RED ALERT: Obama Lapdog Ezra Klein Claims Trump Can Be Impeached For No Reason At All

December 6, 2017 5:00 pm  

( – Ezra Klein, Obama’s media lapdog who overlooked the many times Obama broke the Constitution – has now announced that Trump doesn’t need to break a law or violate the Constitution. Klein is pushing the frightening prospect that Trump can be impeached simply because liberals absolutely hate him, VOX reports.

Klein stood by while Republicans impeached Bill Clinton. Klein did not approve of that and claimed there was no grounds to impeach Clinton. The law is quite clear that perjury is a crime.

Klein didn’t raise his voice when Obama illegally granted work permits to illegal aliens. He didn’t bat an eye while Obama was handing out $7 billion a year to insurance companies to keep Obamacare from collapsing. He didn’t lift a finger when Obama used settlements from the banks to launder money into far left-wing groups. Now, liberals are using Trump’s tweets as grounds for impeachment. Klein writes for left-wing Vox.

The Democrats are on the verge of normalizing impeachment – they are going to be able to impeach Trump, even if he has never committed a crime – that would be a clear violation of the law of the separation of powers in our Constitution. Democrats are taking a different tack and are talking about impeaching him for obstruction of justice, against the fact that Trump is the head law enforcement official in the United States and shouldn’t be able to be impeached for obstruction without an underlying crime. But if there are enough Democrats in Congress, there’s no doubt they’ll just conveniently “forget” about all the laws of our Constitution.

In Nixon’s case, there were cash payments made to silence people and others were told to lie to investigators. Clinton was recorded telling a witness to lie. But the Democrats are going to contrive of every last ridiculous claim, down to the mere word-choice of his tweets, to unfairly bring the boot down on him.

Democrats know that everything they are doing is against our Constitution, but mark our words … if they win a majority in the House and Senate, they WILL pull it off anyways.

If the Democrats win the majority and succeed in deposing Trump, that will bring on the total end of the separation of powers and our republic.

From Charles Pierce of Esquire:

“To argue that impeachment can be pursued if enough people in Congress believe a president’s policies to be wrong, or if enough people in Congress believe the president is not up to the job, is to turn separation of powers on its head.”

According to Time, members of the House are already making a bold move against the president. Texas Rep. Al Green vowed on Tuesday that he will bring articles of impeachment against President Trump to a vote on Wednesday, announcing that “three prominent Democrats” requested to meet with him to conspire for the impeachment.

In November, a half-dozen other Democrats brought forward articles of impeachment, accusing Trump of everything from obstruction of justice to just outright calling him insane.

Virtually everything the liberal slime media has hurled at the president is fake news – but if our government is taken control over by the Democrats in 2018, they are so ruthless and above the law, they’ll turn that fake news into reality. In the delusional mind of liberal snowflakes, their feelings alone will be enough to have their way.

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