Remember The Young Woman Who Died While Waiting For A Coronavirus Test In New Orleans? …Yeah, Well Now The Truth Is Out

(Gateway Pundit) – Last week the liberal media ran screaming headlines after 39-year-old Natasha Ott was found dead on her kitchen floor while awaiting her coronavirus test results.

Rest in peace, Natasha.

But it was not true.

A second coronvirus test came back negative on Natasha Ott.

Of course, the left ran with the story as a way to whip up panic and attack the Trump administration.

New Orleans woman, 39, dies while awaiting coronavirus test results-Natasha Ott, of New Orleans, was found dead on her kitchen floor Friday by her longtime partner, Josh Anderson, while she was still awaiting her Covid-19 test results. #TheMoreYouKnow

— Karli Q ⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@KarluskaP) March 22, 2020

The media reported incorrectly that she died of COVID-9 while waiting for her test results.

Furthermore, it was not revealed that she was in fact suffering for the last TWO years from an undiagnosed intestinal condition but her boyfriend lied and said she was perfectly healthy.

She was a “Peace Corps Alumni.”

The Sun Herald reported:

The exact reason the woman, Natasha Ott, died remains under investigation by the Coroner’s Office, spokesman Jason Melancon said. Such investigations can take several weeks to complete.

Ott’s death drew public notice when her boyfriend, Josh Anderson, wrote in a widely shared social media post that he had found her dead March 20 in her kitchen. Anderson recounted that an ailing Ott, after testing negative for the flu, had been tested for COVID-19 — the potentially deadly respiratory disease caused by the virus — but died before getting the results back.

So will any of the liberal news outlets correct their lies?

It’s doubtful.


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  3. this is why i watch the demoncrap news then look at the news from many places on the net and wait to see if its true or not and 99.9 % its a lie from the news networks on tv


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