Pure Class: Melania Trump Defends Students Who Rudely Booed Her During Youth Summit In Baltimore

(Gateway Pundit) – In yet another display of the First Lady’s grace and class, Melania Trump issued a statement defending the students who rudely booed and heckled her during an anti-drug event for Baltimore high school and middle school students.

Speaking at the Baltimore Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness as part of her “Be Best” campaign, Mrs. Trump was met with a hostile crowd when she took the stage.

“I am in this fight with you, and I am fighting for you,” she said in her speech, before urging anyone having problems with addiction to seek help.

“I know each one of you has hopes and dreams for the future, whether it is college, joining the military, or playing a sport. Your future will be determined by the choices you make,” Mrs. Trump continued. “Using drugs will only slow you down and prevent you from achieving those goals.”

The students also booed her as she left stage, after she wished them a happy Thanksgiving at the end of her speech.

Still, despite the lack of class from the kids, Mrs. Trump defended their right to boo her.

“We live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the fact is we have a serious crisis in our country and I remain committed to educating children on the dangers and deadly consequences of drug abuse,” Mrs. Trump said in a statement.

President Trump also donated his third-quarter salary of $100,000 to the fight against the opioid crisis on Tuesday, sending it to the to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health.

Approximately 70,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2017, with roughly two thirds involving opioids.



  1. And the Democrats feel polarizing this country. Their treatment of her was
    despicable and she handled it like the First Lady.
    I will support her and him.
    I feel sorry for that school, their administration and the parents of those teenagers. Losers

  2. Thank you Melania for having more guts to recognize a problem and use your power as First Lady to try and fix it. Kids are a product of their environment—school, home, mass media, entertainment industry and even religion. Thank you for being in White House. Bless you.

    • JOHN WOOD class and character are lessons taught at home and it appears the parents of these kids have been absent and negligent in teaching their kids to show respect to others even when you may not agree with them, You are correct FLOTUS IS A CLASS ACT.

  3. all well and good, but I don’t want to see her bonafides or whatever, I want to see her husbands, my employee’s, tax returns!! NOW!!!

    • I wanted to see Obama’s real birth certificate. But he only showed that fake one. I never will see the real one so I got over it. There is no law that I’m aware of which requires President Trump to show you his tax returns, so why should he? Especially since everything connected with the President or his family is twisted by the Democrat propaganda machine (known to you as the mainstream media).

    • Since President Trump was a millionaire before he became a public servant, it’s probably a more fruitful exercise to see the tax returns of public servants (i.e., Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Obama) who became millionaires while in office…

    • LEWIS i dont know of any law that entitles you or me to see our presidents TAX RETURNS, You democrats have tried everything you can to get him removed from office, I guess if you dig long enough you would eventually find a reason to remove the POPE from office, But keep digging you may get lucky.

  4. Melania is a beautiful First Lady in every way and the classiest of all First Ladies. Can you imagine the reaction if Michelle had been “booed” and “heckled” like that? Can you imagine the press? The members of the college and Congress? They all would have been all over these rude little snowflakes. Yeah, we see where the “loyalties” lie with the liberal media, liberal college staff, and the liberals in Congress. In the past, the two parties had their differences, but they didn’t “divide” and “pit” Americans against each other in such a hateful manner like today’s liberal progressive socialists across this country.

  5. Melania is very classy as we all know.
    Those youngsters in Baltimore are a total product of their environment. Just look at the Clown that introduced our First Lady. He looked like he was dressed for vacation instead of for hosting the First Lady of the USA.
    These kids hear nothing positive from their teachers and community leaders.
    However, it is encouraging that those kids actually did attend the event.
    So that is a positive thing. At least they are thinking about this.

  6. Our Beloved First Lady Was Just Like Her Husband , Brave As Hell To Go Into A Drug Infested $HITHOLE Area And Speak To A Bunch Of Drug Users !!!

  7. I heard some of the students who booed her were in tears later on, sorry and remorseful for what they did. At least some of them were not really stone hearted. That’s good enough….. I won’t even say anything against those kids. Some must have been paid to do it….. God bless them…

  8. punks raised by punks and educated by punks……..no class idiots…hard to blame them as this is the way they were raised and educated. our educational system is gone, forget it, wasted. shameful and educators should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Melania has more class in her little finger than that whole room of “students”. Proof that kids are not taught anything close to manners in schools today. Did I say schools? I meant to say INDOCTRINATION CENTERS.

  10. These students are morally bankrupt. They are despicable, show no respect for anyone or amything SHAMEFUL display of American students.
    Our First Lady is a WROLD CLASS ACTT and hope some of these goons learned a lesson from her classy response.! Sometimes Im embarrassed to be an American seeing how these idiots act.


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