RED ALERT: China Warns Of IMMINENT North Korea Nuclear Attack, Issues ‘Duck And Cover’ Pamphlets To Public

December 8, 2017 6:00 pm  

( – Amid the rising tensions between North Korea and the West over its provocative testing of nuclear weapons in the face of international condemnation, something is happening in one of China’s northern provinces that just put experts and officials on the highest alert levels yet.

According to Express, a Chinese province bordering the diabolical hermit kingdom is preparing for an all-out nuclear holocaust. The government has started to issue pamphlets to the public which depict cartoons instructing citizens what to do and how to stay alive in the event of a sudden atomic strike. It’s a degree of propaganda we haven’t seen since the end of the Cold War.

The full-page spread instructs readers with a full-fledged nuclear survival guide, ranging from the kinds of nuclear weapons, how to protect oneself, and all different sorts of disaster scenarios. This nuclear survival guide was issued only a week after the North launched another ballistic missile.

While officials have attempted to portray a demeanor of calm, this publication obviously triggered alarm among the public as well as foreign media. It’s no coincidence that they would put forward this kind of information during this volatile time.

The People’s Air Defense Office of Jilin Province doesn’t have much for good news./ While neighboring Japan has a lot more education – and historical experience, unfortunately – with nuclear weapons, the Chinese people are going to be much more clueless if and when the bombs start to fall, reports The Diplomat.

The Chinese have good reason to be prepared: the Hwasong-15 represents a frightening new development in the conflict – it’s larger and more powerful than most other nuclear weapons at other nations’ disposal.

“This isn’t just a big missile for North Korea this is a big missile in general,” Michael Duitsman told CNN. “There are not a lot of countries who could build a missile this big and have it work.”

While China and North Korea have traditionally been allies, their alliance has been steadily eroding as the North’s belligerence even wears down the patience of its longstanding neighbor. It’s very possible that, in a war between the hermit nation and America’s allies, China will jump into the dogpile and carve up its own piece of Kim Jong Un’s territorial pie.

This is happening in the wake of North Korea declaring that it’s not just a matter of “if,” but when war will be unleashed between them and American-allied powers.

A representative of Kim Jong Un and his regime heightened the already-fiery rhetoric after the North expressed its anger over the U.S. and South Korea launching one of its largest military drills to date on its border.

“The large-scale nuclear war exercises conducted by the US are creating a touch-and-go situation on the Korean peninsula and series of violent war remarks coming from US high-level politicians amid such circumstances have made an outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula an established fact.

“The remaining question now is: when will the war break out?”

On Thursday, two American B-1B heavy bombers joined in the massive-scale military drills being carried out in South Korea despite warning from the North that such a move will make war “an established fact,” reports Reuters.

Referring to the wisdom of Steve Bannon, Trump’s former Chief Strategist and top ally, there’s just no good solution to this problem.

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