Racist University Of Virginia Student Tells White People To Leave New Campus Multicultural Center: ‘There’s Just Too Many White People In Here’ (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – A video posted to social media shows a racist black student demanding that white people leave the newly opened Multicultural Student Center at University of Virginia.

The entitled student stood up and announced to her peers that white students using the space made her and other people of color uncomfortable.

“Public service announcement,” the woman said. “If y’all didn’t know, this is the MSC, and, frankly, there’s just too many white people in here, and this is a space for people of color, so, just be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up because it does make some of us POCs uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here.”

“There’s a whole university for a lot of y’all to be at, and there’s very few spaces for us, so keep that in mind,” she continued.

The rude, and undeniably racist, announcement was met with applause from others in the room.

The website for the Multicultural Center, which just opened on February 6, says that it is meant to “promote inclusion and engagement for historically underrepresented students.

We enhance the undergraduate experience through co-curricular programs and culturally relevant services that are meant to empower students in their identity, build community, and help a diverse group of students find their individual and collective voices.”

Apparently “diversity” means targeting and excluding white students, to some, despite the website stating that “these Centers are open to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, ability, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.”



  1. And she sat down with a smile on her face as if she had said something profound and achieved something noteworthy.

    What she said was racist and that makes me upset, but what bothers me even more is the level of stupidity, cluelessness, and narcissism that is required not only to stand up and say something as dumb and cringe worthy as what she said, but to actually get to the end of it without realizing that her ‘speech’ was all these things.

    College cannot help this young lady. She needs to find Jesus really badly, so that she will be able to overcome, with his help, the really sad and toxic personality that she has somehow developed. I suspect ‘stupid’ college ‘courses’ has something to do with her stratospheric level of ignorance, and her toxic personality.

  2. By her actions they are promoting prejudices. I have all races on my block and two black families right across the street whom I dearly love, am white, and my mothers family moved to Boynton Beach, Florida in 1901. You are not born with prejudice, you are taught.

  3. Unbelievable. – Maybe she should go back to her “hood”, where she’ll most certainly find the color of people that she wants to see.


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