President Trump Makes Explosive Claim About Joe Biden And Big Tech — Is This True?

( Exclusive) – One of the most frustrating things happening right now in the United States is the war against truth and facts being waged by Big Tech, the crooked media, and the entire Democratic Party.

When the coronavirus hit American shores back in February, social media platforms ramped up their censoring of conservatives in the name of public health safety. They claimed they were just trying to stop the spread of “dangerous” misinformation surrounding the virus. In fact, all they were doing was protecting China and the left’s end game, which was to destroy America’s economy to hurt President Trump’s chances of re-election.

Of course, Twitter and Facebook thought they were being real slick but Americans quickly caught on to their biased censorship of any and all information that came from any source other than the crooked left-wing outlets they approve of. Their censorship had nothing to do with public health safety at all, not that anyone ever really believed that.

Just when we thought these corrupt Big Tech companies couldn’t possibly get any more crooked, they doubled down on their bias with the release of the Hunter Biden email story from the New York Post last week.

Within hours of the first New York Post story being released Twitter moved to ban the story and anyone who shared it, including the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. Twitter’s rapid response to the breaking bombshell story drew immediate criticism and even CEO Jack Dorsey was forced to admit maybe the social media giant’s handling of the situation was a bit too extreme.

Nonetheless, the New York Post is still locked out of their Twitter account but that isn’t stopping them from sharing the truth about the Bidens which also just so happens to be exposing how corrupt and crooked the media and Big Tech really are also. Big Tech and Joe Biden are in bed together and as President Trump put it at a campaign rally Friday, Joe Biden is a puppet for the media companies who control him.

“Joe Biden works for big tech, big media. They’re his boss,” Trump said to his massive crowd of supporters in Pensacola, Florida.

Trump was referring to the mainstream media’s refusal to cover any details surrounding Hunter Biden’s pursuit of lucrative overseas business deals which Joe Biden profited “bigly” from. He also took aim at the social media companies for censoring the stories.

“They keep it nice and quiet,” Trump said. “He’s got a scandal, corrupt politician. They keep it out. They don’t want to let any story go.”

They sure do keep it nice and quiet. Thursday night one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Tony Bobulinski, confirmed that Joe Biden was involved in these foreign business affairs and identified Joe Biden as the one referred to as “the Big Guy” in emails about profit sharing. Yet, the media won’t even bother to mention any of this.

At the rally, the President went on to praise the New York Post for being brave enough to publish the stories and all the damning details that prove that not only did Joe Biden know about the foreign business deals but he was a major part of them. After all, who would have ever cared to do business with Hunter Biden had his father not been the Vice President of the United States at the time?

President Trump called out Big Tech for their blatant censoring of conservatives, pointing out that they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

“Big tech is not distinguishing itself,” Trump said. “They’re not exactly doing so great in making themselves look legit.”

Trump pointed out that even in the face of all the censorship the truth is getting out and the American people see it.

“People are wise to it,” he said. “They see what’s happening.”

That certainly is true. It’s a good thing people have completely lost faith in the mainstream media months, if not years, ago. They can try to hide the Hunter Biden corruption stories and they can try to run defense for Joe Biden all they want but Americans see the truth and Americans know the MSM are a bunch of liars.

Video: Trump holds ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Pensacola

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  1. William Lavoie – Liar in chief. Do you mean Obama? That would be former liar in chief and Biden hasn’t been elected yet. And for the sake of the country – everyone with any integrity better hope he is not. The last thing we need is to have someone who is clearly a National Intelligence threat as the leader of our country. There is far more evidence that the Biden crime family has committed many crimes that should be prosecuted.

    Biden said none of this is true – and yet the FBI has Hunter’s lap top for several months. The damning information on it has been verified by at least 2 people. One of whom is a Navy veteran. Both the FBI and the National Intelligence agency as confirmed this is not Russian Disinformation. Although not prosecuted yet – this man is clearly as dirty as a pig.

    And anyone who supports him after this information clearly have below average intelligence and hate the USA.

    • I remember Hussein Obama won liar of the year twice during his miserable eight years in office. Most in his cult like little william lavole drool at the sight of their hero Obama.
      Biden is just part two , but worse !

    • name 1 provable crime then not some half baked fever dream of a conspiracy theory that you pulled out of your ass

  2. The truth frightens today’s progressive liberal trash folks . The truth about their hero Hussein Obama, the truth about Joe Obiden , The truth about the Clintons would be enough to have them spend their last days on earth in prison where they belong .

    Yet , they pursue Donald John Trump , who did NOT commit their crimes ….!

    Truth vs. democrats.

  3. More verifiable evidence Obiden and Obama committed treasonous acts against the United States of America folks …

    Yea, I know , they’re democrats and progressive liberal trash…

    • Little willy lavoie and his sidekick, bob = dumb and dumber.
      Clueless, dim, and silly these boys are … gotta be neurotic to even entertain supporting/voting for despicable, liar, traitor, crook, and half brain-dead Biden. Hard to believe that such low information stooges exist out there……….

  4. They say 56 million have already voted. I would lie to know how many of the votes are from the dead, fictitious voters because they no longer require the signatures of the voter to match the signature on the registration application, or multiple voting form the same person. The shameless dems are shameless.

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