Pro-Abortion Activist Advocates Violence Against Pro-Life Women, 50,000 People Like Her Tweet

Social media has radicalized the left

(Infowars) – A pro-abortion activist on Twitter endorsed violence against pro-life women and the tweet received 50,000 likes – proving once again how social media has radicalized the left.

A user called @cheleblush posted a video in response to the Alabama abortion law which shows Jordan Hunt roundhouse kicking an anti-abortion activist in Toronto.

The video went viral last year and led to Hunt’s arrest on eight counts of assault. It subsequently emerged that Hunt had a history of violent attacks against women and activists.

“i still stand by this king,” the Twitter user stated alongside a clip of Hunt physically attacking protester Marie-Claire Bissonnette.

“i hope he’s doing okay, fuck ur abortion ban,” she said in a follow up tweet.

The tweet openly endorses political violence and violence against women, yet not only has it not been removed by Twitter, it has received over 50,000 likes from other leftists.

This once again illustrates how while conservatives are being banned for innocuous reasons, left-wingers can literally celebrate attacking women and not only not be censored, but receive widespread support from the Twitter community.

Social media is radicalizing leftists into believing that political violence is acceptable. It isn’t and never will be.


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