Philly Cop Shooter Identified: “Maurice Hill” – Has A Long Rap Sheet, Is Illegal Gun Owner — Shot Six Police Officers — Surrenders

(Gateway Pundit) – UPDATE — Maurice Hill surrendered Wednesday night after shooting six police officers and a 7-hour-long standoff.

At least six police officers were shot on Wednesday afternoon in Philadelphia’s Nicetown-Tioga section.

The officers were taken to Temple University Hospital in an unknown condition.

At 7:30 PM ET — The shooter was still firing on Philly Police Officers.

Officers are attempting to communicate with the shooter.

The shooter livestreamed his shooting on Facebook.

He has been identified as Maurice Hill, 36.

He has a long police record.

Video: Philly Residents Harass, Shove And Hurl Profanities At Police Officers Responding To Active Police Shooter

Philly residents were seen harassing, shoving and hurling profanities at police officers responding to the active shooter on Wednesday.


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