Portland’s Failure Of A Mayor, Ted Wheeler, Is Getting His Backside Handed To Him By His Opponent; Here’s Why That’s Alarming

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – While there’s been a lot that’s gone down in the year 2020 that is totally and utterly mind-blowing, perhaps one of the biggest shocks of the year has been watching Democratic leadership in major cities sit back and allow radical left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa burn businesses to the ground, commit acts of violence, and loot to their heart’s content.

We watched radicals take over an entire section of the city of Seattle for weeks on end, while the mayor of the city said it was going to be the “summer of love.” Yeah, a bunch of folks ended up getting killed in shootings. So much for that notion, huh?

As if that’s not wacky enough, Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler — who is a huge failure in every way — is now getting the pants beat off of him in the polls by a member of Antifa. Welcome to the absolute dumpster fire that is 2020.

Via Gateway Pundit:

You know you’re in Portland when the current mayor who has chased out countless businesses and allowed Antifa and BLM terrorists to destroy the city on a nightly basis for over four months straight is somehow not far enough to the left to appease the voter base.

National laughingstock Ted Wheeler is now trailing in the polls for his re-election. But not against a candidate that promises to crack down on the rioters, promote businesses, and actually fix the roads. No, of course not. He’s losing to a candidate that’s even further to the left than he is. Plucky upstart Sarah Iannarone, who is best known for declaring “I am Antifa”, now picks up 41% of the vote to Wheeler’s 30%.

Willamette Week reports:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler trails his challenger Sarah Iannarone by 11 points, according to a poll of likely voters conducted by DHM Research on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance.

Wheeler polled at 30% to Iannarone’s 41%, with the remaining 29% of surveyed voters split between writing in a candidate (16%) or remaining undecided (13%). It’s an especially notable result given that the poll was not conducted by either campaign, though PBA is supporting the mayor. (The poll has a four percentage point margin of error.)

The results are somewhat surprising given that Iannarone finished more than 20 points behind the mayor in the primary, in which Wheeler nearly received the 50% plus one of votes required to avert a runoff.

At the same time, Wheeler has faced intense criticism throughout the summer for his handling of protests and policing. And another recent poll, conducted on behalf of a City Hall police accountability measure, had Wheeler at 26% favorability, The Oregonian reported.

Iannarone was once spotted at an event wearing a skirt that featured several murderous communist dictators, including Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevara.

Why in the world do leftists idolize these murderers? Communist dictators killed millions of people in a bid to prevent liberty from reigning in the people. All they wanted to do was hold all of the power, control, and money. Look how that has worked out for other nations around the world throughout history?

It makes no sense that individuals who are supposedly all about equality and preserving life would celebrate these leaders as heroes. Then again, it makes even less sense to say you want equality all the while you encourage others to murder their unborn children.

Her explanation for wearing said skirt?

Her communist supporters defended her:

One guy attempted to laugh it off as a joke:

Could you imagine the outrage if some conservative politician wore an outfit with pictures of Hitler and Pinochet, then claimed it was a joke?

Iannarone’s campaign manager is activist-turned-grifter Greg McKelvey, who previously headed up the election week protests-turned-riots back in 2016. Here she is with him:

McKelvey is a devout communist. Here’s a picture of him proudly wearing a hat with a communist logo:

It’s beyond disturbing to see that Iannarone is this far ahead in the polls, given she’s an absolutely diehard communist. Just imagine the havoc she could bring down on the city of Portland. Other communists around the country would be emboldened by her victory and come under the impression that America wants that style of government.

We don’t.

Not now. Not ever.

Communism has led to the unjust murder of untold millions of people. It’s a vile, evil system of governance that ignores the rules of reality and seeks to make people equal not by providing opportunities for all who want them, but only for those they deem worthy of them.

Here’s to hoping patriots continue to speak out against this horror show and fight to preserve our liberty at all costs, just like the amazing men who came before us over 200 years ago.


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  5. Is it voter fraud inflating the numbers of radical liberals, or is the Portland population that
    crazed and delusional? If the latter, it’s time to shut off all federal and state funds and support. Let them crumble into ash, then sweep them into the Pacific.

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  8. All God-fearing Patriots need to leave Portland, we will nuke it into oblivion and start over with Law and Order. Got no time for these pedophile idiots.

    Trump 2020!

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  10. Mind boggling, Portlanders complain and plead for help and then vote for lannarone over wheeler. Maybe this is the least or the worst of two evils. No one else on the ticket? Maybe if Portlanders really were concerned about their fate they would vote not to vote until another candidate steps forward. If not, if this is what Portlanders ask for then they deserve to have him or her.

    • It’s why I voted for Biden. Traitor Trump tried and failed miserably, so we need literally anybody else to take the reins and steer America back on the right track. Same thing with Portland and its mayor. Ted Wheeler tried and failed, so they need literally anybody else to take over and make things right.

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  12. Aren’t there any conservatives running for mayor AGAINST THESE GANGSTERS? Instead of running away, we need to face these children of hell and take them head on. We need to find out who is funding these terrorists and take them down hard. We can’t just sit back and be civil any longer; because they are not and we need to fight fire with fire. Have a good day.

  13. Every person pictured on her skirt was directly responsible for the execution’s of huge numbers of political and military prisoners, as well as any decenter of their philosophies.
    Che was big supporter of violence for the cause and was in charge of firing squads in Cuba. He supposedly hated money and capitalism but globe trotted like a jet setter pushing his cause. Karl executed a man who used to be his friend and co-militant because he was getting more recognition and power than he did not counting the thousands executed or imprisoned in horrid inhumane conditions. Mao and Ho Chi Min execution list even included teachers and local politicians of opposing parties.
    This is who these progressive left want to idolize. They do not realize that should people like these take power they will be amongst the first lined against the wall. These dictators and communist hierarchy eat their own if they fear loosing any power.

  14. I do believe they Idolize these morons, cause of the philosophy of “kill your decenters and you have utopia”. Why wouldn’t someone that hears the name Jesus, then curls up into a ball and needs a puppy to settle down the triggers. (That is when they themselves are not using Jesus as a curse word) Why would they not condone the policy that takes the evil of free speech out of society permanently. Walk this way, talk this way, or die… More and more the movie “The Giver” is becoming a favorite of mine. A progressive utopia, taken down by the memory of Christmas.

  15. The voters of PORTLAND are the only ones that can change their city and it does not appear that very many are willing to do so, What person would want to live in a city like this? What business or corporation would want to locate there? I suspect many of the corporations are looking for a way out and of course the loss of jobs and opportunity means nothing to BLM and ANTIFA most of them obviously dont have jobs anyway and they could care less about the future of PORTLAND or any other city, Their objective is to destroy everyone and everything that does not agree with their narrative. Its your city PORTLAND you can surrender or you can take back what is yours.

    • I truly believe Portlanders have numbed their senses. They have become ignorant to politics and the issues. Like many other democratic run cities where the “poor and down-trodden” are promised countless freebies for votes, but in reality are given very little, if anything. Portland is only following suit. The only difference is instead of liberal democrats lying to the people they are now being duped by a new type of hybrid liberal-anarchist-communist-socialistic-constitution-murder-loving vermin.
      Their motto is and will always be-“You are free to believe ANYTHING you want to believe, but only if it complies with what we allow you to believe.”

  16. The American people have to STOP APOLOGIZING !!!!!! Stand up to these disgusting left wing communists and stop voting these idiots into the American political system. Send Obama back to Kenya where he belongs . Obama is the cause of all of this communist takeover and he should be thrown out of America. Obama is a con-artist who has been coning the American people for years !!

    • I agree with most of your comment with the exception of Obama being the cause of a communist takeover. He was too stupid to design such a plan. Obama was/is nothing more than a pathetic puppet having his strings pulled by the puppet -master George Soros.
      The Nazi George soros needs to stand trial for taking part in sending his own people to the gas chambers.

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  19. Sarah Iannarone … Ted Wheeler … What does that say about human, conscious awareness of the inhabitants of Portland, OR? NOT MUCH.

  20. Shameful of these extreme Left-Wing Liberal democrats, she is a Communist Socialists Marxism Fascism Racism and she is a ANTIFA and BLM member, so is Extreme Left-Wing Liberal Democrat Ted Wheeler!!

    I stay away from downtown Portland Oregon, because they are all Anti-Christian and Jewish community!!

    I am a Devout Christian Conservative Republican Patriot in our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and I STAND with the Holy Land of Israel-Yisrael Forevermore!!


    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

    • God bless you Kristi! Just be careful. Portland is quickly turning into LA and San Francisco, California. You WILL have you voice silenced or be forcefully assimilated into that destructive culture if you stay too long.

    • Not Everyone in Oregon is NOT Liberal like me!! I am a Devout Conservative Christian Republican Patriot in the USA and I Live in the Columbia River Gorge Troutdale Oregon!!

      Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

      Kristi Ann


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