President Trump’s Tweet In Farsi Is Most Liked Persian Tweet In History — Obama Turned His Back On The Iranian People

(Gateway Pundit) – In 2009 Iranian protesters took to the street by the thousands to protest the brutal Khamenei regime. The protesters chanted, “Obama, Obama are you with the regime or with us?”

They quickly discovered that Obama was with the regime.

In 2010 the Iranian protesters chanted a new message to Obama saying: “Hossein, Hossein, stop trying to talk to our murderers!”

But Obama never cared about the freedom protesters.

Obama was too busy working on a deal to give the Ayatollah Khamenei $120 billion US dollars.

This weekend Iranian democracy protesters took to the street again to protest freedom from the regime.

President Trump sent them his support – in Farsi!

The tweet is the most Liked Persian tweet in history with over 307,000 likes.


  1. Bravo, President Trump! You sent a twitter message directly to the Iranian people. No other leader in the western world did this. Hopefully, they will soon follow President’s Trump’s message with messages of their own. The Iranian people NEED to know that we support their protests and desire for freedom. Freedoom is not free.

  2. Our Muslim Fraud is a Muslim Brotherhood member therefore a Terrorist and terrorists love and support each other with MONEY,people/inhabitants don’t count for them

  3. There are a LOT of Iranians in the US, here because their country is repressive to women, to Christians, to Muslims who are not anti-western. Help immigrant Iranians in the USA have a better life here; help all who come to the US for a chance at a better life.

  4. Look Piglosi an article for Impeachment!! The Iranian people like President Trump! Oh MY!!!! Hey CNN how come you didn’t televise the Iranian People celebrating Suleimani’s death!??!! He killed thousands of them too!

  5. Bravo!!! President Trump!!! This is what we should have done in the 70’s. The Iranian people have had enough of the despots that run their country.

  6. The Shaw’s son is alive and well. He should be allowed to return to the thrown as his father was illegally removed by terrorists. The president at the time did nothing to help and we lost a good friend and ally in the Middle East. The people have suffered horribly…especially women. It is past time to help Iranians return to their former freedom by the removal of cruel self serving dictators.

  7. Let’s hope that the President and the folks that surround him have a workable plan to help the average Iranian. There is no question that the government is the problem in Iran.

  8. Trump’s Tweet in Farsi brought tears to my eyes. He went straight to the Iranian people. I don’t agree with the muslim religion but people are people and need to be free.

    • I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but there are many Christians in Iran, and they are good people. The GOVERNMENT is definitely the problem in Iran !

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