Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Now Begs Criminal Antifa Terrorists To Stay Home So Trump Won’t Use His Failed City In His Ads (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – It’s a toss-up but Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler may have squeaked out a victory against Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Democrat New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio as America’s worst mayor.

Just two weeks ago Mayor Wheeler blamed President Trump and federal agents for the 50-plus days of BLM-Antifa rioting in Portland.

But that didn’t work because it was complete nonsense so now Wheeler is begging BLM-Antifa rioters to stay away from Portland because Trump is going to use their violent acts in his campaign ads.

Wheeler hopes that if he shames these terrorists they will stay home and won’t assault old ladies.

Flashback: Antifa Militants Rove Into Residential Parts Of Portland, Assault A Woman At Her Home, Try To Blind Her With Lasers (Video)

Antifa militants roved into residential parts of Portland Wednesday night after being dispersed by the police.

Portland police declared a riot after Antifa terrorists started a fire on the front door of the Portland Police east precinct.


Portland Police dispersed the terrorists and declared a riot.


The terrorists roved to residential areas and assaulted a woman at her home and tried to blind her with lasers.


Apparently the woman was casually wearing a Nazi armband…



  1. Mayor Ted Wheeler made a deal with the Devil that is now coming back to haunt him. Antifa and BLM could care less about the politics of the situation. All they are up for is the destruction of this country and the implementation of their agendas. Throwing mayor Wheeler under the bus is no big deal for them. They used him, and now it is to their advantage to get rid of him. He is now like the prostitute who has been used and then dumped for a better deal. He had better get used to it because Trump will take fullest advantage of this opportunity. Given the fact that the Democrats don’t care about peace in the cities and apparently actually support and approve what Antifa and BLM are doing in this and other American cities, I think that they all royally screwed themselves politically.

  2. This idiot should demand that the stupid governor send in the National Guard and arrest every one of the rioters – they are not “peaceful protesters.” Then again, that would require having a brain and caring about the citizens he is supposed to represent – something he obviously does not have. All those rioters should be in jail – no bail, with a long prison sentence.

  3. The citizens of PORTLAND are partially to blame for the condition of their city, They stood by and remained silent while this Mayor and their City Council and the Governor of their state allowed this to go on unchallenged, It will take years for Portland to recover from this if ever at all, I cant imagine any corporation wanting to locate or relocate to Portland. We get the kind of government that we are willing to accept and it appears the citizens of Portland were willing to accept this type of conduct and this Mayors actions.

  4. It is still hard to believe that POTUS, AG, DHS Sec can’t do something more to go in and remove Wheeler. He has instigated, encouraged, applauded this slavery uprising from the beginning. He has set back and done nothing. Treason, incitement, this is not just a mayor refusing to do his job. This is a mayor committing crimes against the USA. Most of these blacks, antifa thugs are too stupid to realize they are only being used by the dems/soros and after Nov they will have to be put back on the plantation. I prey it doesn’t happen but this may be where the real bloodshed begins because they won’t go peacefully. What’s left of the police departments and troops will have to be called into action. Whites protecting their families and way of life will be called racist, white supremist. Result; police brutality, storm troopers, dems are the good guys, spineless repub politicians still doing nothing, blacks get another hand out, taxes go up and we are still not allowed to claim these blacks as tax deductions, and everyone lives happily ever after for the next four years.

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  6. you reap what you sew, oregon use to tell people who were asswipes not to move to oregon, well looks like oregon has beat out california as the asswipe place on the planet


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