President Trump Cut Short New Hampshire Rally To Honor Fallen Troops At Dover

(Gateway Pundit) – President Trump cut short his campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire with Vice President Mike Pence Monday night so he could honor two servicemen killed in Afghanistan on Saturday at a Dignified Transfer ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Reporters observed Trump spoke at a faster pace than usual and finished after about an hour making this one of his shortest rallies. Afterward it was announced Trump and Pence would be stopping at Dover.

The original guidance was that only Pence would be at Dover.

A man dressed in an Afghanistan army uniform opened fire with a machine gun, killing Sgt. Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28 and Sgt. Antonio Rey Rodriguez, also 28 and wounding six other soldiers. One Afghan soldier was also killed and three wounded in the insider attack that took place during a joint operation in Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan.

The AP reported on the heartbreaking moment when a family member was overcome with grief at Dover.

…Trump saluted and Vice President Mike Pence placed his hand over his heart as transfer cases containing the remains were carried out of a C-17 military plane and transferred to a transport vehicle.

As Trump and Pence stood on the tarmac in a falling mist, a woman among the mourners broke free of efforts to hold her back and ran toward the plane. She threw herself on its ramp, crying and screaming, as mourners and an official tried to restrain her. She wailed as the doors on the transfer vehicle closed.

Trump and Pence, who had traveled from a rally in New Hampshire, also met with the families before taking part in what is known in the military as a “dignified transfer.”

National security adviser Robert O’Brien told reporters traveling with Trump aboard Air Force One that the president had wrapped up a reelection campaign rally in New Hampshire early so he could be with the families…

President Trump tweeted when he returned home, “Just returned to White House from Dover. Very sad!”

Ivanka Trump also posted a tribute to the fallen soldiers, “Rest In Peace SFC Antonio R. Rodriguez and SFC Javier J. Gutierrez. Our country owes an enormous debt of gratitude for your honorable, selfless service and the sacrifice of your families.”


  1. The demos have NOTHING to offer to better this country. Only crap is their deceptive offer. God bless our precious President Trump and his family because they are sacrificing of their lives to serve this nation and fixing things. Thank you President and Melania Trump!

  2. The Grim Reaper has claimed two more of America’s defenders. May their survivors, both families, friends, and loved ones know the peace and cessation of grief and sorrow that only the Almighty is able to bestow upon them! They’ve earned their places in Heaven because they’ve served their time in Hell!

  3. Proud of our President he is the friend of all who serve and those who have served. I served 2 tours in Nam , wounded,100% service connected combat vet. Have great respect for President Trump. God’s speed to these who have given the last full measure.

  4. I am proud to have served with Eisenhower as my CIC. When Obama came in I thought if he were my CIC I would just walk out. Now we have a MAN and a family that respect the military. Thank you Mr. President!

  5. You know Obama would not have done what are president did to him these fallen hero’s where as important as the rally if not more so but one thing I’m sure about no democrats on the campaign trail did or would do what he did for the fallen The dems running for President never talk about the vets or the military except the south bend mayor who claims he know what life is like because he served well I did 20 yrs and I can promise he knows nothing about the military or anything else couldn’t even be the mayor of south bend and wants to be president of the United States I don’t think so

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of my fallen brothers. RIP my hero’s. They ended up giving all for our country and her people. Even the ones who ( the democrats ) don’t like or respect them.

  7. It really DOES show the true nature of OUR President when he cut a rally short to see these fallen soldiers and their families, doesn’t it??? Contrast that with the traitor Democrats….


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