wormed His Way Into Politics

(Gateway Pundit) – As Socialist Bernie Sanders continues to take control in the Democrat Party Primary here is a good reminder of this man’s shameful record.

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Bernie Sanders was a bum who didn’t earn a steady paycheck until he was 40 years old. He was a slob who lived in a shack with a dirt floor. He later wrote about masturbation and rape for left-wing rags for $50 a story. The Socialist then wormed his way into politics.

Bernie had his electricity cut off a lot so he’d run an extension cord down to the basement. He couldn’t pay his bills.

And today he’s running for president so he can take your money and redistribute it.

Investor’s Business Daily reported:

Sanders spent most of his life as an angry radical and agitator who never accomplished much of anything. And yet now he thinks he deserves the power to run your life and your finances — “We will raise taxes;” he confirmed Monday, “yes, we will.”

One of his first jobs was registering people for food stamps, and it was all downhill from there.

Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor, and she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment. Then he had a child out of wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink a nail. “He was a shi**y carpenter,” a friend told Politico Magazine. “His carpentry was not going to support him, and didn’t.”

Then he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about “masturbation and rape” and other crudities for $50 a story. He drove around in a rusted-out, Bondo-covered VW bug with no working windshield wipers. Friends said he was “always poor” and his “electricity was turned off a lot.” They described him as a slob who kept a messy apartment — and this is what his friends had to say about him.

The only thing he was good at was talking … non-stop … about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off. “The whole quality of life in America is based on greed,” the bitter layabout said. “I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.”

So he tried politics, starting his own socialist party. Four times he ran for Vermont public office, and four times he lost — badly. He never attracted more than single-digit support — even in the People’s Republic of Vermont. In his 1971 bid for U.S. Senate, the local press said the 30-year-old “Sanders describes himself as a carpenter who has worked with ‘disturbed children.’ ” In other words, a real winner.

He finally wormed his way into the Senate in 2006, where he still ranks as one of the poorest members of Congress. Save for a municipal pension, Sanders lists no assets in his name. All the assets provided in his financial disclosure form are his second wife’s. He does, however, have as much as $65,000 in credit-card debt.

Sure, Sanders may not be a hypocrite, but this is nothing to brag about. His worthless background contrasts sharply with the successful careers of other “outsiders” in the race for the White House, including a billionaire developer, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and a Fortune 500 CEO.

The choice in this election is shaping up to be a very clear one. It will likely boil down to a battle between those who create and produce wealth, and those who take it and redistribute it.

So it only makes sense that Democrats would look to Bernie to be their leader.

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  1. I really don’t care where he came from other than the fact he was and still is a BUM. He still has not earned a paycheck and I doubt that even with his “college degree” he able to either spell the word work or give an intelligent definition of what it is. Elect this trash and be prepared for worst case outcome for everyone but the BUM.

  2. Bernie is so annoying….Ever watch him speak? Which is all he can do, I wouldn’t say he’s good at it either. His finger bounces to each syllable spoken. It’s distracting, it shows his anger and it’s ANNOYING just like his ideology.

  3. WHY isn’t information like this, being shouted from the rooftops?! I, personally, have nothing but disdain and contempt for this man, who should stop saying he’s a socialist, and come right out and say what he REALLY is….. a communist!! But I had no idea, about any of what this article says about him. If there’s anyone reading this, and has the money to do it, PLEASE make an infomercial about all of it, purchase some serious airtime on as many television stations as you can afford and, GET THIS INFORMATION OUT THERE!! Thank you!!

  4. Wake up people, socialism never work in any country. The only people that will take advantage of it are people at the top of socialism like Bernie. He knows it very well that’s why he wants it. It Will be hell for the rest of the country and again he knows very well that’s the way it is. But he doesn’t care. He is a cynical person.

  5. He is a Communist through and through- Wants to strip away Americans dream of raising a family and owning their own home – His philosophy consists of TAXING THE HELL out of ANYBODY that works for a living = BLUE COLLAR ( I believe Blue collar people appreciate what they have more so than others- (freeloaders) and ALSO ANYONE who has made it good through hard work and perseverance . Vote Donald TRUMP 2020 – He is man WHO LOVES THIS COUNTRY’S CITIZENS – NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE AND HE LOVES THIS COUNTRY – KAG 2020 – To all of you who think that – if it’s FREE it’s for ME ….. We who have been around for 60- 70 years can tell you…. AINT NOTHING FOR FREE trust us YOU WILL PAY WITH HIGH TAXES – Bernie Sanders has already TOLD YOU HE IS GOING TO RAISE TAXES- this means YOU!!!!!

  6. Adolf Hitler was a member of the Socialist Party

    Many (most) failed Goverments were (are) Socialist

    If that is what you really want for the United States — vote for Bernie

  7. The Bern has become what he says he despises-an elitist in his Socialist Party. He is worth several millions now with many homes and that will grow after this election as he reaping much from his campaign. It is a scam as he pays his wife for being his travel agent and scheduler. The Commie has made good. He would have a hot line to Putin for his advise on how to handle the Proletariat.

    • His wife also owns the company that does his ad buys. These ad buys for Senator get a 15% commission which he spent $850,000 when running as a Senator. When he ran for President in 2016 ad buys were $83 million and good ole Jane Sanders got a 15% commission on those ad buys. The address of this company is listed as an LLC of her friend’s house and when reporter called Jane and asked about this she hung up on him. Then we have Jane lying on a bank loan to get funding for an addition to the college she was President of and the college had to file bankruptcy and close down. One thing about Communists….they know how to take care of themselves.

  8. I’m not a Sanders fan by any means, but a little fairness here. He graduated from the University of Chicago, an Ivy-caliber university, but clearly floundered following graduation. He was a committed political person whose mind was always preoccupied with it, but managed to scrape by, albeit not in admirable fashion, until he was elected Mayor of Burlington when he was 40. Fact is, however, that he’s had a strong second half of his life, with 8 years as Mayor, then two years later getting elected to Congress, in which he served for 16 years, and then in 2007 becoming Senator. Now the biggest complaint I read about him, after his socialism, is his net worth and the three houses he owns! Sanders is like the actor who took a long time breaking out of a series of day jobs in pursuit of his goals, but by any reasonable standard he’s done well since the age of 40. Let’s focus on the important stuff: the issues. This other stuff is nonsense.

    • You mean the money his wife embezzled from the college she worked at. It was in the Millions. That’s all we need in office a Masturbating senile Socialist who’s wife is an embezzler wanting to raise taxes and redestribute your wealth to his coffers. How stupid the people who support him must be. Bunch of halfwit Morons. Yeah he’s done alright. But his dreams of being President unfortunately will just remain a dream. We the People deem it so. TRUMP 2020!!!

    • Sorry JIM the other stuff about BERNIE is not nonsense, If you dont know about the man you will never know what he intends to do if Elected, He has been a Senator since 1977 and has accomplished nothing in the senate while enriching himself and taking a paycheck for a job he has not done and now he wants to be rewarded with a better paying job, If he did nothing in his previous job Why would we the voters promote him? Sorry Jim the other stuff about him is not NONSENSE.As voters we should know about the past of all those seeking elected office that is the only way to make an informed decision about those we vote for.

  9. If you are a BERNIE supporter you should take a serious look at his record in the SENATE he has ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS, In fact he is one of the laziest people in the Senate, While at the same time has grown substantially wealthy while at the same time preaching the advantages of SOCIALISM, What he does not want you to know is under SOCIALIST policies the only ones that are successful are those like him those at the top of the food chain, He is without a doubt the biggest FRAUD in the political arena. This man should never be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

  10. Wow .. his bio fits most progressive liberal filth in today’s America.

    Other than owning three homes he is just another worthless progressive piece of trash..huh folks ?

  11. ba ba bernie is EVERYTHING wrong with politics…..he is a commie, a congenital liar, lazy ahole, has NO idea who much his programs will cost…….please let him be the dnc candidate….

    Trump will win in a landslide!!!

    • The problem I see is the other Democrat candidates are Socialists and Bernie is a Communist and they do not point this out. If he wins the nomination, you can bet President Trump will point this out and explain to those who blindly follow Sanders what their future will be and the price they will pay for not educating themselves on both Socialism and Communism. He will have thousands available to tell their personal experiences living under both.


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