Proof The “Peaceful” Migrant Caravan Is Violent…And Armed

November 3, 2018 5:45 pm  

( – A second migrant caravan is following in the footsteps of the highly-publicized group of Honduran migrants headed for the American border, and they seem to be just as “peaceful” as the first.

The group of hundreds of illegal migrants just trekked across Guatemala into Mexico, violently clashing with Mexican authorities as they attempted to prevent the small invasion.

The Associated Press reports that the migrants, many of whom are military-aged males, used rocks, sticks, and glass bottles in their clash with Mexican authorities.

There are even reports that some of the migrants were armed with fireworks, and some even had guns and firebombs.

A statement from Mexico’s Interior Department revealed that only two Hondurans, aged 17 and 22, were arrested in the altercation.

President Donald Trump, who has used incredibly strong language to express his administration’s unwillingness to tolerate this migrant invasion, has been mocked for characterizing them as violent.

“Trump has not referenced any evidence for his claims of criminality. We do know that many migrants have said they are fleeing terrible gang violence, with some fearing for their lives,” The Guardian wrote this month.

This latest incident certainly doesn’t help their narrative.

Just one day before the violent clash, Raul A. Reyes expressed the same views as The Guardian in an op-ed for CNN.

“In fact, the people who join such caravans often band together to protect themselves from hardened criminals, like drug cartels and human traffickers,” he wrote. “Many people in the last big caravan, in April, were women and children fleeing violence in their countries of origin.”

There is no denying the fact that there are women and children among the caravan. In fact, Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida said that the elderly, pregnant women, and children were placed at the front of the caravan as they pushed into Mexico.

So much for “peaceful”…they’re storming sovereign borders with crude weapons using their weaker members as shields and publicity props.

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