Ratings Crash For NBA, MLB After Protest-Filled Debuts

(Breitbart) – As the NBA and MLB return from their coronavirus-imposed hiatus, it appears TV viewers are not interested in what the increasingly woke leagues have to offer.

With both baseball and basketball draped in all sorts of Black Lives Matter and social justice symbolism for their opening games, a substantially smaller number of fans tuned-in to the rest of the week’s games.

According to Outkick.com, neither league did well.

As for the opening games, Outkick reported that the return of the NBA on TNT saw the following numbers:

Lakers-Clippers: 3.4 million
Pelicans-Jazz: 2.1 million

ESPN’s MLB return numbers were also underwhelming:

Yankees-Nationals: 4.0 million
Dodgers-Giants: 2.8 million

Outkick’s Ryan Glasspiegel added more ratings numbers on Twitter.

“To be fair since I compared MLB vs NBA return night 1, here is night 2,” (July 24) he wrote, adding:

MLB (last Friday, ESPN)
Mets-Braves (4p) – 922K
Brewers-Cubs (7p) – 1.0M
Angels-As (10p) – 797K

NBA (last night ESPN) (July 31)
Celtics-Bucks (6:30p) – 1.3M
Mavs-Rockets (9p)- 1.7M

The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss also noted that the numbers continued to fall off for MLB:

For good measure, Strauss also pointed out that baseball can’t blame the coronavirus. The virus didn’t stop people from watching Tom Brady golf with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson back in May.

Indeed, the charity golf match earned record TV ratings in May.

Dubbed “The Match II,” the game featuring Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning, and Tiger Woods peaked at an amazing 6.3 million viewers and raised more than $20 million for charity.



  1. Let us all allow these idiot and moronic butt holes that we need to get politics out of recreational sports or pay the consequences. Do not attend or watch any recreational sports until they get politics out of recreational sports or starve to death!!

    • Agree! Unfortunately our opinions are muffled under all the political manipulation and bull crap out there.
      How about take a knee for our soldiers and to our country or get out!
      Keep the politics out of sports!

  2. these MLB descendant should have to miss two, three, four, five years like the players of WWII, korea years had to. the over-grown, over-paid morons would quickly learn to stand for the flag and anthem.

  3. I, like many Americans, am tired of hearing about supposed ” institutional racism” that DOES NOT EXIST. When you have had a black president ( twice), and have all sorts of black millionaires in sports, music, entertainment, and blacks employed in law, finance, government at all levels, and broadcasters and all, WHAT are they talking about?? I have noticed that racism goes both ways. I am tired of hearing supposed lack of black progress is a white problem. Growing up poor and working since I was 16, I am tired of hearing others blather about white privilege. Its a flat out lie. Corporations who lack a backbone and who DONATE millions to these BLM marxists are making a tactical error which will haunt them forever. The rest of us will vote by taking our business dollars elsewhere. You will see it in your bottom line. Now they are trying to outright extort small business owners in St. Louis. Thank God for the guy at GOYA and the Trader Joes people. Stand up for your country. You only have to see the riots to know what is happening. You are wrong if you think that much worse cannot happen here. Trump once said, ” They aren’t coming for me. They are coming for YOU. I’m just standing in their way.” If you have a brain and a spine,and love America, if you want freedom of religion and an education for your children, vote a straight Republican line in November. Trump in 2020!! Any other choice means death for the country.

    • Thank you!! The numbers are great out there that believe the same, unfortunately we don’t get heard unless we loot and promote violence.
      This is the best country and has the most opportunities. People choose to keep themselves down if they refuse to work to better their lives.
      I too, am tired of listening to these overpaid sports, music, and politicians trying to destroy our country.

  4. I have no interest in any of it anymore. We’ve been lied to and played like fools by Fauchi and the CDC. They’ve destroyed our economy, taken millions of jobs away that will never return, and as AOC said “Who cares about a few jobs and people not working as long as it keeps Trump from being re-elected?” Not exact but close enough before she took it down off Twitter. So the Dumbacrats have gone Marxist. NBA and apparently MBA have turn Marxist (NBA did it last year). And all of us over 60 know that Karl Marx form of government just doesn’t work. So those who love liberty and freedom will vote to re-elect Trump. Those who don’t will vote for Karl Marx Biden!

  5. These athletes have funds and influence to create programs to educate law enforcement and the public as well as be role models for good citizens. Instead they insist to display racist signs indicating one races lives matters inferring others races not so much.

  6. Its been over 30 years since I watched the NBA and longer since I watched the NFL. I love college football but will not watch anymore if they go down the same thorny path as the professional clubs have gone. I also have been involved in Rodeo both amateur and professional for many years. If you want to see how the flag of this great nation should be honored then watch the ceremonies at the beginning of ANY rodeo, youth or professional. You can say what you want about the American Cowboy, First Nations, farmers and ranchers, but they are proud of this land, our freedom and rights, and they will ALWAYS honor those who have fought and spilled blood for our nation. God Bless America.

  7. I will not support any organizations or corporations that affiliate with the communist groups ANTIFA and BLM. I am done with Pro Sports teams because of this. If the college teams begin expressing support for theses communist groups I will end my support for them as well. These team members need to do their homework and discover what ANTIFA and BLM actually stand for. It has absolutely nothing to do with racism and George Floyd. Their demands are right out of the communist play book. I ask these team members if they believe that the personal property that they have (cars, planes, boats, motorcycles, homes) and the money they have earned should be taken from them and redistributed by ANTIFA and BLM? What about a side business that some of these players have; should ANTIFA and BLM be able to demand a portion of your profits, should they be able to demand that you hire employees of their choosing and if you do not meet these demands should ANTIFA and BLM be able to punish you and your business by violent destructive protest at your home and place of business? This is exactly what these communist organizations are doing to the average business owners, corporations, and individual citizens. WAKE UP, get your heads out of your asses or you will all be ignored.

  8. Maybe these sports realize their audience is almost 85% white, and that is why their numbers fell. The few African-American fans they have will not fill their wallets very long

  9. Kneeling during a flag raising, and BLM mural on the court, they are sending wrong signals. Will never watch these pro sports doing such unpatriotic practices. Bye.

  10. Yes, It’s time the pro-ball millionaires have to work for a living like us poor bastards out here in the real world. I haven’t watched a NBA game in 5 years and I’ve only seen part of three MLB games in years and I won’t watch NFL either. BLM is really going to kill the gate these teams draw and their viewership on TV. I really liked the results shown in the article: some clubs didn’t even draw a million viewers. Great!

  11. If the NFL tries this BLM BULL SH%& (ALL LIVES MATTER) I Won’t watch it. NBA- Moved to China Won’t watch. MLB Nope.
    I’m glad I grew up and lived my younger years 20-50 from 70-2000. The best of years!!
    Music, Sports and most people where the best.
    Now 50% can’t stand the other 50%

    • I’m older than you and agree completely. 60-2000. I will not watch the NFL since the Kapernick BS, haven’t watched the NBA in 20 years. I’m a big NATS fan, but they had BLM the first game and that pissed me off and if they continue that nonsense I’m through with MLB.
      In my opinion this started with Obama, he set us back 20 years and I figured it wouild take 20 years to get back, now I’m not so sure. May take a another civil war.

  12. I personally do not want to watch nor promote these overpaid garbage men .

    I personally do not endorse these very athletes fathering children with multiple women for society to care for .

    I personally believe these ingrates are today’s progressive liberal trash.

  13. I have boycotted the mlb since 1989 and the second strike. I will never watch another pro sports team ever again. supporting a terroist organization who wants to overthrow the govt is unforgivable. the nba players who make huge sums of money off the slave labor in China are a bunch of hypocrites. Scum everyone of them.

  14. Great! Hopefully these overpaid stooges and their ‘leagues’ go bankrupt … and they have to look for real work. All freaking losers, IMHO.


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