Police: Florida Man ‘Looking For Someone To Kill’ Hits Veteran With Car

(Breitbart) – A Florida man killed a 75-year-old veteran with his car Thursday, just to see what it would be like to end someone’s life.

Authorities have charged 21-year-old Justin Pennell of Hudson, Florida, with first-degree murder after confessing to intentionally running down an elderly veteran with his 2004 PT Cruiser “so he could see what it’s like to kill.” It was Pennell himself who called 911 to report the crime, after the impact rendered his vehicle inoperable.

Dispatchers received the call at approximately 3 p,m,. Responding officers found the presently unnamed victim deceased on the side of Aripeka Road. A quarter-mile away, Pennell was waiting with his car. The vehicle reportedly sustained damage from the impact to its bumper, hood and windshield.

Pennell admitted to purposefully targeting and killing a man he did not know, and said he was “trying to understand why he did this.” A local Fox affiliate reports that Pennell explained “he saw the victim walking along the roadway with a walking stick, so he made a U-turn, accelerated and purposely ran into the man.”

He also confessed to planning the killing in advance, having thought about it for months. “While he’s driving at his victim, he could see the look of fright on the victim’s face,” Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “This man is absolutely evil.”

“There are some cases … that make us realize there are pure evil in this world,” Nocco continued. “Because of the pure evil that happened yesterday, there’s a 75-year-old man, who’s a father, a grandfather, a Vietnam War veteran, who was killed.”

Video: Sheriff: ‘Pure evil’ man ran over Vietnam veteran on purpose because he wanted to kill someone

Featured image credit: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office



  1. An eye for an eye is appropriate in this case. We’ve seen these creatures before kill again when the leftist bleeding heart liberals release them on an unsuspecting populous.
    Give the liberals that release them the same punishment.

  2. Evil is alive and well in Florida. This disgusting monster should be put down. You would do that to a rabid animal, why not a rabid human animal?

  3. Why in hell didn’t the cops kill this pinhead “trying to escape”???

    Driving a PT Cruiser??? ALL THE MORE REASON he deserved to die.

    • His evil soul should be sent to the afterlife recycling unit ASAP. Why should the taxpayers feed and house him for 50 or 60 years?

  4. The ONLY WAY to stop this type of senseless killing is to start back with the death penalty- personally I prefer the old electric chair. But injection will suffice . Come on FLORIDA AND TEXAS you used to be tops in eliminating these bastards!!!!

  5. Nancy ,Micheal Bloomberg , AOC , and all of the DNC will sellabrate the murderer with copious amounts of Alcohol and jubilant praises for “his brave deed” .

    • Never happen
      This is the United States
      Taxpayers will just pay to house, feed, educate, legal representation, treat, etc. him for the next 40 years.

  6. I hope to God someone in jail sees and hears what this low life has done and beats him to death slowly, I’m sure many of the guards are veterans and will turn a blind eye long enough to allow it to happen. ( After all guards in New York allowed the highest profile prisoner in history to ( cough, cough ) commit suicide, why not this scumbag )

  7. The Death Penalty, is to good for this POS. He should be staked to the ground, and covered in honey. Somewhere people can witness this Psychos, long painful death.

  8. He should be publicly tortured for a few days and shot to death by pellet guns fired from the vets relatives or other vets willing.

  9. Now we have to wait for the left to tell us, it’s not this young man’s fault it’s the auto maker that we need to blame. After all is this guy was not driving the vehicle he would not have killed the 75 year old veteran crossing the street.


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