President Trump Must End Big Tech Censorship Or Risk Losing The 2020 Presidential Election

( – When you take a nice, long look at the current state of the Democratic Party and the kind of candidates who are currently working toward nabbing the nomination for president to take on Trump in 2020, it’s pretty safe to assume that the outcome is already in the bag and the current commander-in-chief will spend another four years in the White House.

However, as high as Trump’s chances are of winning re-election, there’s still a possibility that he could end up losing it all. One thing that could lead to his downfall is if he doesn’t step in and do something about the crazy censorship of conservatives happening via Big Tech companies like Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook.

In fact, a new piece penned by Mike Adams of Intellihub outlines why this is such a big deal and how any refusal to tackle the issue could result in not only a lost election, but a possible civil war in America.

Here’s more from Intellihub:

If Trump thinks he can win the election in this environment, where Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Snapchat and all the other tech giants are selectively silencing pro-Trump independent voices, he’s kidding himself. The very foundation of fair and free elections is the longstanding practice of public discourse, where people can openly discuss and debate the pros and cons of their particular candidates. But due to the malicious intent of today’s left-leaning tech giants — now run almost entirely by Trump-hating fascists — no public discourse is allowed. The only voices that are allowed to exist on the dominant tech platforms are anti-Trump voices.

Stated plainly, President Trump simply cannot win the 2020 election if every significant voice that supported him in 2016 is de-platformed off the ‘net. This is, of course, the very reason why such censorship is being pursued. Through malicious censorship and fraudulent de-platforming efforts, the tech giants are plotting to steal the 2020 election and establish a dangerous authoritarian society run by left-wing fascists who will quickly criminalize all pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-2A speech. This is exactly what is being put in place right now, and seemingly no one in Washington other than Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is doing anything to stop it.

The argument that, “tech giants can do whatever they want, since they’re private corporations” is complete bunk. If Facebook banned people for being gay, would that also be acceptable to the Left? What if the tech giants banned all online speech from all men and only allowed women to speak? How is it any different when Facebook bans people for being conservatives?

The systematic de-platforming of conservatives and Trump supporters has destroyed the livelihoods of millions of people. It has resulted in economic devastation and ruinous loss of personal income while subjecting target individuals to malicious smear campaigns that they are unable to counter since their own voices have been silenced. When the tech giants take away a person’s right to speak, their right to earn a living and their right to exist as an online person, they are engaged in assaults on civil liberties, human dignity and personal freedom. If allowed to continue, I predict the only remaining likely response by those targeted by the tech giants would be to rise up against Big Tech and seek to “occupy and dismantle” the tech companies themselves, as I have previously warned.

I do not condone the use of violence to solve problems, and I am not calling for any of the actions described below, but if things do not change, I predict a popular uprising against the tech giants in the real, physical world. All those whose lives have been destroyed by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Apple and others may decide to rise up, form large protests at the headquarters buildings of these tech companies, then occupy those buildings and peacefully dismantle their operations, server by server, cubicle by cubicle. If the tech giants cannot coexist in a society where everyone has the right to speak, the thinking might go, then those tech giants have forfeit their right to participate in civil society in any form whatsoever.

What’s perfectly clear is that Big Tech is not operating in good faith. They are not fair and they aren’t trying to be fair.

If Trump loses the 2020 election due to the systematic censorship of conservative voices, it will become clear to all conservatives that they have no option remaining but to organize together to defend their right to exist. Because the censorship isn’t stopping with online speech… it’s now expanding to include banking services, where prominent conservatives are banned from certain banks after being smeared and attacked by left-wing “journalists.” Before long, conservatives won’t be able to use PayPal, reserve a hotel or have dinner in a public restaurant. The de-personing of all prominent conservatives, Christians or Trump supporters is being relentlessly pursued by a ferocious, rabid left-wing media which now functions more like a cabal of predator and executioners rather than reasoned, inquisitive reporters.

Now, it’s important to take a breath here and again realize that no one is calling for these kind of measures to be taken. In fact, just the opposite. No one wants to see it come to this at all. No one wants to see people hurting each other for any reason. It’s heartbreaking to see such a deep divide among Americans right now.

This is simply a forecast of what could happen if someone doesn’t stand up for the voices of those who are systematically being silenced by a movement of progressives who seem to only care about the fundamental transformation of our great nation from a democratic republic into a socialist nightmare. These people will do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission, no matter who it might destroy.

President Trump needs to take a stand against these clear violations of one of our most foundational principles, the right of free speech, and help protect it from those who seek to undermine and destroy it.

If he doesn’t, and folks feel like they’re being stripped of their voice and ultimately their value, they will feel the need to fight back in a lot of different ways. The divide in our country will grow deeper and we as a nation will grow weaker, making us vulnerable to outside attack just as much as from attack from within.

Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.



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