President Biden Has Now Signed An Executive Order That Bans Federal Use Of Words “Wuhan Virus” To Describe The Coronavirus… Which Came From Wuhan…

( Exclusive) – As if we couldn’t tell from President Joe Biden’s first day on the job that he just adores the heck out of executive orders, the man has gone and signed another one and it might just be the most ridiculous one yet. And that’s really saying something.

According to Gateway Pundit, the executive order Biden signed now bans federal use of the phrase “Wuhan Virus” to describe the coronavirus, which came to us from Wuhan, China. Boy, aren’t you glad Biden is taking such critical action on this issue?

“In the fight against COVID-19, Joe Biden seems to be prioritizing hollow symbolic gestures over policies with a measurable impact on the welfare and health of American citizens,” a report from One America News said.

“Biden signed a memo banning federal agencies from referring to the coronavirus by terms related to its geographic origin, such as China or Wuhan virus,” the report continued.

“While no direct mention of President Trump is made, the memo does specifically blame “the actions of political leaders” for ‘furthering xenophobic sentiments’ against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. This is a clear allusion to Biden’s previous attempts to shift focus away from the Trump administration’s achievements in fighting the pandemic towards concerns over political correctness,” it added.

“Labelling COVID-19 a foreign virus does not displace accountability for the misjudgments that have been made thus far by the Trump administration. Let me be crystal clear. The coronavirus does not have a political affiliation,” the president stated. “It will not discriminate based on national origin, race, gender, or zip code.”

Among the small number of specific measures outlined in the memo is one that instructs federal agencies to review any and all uses of the term in existing policy directives or that might be found in any government publication.

And this is being done despite the fact that CBS News dug deep into former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 related executive orders and found “no specific reference to China virus” in any of it.

No one seemed to have a problem with the phrase “Spanish Flu” being used in reference to the pandemic that happened early in the 20th century that bears a striking resemblance to the one we are enduring right now.

The virus came from Wuhan. Therefore, calling it the “Wuhan virus,” really doesn’t seem like it should be such a big deal.

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  1. WOW! It is a real advantage to the lawless to have a scare crow place holder without a brain as president to rubber stamp the corruption of the mindless and with out a mature functioning conscious. Biden is just propped up while the termites eat and dissemble and shread our country.

    “Planned Parenthood stated Friday that, while the Biden-Harris administration is “on the right track” in making policy it considers essential, the organization is looking for even “bolder” moves in the days ahead.”

    Thus the murder will continue and increase.

  2. So much for free thinking and free speech under this government that has killed the Constitution and the rule of law.
    They were thieves in stealing the election with voter fraud then deny the facts on film in Georgia and the real time record of the internet manipulation of the votes. They tell us to follow the science while they deny the science that the masks are ineffective and that Yale reports that 60 % of new covid cases are of people who have received the vaccine.

    Non citizens are given what citizens have earned and citizens are responsible to pay the reparations to people who were never slaves, but thanks to the tens of thousands who died giving people freedom. World turned upside down.
    WOW voter fraud has consequences

  3. We need a Mueller type investigation into biden collusion with the red chineese. he obviously working for them. Merrick garland get you head out of ur a$$ and appoint a special council..

    Anyone know what happened to Durham and his faux investigation?

  4. Anything for the Chinese when they’re paying the “ Big Guy “ according to his crack cocaine addicted son Hunter “ the molester “ Biden .


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