Philadelphia Mosque Plans Protest Against Police On Thursday; “Terrorist Racist Phila Police”

(Gateway Pundit) – As the active shooter situation continues to unfold in Philadelphia, The Gateway Pundit has learned that a well known Islamic mosque had planned an anti police protest for tomorrow.

The image posted around on the facebook group for the Majlis Ash Shura Islamic center reads “Join the rally against racist Phila police officers” it reads in large font, with “Those in service to us making terrorist and racist threats against muslims or blacks on social media or elsewhere! We will not stand for this!” on the side.

This posting was made just a few hours before the armed standoff began:

They started to promote the event last week:

The Majlis Ash Shura center has been featured prominently in the news before, and just last month was part of a news story about police criticism.

We don’t want to jump to conclusions….


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