Portland Rings In The New Year Antifa-Style As Violent Riots Rocked The Night

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – There really was no other way for Portland to bring in the New Year than with a riot. It seems only fitting that the city that has seen the most violent riots for the most nights would start 2021 with a riot for the books.

This was no ordinary riot either. It seems as though Antifa was really aiming to leave their mark this time. The Portland Police Bureau reported that around 80-100 people engaged in the New Year’s Eve violence, which included the hurling of Molotov cocktails at the Federal Courthouse.

Many small businesses were also completely destroyed ensuring business owners think twice about continuing to do business in the lawless city in the coming year.

“At least two Molotov cocktail-style firebombs were thrown, and large, commercial grade aerial fireworks were launched at the Federal Courthouse and the Justice Center. Some individuals tried to use tools to break into the Justice Center at 1120 Southwest 3rd Avenue, but were not successful,” PPB reported.

“Arrests were made. Information on arrests is still being compiled and a list of those arrested will be released at a later time,” Portland Police said.

Apparently, law-abiding Portland residents were required to stay home for New Year’s Eve but violent Antifa thugs were allowed to run free.

The destruction carried out by Antifa knew no bounds. One Starbucks was destroyed along with several other small businesses.

Antifa launched mortar fireworks and projectiles at police shortly before a riot was declared.

On New Year’s Day, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler spoke out against the violence saying he wants more prosecutions and everyone involved to be held accountable. The Mayor also admitted it’s time to use additional tools to end this streak of violence.

He said that his “good-faith tactics” in handling the violent rioters have failed and it’s time for him to step up his response to the violence.

Now that Wheeler anticipates a Joe Biden Presidency in the new year, he seems to be willing to accept federal help in bringing an end to the violence that has plagued Portland for the better part of 2020.

It truly is pathetic the way in which politicians like Wheeler have played politics to hurt President Trump when in the end it has only been those they are supposed to be serving who have been hurt.

Portland residents have been the ones to pay the price for his political games and shockingly, they reelected him.

Portland may be too broken to fix at this point.

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  1. I went to college in Portland, became employed, had a home built, raised a family and then moved out of state for other employment. I lived in Portland before the communist groups and politicians took over and turned it into Chicago/Detroit West. I would never consider living there again unless Oregon citizens rise up, vote out the liberal progressive communists. The citizens of Oregon must gain control of their election committees and institute election reform i.e. clean up the voter registrations, voter ID, no mail in ballots, verified absentee ballots, verified signatures, verified machines (no WiFi or internet capabilities whatsoever), verified chain of custody of all paper ballots, absentee ballots, provisional ballots, and machines, verified bipartisan oversight personnel at each ballot counting table, scanner, and/or machine. If this is not done there will never be another fair, honest, transparent election anywhere in Oregon again and the communists will always win.


  3. Couldn’t concur with you any more than I do. Maybe come summer the town will be leveled to the ground, the good taxpayers will be gone and the only ones left will be scratching their asses wondering what went wrong and why nobody gave a rats ass about Portland…. Rots a Ruck Portland, enjoy your “summer of love”.

  4. Portland Rings In The New Year Antifa-Style As Violent Riots Rocked The Night

    Welcome to the democratic administration. Biden has plagiarized his whole life, now he will plagiarize the Obama administration’s talent for corruption. Remember Biden gave credit to Obama for the massive voter fraud organization.

    • Miller , somewhere down the line there must be one of those community organizers like their hero Obama calling the shots . Even this low life scum have some leadership, I can’t expect law enforcement to investigate community agitators because that would be racist..lol

  5. And the people of Portland re-elected this jerk!! Sorry to say people of Portland, but you reap what you sow. Enjoy your fascistic mentality … Happy new year!

    • The people of Portland voted Wheeler in because his opposition was even further to the left and a member of ANTIFA. The voters of Portland must get control of their election board and they must also select honest, law abiding, primary candidates that will uphold the rule of law, protect individual rights, protect personal property rights, then financially support these challengers so they are elected to local and state offices.

      Folks the people you vote into city, county, school, and state offices are more important than even federal representatives because these elected representatives are closer to you and wield more potential power over you via their policies. It is imperative that you as a voter do your due diligence when voting and STUDY up on the prospective candidates in order to choose the candidate that has integrity, moral values, supports individual rights, property rights, rule of law, and will uphold the constitution. If you as a voter are more knowledgeable about sports, rock music, TV shows, celebrities, etc than you are about the candidates you are voting on or the current political issues and policies of the day; then my friends you are dangerously uninformed and gambling with your liberty and freedom. Only an informed voting citizenry will preserve our constitutional republic and our individual freedoms. If we fail to be informed voters and exercise our sacred right to cast our vote we are doomed to slavery.

  6. mayor just gave a speech 1/1/21 on how he wants to end riots in Portland by getting more money to by new tools to control people WHAT A GUY


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