Red Flag: Dominion Voting Systems’ Employee Behavior Gives Major Hint Something’s Up

( Exclusive) – This election was anything but safe and secure despite the fact that those on the left have had the audacity to call it the “most” safe and secure election in history. That kind of outrageous statement should be enough to make any reasonable person a bit suspicious.

The left has been vehemently insisting that there is no way there could ever be any fraud or outside interference in this election despite the fact that we have had to endure 4 years of the “Russian-collusion” hoax.

Even after it became clear that there was no Russian-collusion, the Democrats have refused to let the charade die. The crooked mainstream media talking heads continue to rail on about it even to this day.

But this election was totally secure, nothing to see here, move along. Time to unite.

Come on. It’s pitiful to think there are people who actually believe these obvious lies. Given the Democrats apparent zeal for fighting foreign interference in our elections over the past four years, it certainly is baffling that they don’t seem at all concerned with Dominion Voting Systems software which has deep foreign ties and a track record of corruption and fraud.

This wasn’t always true, however, in 2019 far-left Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and Ron Wyden (D-OR), wrote a formal letter of complaint about the performance of Dominion’s voting machines and software to founders and co-CEOs of Dominion’s parent company H.I.G. Capital Inc.

It turns out back then they didn’t like that Dominion machines and software were apparently switching votes that were meant for them to their opponents. Today, however, they have no issue with votes being switched from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The left’s philosophy has always been to take down President Trump at all costs and that’s exactly what they’ve tried doing. Despite the fact that they pretend to have principles and scruples they clearly do not. Fraud is totally fine as long as they win.

Now it appears their concerns about Dominion were, in fact, justified as damning evidence against the company continues to surface.

Since Election Day more than 100 of the 243 Dominion employees have deleted their profiles on the professional-networking platform LinkedIn. A recent report alleges that over 40% of Dominion employee’s with LinkedIn profiles deleted them in the days following the Election.

Were they feeling the heat? Rosie Memos @almostjingo reported this:

The Gateway Pundit reports that “On November 6th, a couple days after Election Day, there were 243 employees on LinkedIn. Yesterday there were only 140 profiles remaining.”

Here are some of those profiles before they were taken down.

As if that wasn’t suspicious enough, Rosie Memos pointed out that all of their software engineers are located in Serbia. Just a reminder that this is the company that managed the vote counting process in the US and reported vote tallies but don’t count on the Democrats to shout about “Serbian-collusion” anytime soon.

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  1. What I don’t understand is why anyone is surprised that a group of people that would culture a deadly virus, then release it on the world, kill millions, to crash the US economy before an election, would even hesitate to rig that election. We are at war and the enemy is within the gates! A lot of people had better wake up or this country is doomed!

  2. I listen to the Biden dribble and watch with a sadden heart as democrats and the left are willfully and blindly pursuant to destroy this country’s foundation, denying the authority of the People and the Constitution. I wonder why the many who mimic Biden’s words do not see with their mind’s eye the track record of this group who call themselves American democrats but demonstrate they have NONE of the qualities or character of Americans which is founded on the Biblical principles of God’s word. These people walk through life with their eyes closed.

    • Free stuff.That’s all folks.Biden bought votes with your money.Make a list of all his promises and see what you receive in the future.

  3. What aa disgusting joke from hell when Biden says he will “unify” us as he steals from us our last vestige of freedom our voice in the vote. His words have been spoken by “leaders” in Europe years ago just before they turned Europe into a hell on earth. No good can come from corruption.

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