Pope Francis Compares Trump To Herod, Who Tried To Kill Jesus

(Breitbart) – Pope Francis has compared U.S. President Donald Trump to the murderous King Herod who massacred innocent children in ancient Palestine while trying to kill the baby Jesus, a Jesuit journal revealed Thursday.

Speaking with his brother Jesuits during his recent visit to Thailand, the Argentinian pope minced no words in his thinly veiled condemnation of the U.S. president and his administration, suggesting that like a modern-day Herod, Mr. Trump separates families at the border while allowing drugs to freely flow into the country.

Above image credit: Tony Baggert/Getty Images

“In other parts there are walls that even separate children from parents. Herod comes to mind,” Francis said. “Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out.”

“The phenomenon of migration is compounded by war, hunger and a ‘defensive mindset,’ which makes us in a state of fear believe that you can defend yourself only by strengthening borders. At the same time, there is exploitation.”

In this Q&A session, the pontiff also proposed that the rise of populism is at the root of migrants’ problems in Europe.

“I must admit that I am shocked by some of the narratives I hear in Europe about borders,” the pope said. “Populism is gaining strength.”

“The phenomenon of refugees has always existed, but today it is better known because of social differences, hunger, political tensions and especially war. For these reasons, migratory movements are intensifying,” he said.

“What is the answer the world gives? The policy of waste,” he continued. “Refugees are waste material. The Mediterranean has been turned into a cemetery. The notorious cruelty of some detention centers in Libya touches my heart.”

“The Christian tradition has a rich evangelical experience in dealing with the problem of refugees. We also remember the importance of welcoming the foreigner as the Old Testament teaches us,” he said.



  1. I made a comment the other day about, I, as a registered and licensed Concealed Weapons Carrier, don’t believe in any gun free areas, all your doing is inviting illegally armed people to wreak havack on innocent people, that have absolutely no defense in order to save thier lives, and I will not enter a “Gun Free Zone”. And thank God that I live in Texas, were they are allowing teachers in schools to be trained and licensed to be armed, it is going to save multiple children’s lives, it won’t save them all, because some may parrish while the teacher (s) draw thier weapons, but at least it won’t be wholesale mayhem.

  2. Go back and read about the Protestant Reformation —- Martin Luther had it right when he identified the papacy as an antichrist (see Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis). The Catholic church has continued to do things that are not in agreement with the Word (e.g.; repetitive prayers) and have not taught the people what is required to be saved (being sprinkled and giving to the church doesn’t do it). Just ask a few Catholics what it takes and listen to their response. Most will not come close to the words of Romans 10: 9 & 10. Know that confession is to God, not to a man in a cubicle that tells you to repeat prayers. Know this, the Catholic Catechism gives deity to Mary and the Pope — wrong. It also allows the Pope to change what is considered sin based on the accepted norms of today — wrong. Praying to dead people does no good. All the statues and images/pendants/necklaces is just a way to raise money for the Catholic church. The parable of the 10 virgins tells us that one-half of those calling themselves Christians will not be going to paradise. I encourage each person to study the Word and know with certainty what is necessary to be saved. DO NOT rely on what someone else may have told you. Study — your eternity depends on you getting this right. Know that the Pope is an antichrist, and I believe will be the false prophet in the not too distant future.

  3. This pope is an embarrassment to the Catholic church. A communist has no business in that position. He needs to deal with his pedophiles and leave our president alone!

  4. As a very devout Catholic, this 80 year old man is very distraught with this Pope Francis. The Church will miss donations from me in the future. My heart is broken. How dare him to compare our wonderful president with Herod. Shame!!!

    • Thank you for your comment, I was just fixing to say Catholic’s only concider thier religion, but because of your comment, I will change my comment to say a lot of Catholics only concider thier religion the only religion, but as I was growing up, some of mine and my wife’s best friends were Catholic, so not all Catholics, think that only thier religion is the only religion.

  5. Disgrace to the Roman Catholic Church. How big is your wall around the Vatican? This heretic needs to be removed or their church will become extinct.

  6. I would ask the pope,
    “How is it that the catholic church has so much money and yet there are children and refugees dying of starvation everyday?”
    The catholic church has a jewel encrusted scepter and crown, not to mention the largest collection of fine art in the world. They own huge amounts of real estate that is tax exempted. Why not sell all of this stuff and feed the poor? What will this pope say when Jesus asks him why he hoarded gold and money and let the poor suffer?

  7. Practice what you preach ..you pathetic heretic fraud- start with tearing down the Vatican walls….Pope a Dope/Stalin

  8. I am a 55 year old Catholic from birth and am deeply saddened by this Pope and his socialist misinterpretation of the Bible. He has taken me from the excitement I had when the Catholic Church selected our first Polish Pope John Paul II who helped defeat communism by working closely with the solidarity movement of the polish Catholics because he KNEW how horrible communism is for all. Pope Francis is recklessly undoing all that John Paul II accomplished in defeating communism and freeing people from religious and economic oppression in Eastern Europe. Has he not bothered even to study/observe papal history in his own lifetime?

    • Agree with you 100%! I am 82 and of Polish/Prussian ancestry —loved AND admired Pope John Paul II for the good he did. Pope Francis has done more to weaken the Catholic church than the Communists did! No wonder attendance at Mass is way down in many parishes.

  9. I disagree with the Pope!!! Let’s examine the issue. Fact- Herod killed babies in an attempt to kill Jesus. So someone killing babies not saving babies as Trump is doing by making it more difficult to kill them in the womb [and call it healthcare or abortion] is the modern day equivalent to King Herod [sounds like the pro-choice Democratic party headed by Pelosi/Schumer/ Bloomberg/ etc to me]

  10. This Leftist Liberal Cardinal from Argentina, Pope Francis needs to stick to
    preaching the gospel and leave the bad mouthing of Trump to CNN. He needs to go to God and Confession his own sins.

  11. Obviously the Pope is basing his statement on stories he has read in the New York Times and Washington Post, or the Italian feeds of MSNBC or CNN, and not the actual stories. The real “King Herod” of our time is the baby-butchering organization Planned Parenthood and the politicians who support it.

  12. I heard that Hillary and the Pope were close, but what was the claim of Nancy Pelosi? She’s a Catholic so it’s okay for her to lie and for her and Biden to kill babies. I don’t care if she had 5 or 20 kids in 6 years. My mother had 4 in 3 but it’s nothing to brag about. It’s also a big black mark on anything she does because she supports abortion. And as far as Herod goes, the so-called Pope needs to read his bible. Herod killed the children because he feared a savior was coming. Is that why all these countries and the UN have supported the deaths of millions of children? They actually fear the second coming and think HE will return as a child? Trump was NOT president when Abortion started and to break the Pope’s bubble He doesn’t support it now. But the coup, Soros, and the leaders of the Democratic party does. He needs to get his facts straight according to the truth and then stay out of politics especially here in the USA. I guess Romania from whence he came is also one of those corrupt countries that THE BIDENS WERE INVOLVED IN.

  13. The pope needs to “pontificate” on Democrats’ support for abortion on demand, for convenience, as “birth control”… and even infanticide, before condemning our president for trying to secure our sovereign border from individuals crossing said border ILLEGALLY.

  14. really he is not part of our country and I can not believe that this man of god would or could or should be talking bad about person who cares more for kids them any other president it is kinda funny when they do not live here and believe everything the Marxist left has to say but yet they support planned parenthood who kill murder babies for sport it is so sick that these countries who have there own shit to deal with worry about here all believe all the lies

  15. “there are walls that even separate children from parents. Herod comes to mind,” Francis said. “Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out.” That policy (started by his buddy Obama) ended quite a while back – Francis isn’t even up-to-date when he condemns our President. How much does he know about Homeland Security efforts to seize drug shipments (considering he has had only one short visit)?

    He also criticized us for our “‘defensive mindset,’ which makes us in a state of fear believe that you can defend yourself only by strengthening borders.” We should have had better border control on 9/11 (maybe at least as complete as the wall around the Vatican supplemented by his defense national police – the Swiss Guards anachronism).

    I guess he has to comment on political issues and the global climate hoax since he doesn’t seem to know much about Christian, let alone, Catholic issues.

  16. He should mind his own church business and leave our president and country alone – is he planning to compete with Trump – YUCK

  17. Pope Francis…..after you clean up all the pedophile priests in the church, than you can complain and after you tear down your walls!

  18. Dear Holy Father,
    You are truly misguided. Walls are critical in blocking drug trafficking. I pray that you hear what I am saying.
    Teresa Lewis

  19. Disgraceful! Instead of promoting understanding, peace and brotherhood this pope does the opposite.He promotes further inrest while supposedly presenting himself as a man of God.


  20. There is only one Holy Father – and that idiot pope isn’t him! He needs to shut up and like John suggested, pope should use all that money to feed, house and clothe people who are in need. Also, since he hates our border wall so much – babbles about how wrong walls are – when is he going to tear down the vatican wall?? Pope should slither back undert his rock and take the dumocraps with him.

  21. Being a catholic I can say that ” pope francis” is a fake, phony, fraud and idiot as a pope. The last great Pope was John-Paul II. Francis could not wash his feet, Francis is a product of socialism-communism that should answer any questions on hy the catholic church is falling apart.

  22. The Pope is a product of socialism. He,therefore denies the benefits of capitalism. It would be wise of him to stick to doing what the church does not do. Take responsibility for the rampant pedophilia, minister to the sick and poor and stay OUT of the political arena. I don’t hear him say anything about the morass in Venezuela or other south and central Americas whose people are in the worst of conditions. My fear is what next will come out of this man’s mouth. Any word on abortion pope Francis?

  23. The Pope is a Jesuit who is in many persons opinion the intellectual shock troop of the Catholic Church. His condemnation of President Trump rings hollow with the likes of the past world personages such as Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Fidel and brother, Putin, Pol Pot, Ho, Mao, Kim and son to name a few of the more egregious leaders. Most feel he is treading outside the limits of faith and morals into the murky waters of progressive politics. But Jesuits do that on a regular basis universally. As for the cause of our drug problem look no further that around us in the USA. Our country is responsible for the drug issue. The cartels are just meeting the needs of the US populace for their drugs. Very capitalistic.

  24. The Pope should worry more about all the pedophile priest in the church and less about politic in the U.S.A. Who`s taking care of all the thousand minor children abuse by his priest ? Clean your house first and then help the poor old people in Italy that are forced to looking in the garbage for something to eat .Shame on you !!!!

  25. I have a video from a website that I saved. It is of the pope telling people that the catholic religion are actually Satanists. It was not photo shopped. That was the last straw for me with Catholicism and I have left the church. Also, so much pedophilia among the priests. I wonder if the pope was into that, too and no one knows because he hid it. Nothing can be trusted any more. The pope needs to stay out of American politics and stick to cleaning up his own back yard. I feel a need coming on to write him a letter of chastisement.

    • Sorry to hear you are leaving a church established by CHRIST, our GOD. Put Blame where it belongs to the devil. We humans all carry the effects of evil and sin. Yes the evildoers of the Left in USA are currently brain washing the Pope. Him saying the hateful things about our President is shameful!!! I know my God is a loving and merciful God. People condemn themselves to hell, because they are duped and follow the devil. Pray for the office of the Pope but the man still has the effect of original sin. Pray for my Church and just to be clear, many forms of abuse happen in Corporations, other religions, etc, but the Catholic Church is being persecuted. Truth overcomes lies. What about the thousands and thousands of priests who do NOT abuse. Only the 1% or less of the negative is being reported!!! I will pray for your soul, Pat Barnes. I do agree with you-the Vatican should not name names in American politics, or maybe he shouldn’t leave Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton, Biden and Pelsoi (who claim to be catholic???) out of the picture. Do more research, please. How many babies have you saved this month?

  26. this pope is doing to the church what obama and clinton did to america. in my 81 years as a catholic i never felt any dis respect for the pope of my church as i do now.what happened to separate church and state? this man has to go and the conservative parishioners should stop donating till he is gone. SAD

  27. wow,,,I have read most of the previous comments,,,and in a nut shell,,,there are more people,,,mostly catholic people who DO NOT HAVE A GOOD WORD, ABOUT THIS POPE,,,,CAN WE ALL BE WRONG???????

  28. The Pope is describing Buttigieg and his fellow democrats who love to tear innocent babies apart for convenience/choice. King Herod couldn’t have done a better job than these Lucifer followers are. I just wish Pope Francis would FOLLOW more in the footsteps of his namesake “St. Francis” and stand up for the MOST INNOCENT-OUR WOMB BABIES WHO PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR THE SIN OF BEING INCONVENIENT! Shame on him. P.S. GOD/Jesus did warn of “FALSE PROPHETS” and “WOLVES IN SHEEP’s CLOTHING”. Perhaps HE (GOD) saw the coming of one of these wolves –Pope Francis! I hear (John Paul) the pope whose place Pope Francis took, died under mysterious circumstances, coincidence? I’m not so sure.

  29. to Stephanas,,,,no the pope is not a phony,,,,he shows his true colors,,,his absence of the truth,,,,btw,,my middle name is John,,,yes we all make mistakes,,,however to make the same mistakes over and over again is Bull Crap,,,we all should learn from our mistakes,yes the Catholic Church does give alot of aid, care and money to the needy,,,but you politely failed to mention that all of this aid, care and money comes from the PEOPLE,,,NOT THE POPE,,,,he lives hi and mighty,,

  30. Why doesn’t the poop condemn Nancy pelosi [and many other dumicrats] for claiming to be catholic but suports abortion and many other things catholic are suposed to be against

  31. I guess next he’ll be making Putin , and the leader of China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia to mention just a few,will make them into Saints. He’s nothing but a communist ! I know people in the Catholic Church, refers to him has the holy father. What a joke and a bad one at that. He’s about as holy as Lucifer ! You have to ask yourself, why there is no pushback in the hierarchy of that church. He comes out and says that the Catholics and Muslims worship the same God. That alone should stop and everyone in the whole Catholic Church To question that. But not one word from priest, Msgr.’s, bishops, archbishops, Cardinals no one in that church said one thing. All that church has become, is a money church, the more money you give the more you get away with. That church has lost what little respect they had.

  32. This man is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and the Jesuits. He is not entitled nor qualified to judge any head of state. The Cardinals that elected him should have known of his communist leaning background. He should be excommunicated or at least deposed! He needs to go….NOW

  33. I am a very strong Catholic, have supported and liked all the Popes in the last 70 years. I am very concerned about Francis. I appreciate his concern for the poor and downtrodden in this world, they need our help. But he needs to stick to the help for the poor and Spiritual matters of the church. He should speak out about evil in the world. But keep out of politics, he seems to be the first Pope who is close to communism.

    There is a prophecy that this will be the last Pope, I pray that is not so, but I would like to see another Pope take this Popes place soon

  34. Please forgive this pope. He cannot help himself. He is a idiot. P.S. I am a Catholic and sorry all you nuns who taught us popes are infallible. He is very infallible and s idiot to boot

    • The pope is just a man, and very fallible! There is NOTHING HOLY about the pope, and nothing holy about the catholic church. He is an apostate and the catholic church is an apostate church! The catholic church is the church of Satan hence the pedophile priests!! Get out of the catholic church to save your soul and attend a Pentecostal, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ church!!

  35. I agree wholeheartedly with Carol. I am Catholic, a nurse, and the abortion thing breaks my heart. As Franklin Graham just said, “Trump is a good man. ” our
    President is 73 years old; he is pouring his efforts daily into working incredibly hard for America and also other countries. Yes, he has his flaws. Let him who is without flaws cast stones. In the meantime, God bless America and every other living soul. Blessings on all at Christmas.

  36. I am a very strong Catholic, have always supported all the Popes for over 70 years, but Francis has got me bemused. There is a prophecy that this will be the last Pope. I hope not, but Francis is trying hard to make it so. I try hard to accept him, but it is getting harder.
    I wish he would stick to the Spiritual side of the church, it is sorely needed. I appreciated his concern for the poor and those in peril, but keep out of politics.

  37. The Pope has evidently cherry-picked his biblical references. If he read Matthew7: 1,2,
    it clearly states not to judge others, but to leave that up to God. Hence, he’s apparently not following the word of scripture.

  38. How dare the Pope speak about our President Trump like this The Pope leader of a flock of Pedophiles who he’s allowed the twisted SOB’S to violate our children in the thousands. The Pope moved them from on place to anther to protect them from the law. The Catholic church is a mafia organization. Money laundering another enterprise for them. Pope has a wall around his palace with security heavily armed guards.
    Stay out of our affairs you SOB, its stunning how many followers the church has. The Pope has suggested we have open borders to allow any and all illegal aliens into our country. All the Pope’s concern is the revenue it brings in for him and his pedophiles. I always thought we’d be lucky enough a radical terrorist would take him out. Remember The Catholic Church worked with Hitler during second world war. The catholic church is corrupt far too powerful. They own the most expensive piece of property right on 5th Av. Send all the illegal aliens to the Pope in Rome and see he likes it.

  39. Look who is doing more for the poor to bring them out of poverty. So sick of this really stupid pope and so very proud of our very principled and smart president.

  40. Comparing President Trump’ to Herod is about as low a Pope can go. How did he ever get elevated to his position in the Church? It wasn’t the Holy Spirit who was responsible. Francis is a politician and a bad one at that.

  41. So sad that he is saying this when we FINALLY have a president who is trying to stop murders and drugs. The Pope should look around at the inequities all over the world, and within the Catholic Church, not at the US. Everyone wants children and families to be safe. But, is liberalism the way to get that? I think not!
    To compare Trump to Herod is ridiculous. I would more likely compare him to Jesus, an INNOCENT man, wrongly accused by mob thinking.

  42. What Ever Happened to NOT JUDGING PEOPLE ???
    That’s What the 1000 yr TRIALS n TRIBULATIONS Are For…For ONLY JESUS WILL BE THE JUDGE OF MAN !!! ( which will include the Pope )
    Hasn’t The Pope Ever Hear of Obama…Whom Separated MORE Children Than All The Other POTUS’s Put Together ?

  43. i see where PF is after the greek orthodoxers to join together with him as one, after 945 years, i wouldn’t blame the orthodoxers if they said “join your church, after the mess you’ve made of it? no thanks, we prefer to wait until a real pope takes over”.

  44. He is at least 5 years behind in his misinformation. Has he not heard that it was Obama who separated children from their parents? Herod had the babies killed so that he would continue to be king. He didn’t succeed in killing our Savior at that young age. Jesus grew up and preached during His ministry, and His teachings still continue today 2,000 years later!

    • PF wouldn’t ever want to embarass another socialist. when he met obama over here, all he talked avout was not abortion at any stage (which obama wholly supports), but he wallowed in his and obama’s taking care of our planet. just another socialist screwball.

  45. Why the heck is Pope Francis talking like this he is not high ranked in my eyes President Trump is trying to protect our country which is what we should’ve been done along time ago

  46. He’s a Fool that was put in on purpose to further the Leftist Agenda . The moron knows what he is doing the Left and Demonrats Hated the Popes until this Obozo Communist was put in Place for a Purpose Now they Love him

  47. The depth of bitter irony: a Marxist Pope who is silent about the wanton murder of >60,000,000 unborn innocents while he takes the world stage to lecture world leaders on border protection measures. As for the “welcome the foreigner” line? 90,000,000+ Americans are naturalized immigrants. How many of those seeking haven are offered permanent residence in Vatican City? I feel for faithful Catholics who are hearing from high-profile mortals that they must “welcome the stranger” but mind their own business when it comes to the unborn children who have no voice.

  48. So, … now that he has brought it up, can we compare liberals to Herod? After all, they endorse the killing of innocent unborn babies.

  49. This pope is a socialist and he listens to other socialistsMarxists for his information. For a church leader of his stature to make this kind of statement about another human being in irresponsible and heretical. Perhaps he needs to check into the socialist/Marxist stance on partial birth abortion or abortion at any time……..and by the way, Your Holiness……..Trump is NOT building a fence to separate families……..If you believe in all this freedom, I will expect an announcement right away stating that ANYONE may enter the Vatican at any time they please and that your living quarters is open to them at all times……..

  50. Pope francis is not a real Pope, but an uber leftist political figure who can’t separate his false beliefs and socialist dogma from religious beliefs.

  51. Oh . . but raping little boys and girls gets a pass. And how many children have died from starvation and disease because of overpopulation and lack of birth control. The pope is . . .well you know the word

  52. Maybe every one in the US should stop contributing to Peters Pence and all the other organizations that flood our mail box with request for donations. Since he could contribute to illegals then he does not need our money. Hit him in the pocketbook and watch him change his mind. Control your clergy and your rich corrupt cardinals and bishops. How dare you disrespect our President.

  53. If the pope made these comments- I am wondering if he is a Christian–or a devil in sheep clothing. No pope has ever made those comments–The comments must be from a flake/NAZI/–THE LORD WILL TAKE HIS REVAGENE IF THOSE ARE THE POPE’S COMMENT. LIFE FOR HIM IS TO BE COME VERY SHORT–(GOD WILL SEE TO THAT)

  54. As a practicing Catholic for all my 85 years I have always admired and HIGHLY RESPECTED the Pope and all he stood for. I am shocked, dismayed and thoroughly disgusted by the outrage of this statement comparing our president to Herod! Todays problems of drug cartels and associated terrorism, etc. hardly compare to the time of Christ and Herod. I am in total agreement with the four previous comments, they are spot on! I have frequently said that when the Vatican overflows with these refugees, then we can talk about distributing the overflow around the world. Up till then we must “practice what we preach”.

  55. This Pope is a leftist communist and I never thought the choice was a good one. He is proving to me that my first impressions were right.

  56. Stay out of politics Pope Francis. Your job is not to make hateful statements. You may be “infallible” about faith and morals but extremely naïve about reality.

  57. That is it for me I really want nothing to do with the Catholic Church any longer.
    This Pope is a “Socialist”. What gives him the right to attack our President. Pope your not God. Better read up on the History of Socialism it leads to Communism and they don’t like religion.

    • I would compare the Pope a satan worshiper…distorting the truth of the Bible, lying that the blood soaked dagger of Islam is the same as Christianity! He is a liar and his father is the father of lies…SATAN.

  58. The Pope needs to go back to being a bouncer in a bar in Argentina, because he is clueless as to what is going on in the world. He needs to deal with the pedophilia that has consumed the Catholic Church, and reinforce the Churches opposition to Abortion and infanticide. I think he really needs better advice than he got from the likes of Robert Redford.

  59. I’m a Catholic & I must say this Pope is a disgrace. He need to remember that he is not a politician. I hope he retires soon. BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL. Maybe he should resign & toss his hat into the democrap Presidential race

  60. Hmmmm. Yet he sides with the very same Herod-like politicians who are killing the unborn. But I guess there is difference, Herod practiced post-partum abortion … wait … hasn’t that been introduced by the Pope’s “favorites” in New York, and “we” are close in Vermont, N Mexico and Massachusetts. Doesn’t sound Catholic to me.

  61. The pope should be more concerned with his pedifilies rather than sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Clean up your own house before ya start on someone else.

  62. Extremely disappointed in Pope Francis Comparison of Trump To Herod, Who Tried To Kill Jesus. President Trump is fighting hard for Religious Freedom of all religions which I’m 1,000% sure Jesus would be supportive. He’s also improved the lives of those in poverty and millions of poor Americans where they can support themselves having dignity for themselves and family. I’m sorry Pope Francis, I believe Jesus is on President Trumps side and is protecting him from the vile evils of the liberal leftist similar to where you where educated in Argentina. It’s time for a new Pope who believes in Jesus and God’s teachings and words.

  63. This pope is an uber liberal. He lives behind very thick and well-guarded walls at the Vatican. He should clean up his own realm before attacking America.

  64. I suppose any one having an opinion that is not flattering to Trump is always wrong.
    I think the Pope was speaking in Generalities, not specifics about Trump as a person.
    Mainly about the way others are treated by the Trump Administration, who are just seeking a better life.

  65. This Pope is clearly a Democrat with all it’s flaws and criminality abound. He should stick to Religion and not get involved in President Trumps political affairs.

    • He has no place as a Pope to place judgement on anyone. He should be trying to HELP the solutions, also he needs to take care of his Pedophiles that he has in his congregation!!! Clean up your own house Pope. This year they got a tip from a person that there could be a body buried inside the Vatican. They were looking for a missing teenage girl. They got the ok from the Vatican to dig and there they found bodies on the congregation grounds. After the testing All that was said was it’s not the missing teenage girl. And that was it nothing more said. Hmm

  66. The Pope is apparently a liberal. To say we build walls to separate families yet allow drugs to flow freely into our country is a blatant lie; I don’t care who says it. Through our work at the border we have intercepted huge amounts of drugs, which has been one of the main reasons we want a wall there. Because when drugs come, so do the cartel and criminals. The Pope needs to get the facts straight and if he’s counting on the Democrats to give them to him, he will be ill informed. For the Pope to speak so horribly against a leader that many believe God put in this position to counteract the corruption of the Democrats, is a bold and careless move. To me, if you are down on Trump and support the Democrats then you also support full term abortion and drag queens getting getting touchy & feely with your children as they introduce an alternative gender other than male & female. Does the Pope even know this is being accepted by many liberals, even defended?

    • I agree with you fully! He has mentioned his “hate” before (and I believe it is hate). President Trump is a God fearing leader of this Christian Country which needs to secure our borders as the Country cannot afford to deal with so many immigrants. You don’t see him opening the doors in his walled city to have thousands of immigrants seek shelter, food and healthcare (when amongst them there are many Judas’). I am a Christian, not Catholic and I am glad he is not my leader, but I pray that many Catholics will see this and also feel betrayed by “their leader”.

    • Why does the Pope have a wall around Vatican City???
      Who is he keeping out??
      I am a practicing Catholic who does NOT agree on quite a few things this Pope said’s and does! He needs to stay out of our politics and stick to Church teaching.
      I agree with you Carol!

    • Pope Francis sees for himself the acts he condemns since they happen in plain sight with much publicity by those who do them. One only needs a conscience to see them for what they are. Trump as God’s agent is beyond belief; he is as corrupt as any other sinner without a conscience. His politics does not absolve his sins. Dragging pederasts into the discussion reminds us that Trump was a long-time friend of Epstein.

    • Carol,,,you hit the nail on the head,,,,where is this so called Pope ,who talks more about politics than religion???? in my 84 yrs I have never heard such trash come from a Pope,,of all people,,,talks about climate change,,,wow,,,is this religion?? POLITICS AND RELIGION DO NOT MIX,,,,ONLY WINE & WATER DOES,,,,as I stated I am 84,,and I have never been soo disgusted,,,with the way my religion is being trashed,,I am also very disgusted and annoyed that our local BISHOPS & PRIESTS,,,do not talk to us about this Pope,,,they simple zip their lips,,,that is not RELIGION,,,GOD HELP US ALL

    • I’m Catholic and didn’t like this pope from the get go. Now I know why. Carol, you took the words right out of my mouth. Really makes me question my religion now.

  67. The pope is a confirmed lunatic-heretic. His blatant, ignorant rants concerning politics shows that he is not one of the brightest fellows to be given the honor of pope.
    And BTW, the Vatican has enormous wealth and riches … Hey Francis, how about using that horde of $$ to feed, clothe and shelter those very ‘poor’ people you falsely claim Trump is harming.
    Better yet, just go soak your head … phony.

    • Pope Francis is not a phony. One thing I know is you are not a Catholic Christian and may not even be Christian considering your lack of love and judgment. Your name is John, but you would do well to read what St. John wrote in his epistles.
      God knows we all make mistakes and sometimes the Pope says things that are mistranslated. If he did say those things it is certainly wrong and he is misinformed.
      Also, the Catholic Church gives more aid, care, and money than any other charitable organization in the world. Yes, there are problems, but you need to learn more about history and not from the liberal press and other Protestant denominations.

  68. The POPE has enough to do in controlling his own church, Maybe he should stick to running his church and a little less time condemning our president.


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