Poll Delivers Nancy Pelosi Brutal News That Could Mean She’s On Her Way Out

August 11, 2018 5:30 pm  

(Conservative Tribune) – Right after the Jon Ossoff debacle, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi dismissed calls that it was time to step down, saying that she was a “master legislator” and “worth the trouble.”

Apparently, American voters — even Democrats — aren’t necessarily convinced of that fact.

A new poll shows that almost three-quarters of Americans think that the Bay Area representative shouldn’t be leading the Democrats in the House, including almost half of Democrats.

“The new American Barometer poll released Thursday by Hill.TV and HarrisX found that just 51 percent of Democrats surveyed think that House Democrats should keep Pelosi as their leader,” The Hill reported Friday. “Forty-nine percent said the caucus should pick a new leader.

“Seventy-nine percent of independents said that Pelosi should be replaced, while 91 percent of Republicans said House Democrats should pick a new leader.”

A total of 73 percent of voters felt that it was time for Pelosi to go.

“Democrats are split on whether to keep Nancy Pelosi as leader and independents and most voter groups want someone else to step up. The findings suggest a yearning for change,” Dritan Nesho, CEO of HarrisX, said.

Some still believed that Pelosi’s low poll numbers wouldn’t equal success for the Democrats this fall.

“She’s been sort of the boogeyman for some time,” said Anna Greenberg, managing partner at Democratic polling concern Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.

“I’m skeptical that those ads really work so I think that even though Nancy Pelosi is unpopular, I have never seen a lot of strong evidence in congressional races that calling these people Pelosi Democrats has actually had all that much impact on what actually happens.”

Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, also said that the poll was “designed to generate a negative result for Leader Pelosi.”

I’m quite sure that Pelosi does a good enough job of this on her own.

When it comes to whether the survey was biased against her, she did only slightly better when the poll noted she’d been the leader of the Democrats since 2002. When that fact was added to the mix, only 69 percent thought she should go.

I’m sure if they told respondents that she had fed several million hungry individuals with her own money, been put next in line for the British throne and could dunk on Scottie Pippen, you could even get those numbers under 65 percent.

In terms of whether or not these advertisements work, consider that Republicans have run against Pelosi since time immemorial. (By “immemorial,” read “2010”). How has that worked? Just ask Jon Ossoff.

Whether or not it works this fall is another issue entirely. The deck is always stacked against the incumbent president during the midterms, although the on-again/off-again nature of the Democrat “blue wave” indicates to me that it’s not quite as inevitable as the left might hope.

However, would you like to run against the possibility of putting someone in the speaker’s seat that’s so unpopular nearly three in four Americans think she shouldn’t be in her position? That’s a politician’s dream — particularly in what would ordinarily be a difficult election.

If the Democrats lose again, maybe they won’t think that Rep. Pelosi is so “worth it.”


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